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Published: Friday, Aug. 1 2014 7:10 p.m. MDT

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Logan, Utah

Chuckie was the only player from Utah and the only player from a non P5 conference to be ranked in ESPN's college football top 100 players.

Cedar Hills, UT

Apo is a "newcomer"? hmmmm

Chuckie, if he stays healthy, will make a huge impact for the Aggies. As fun a player to watch as you will ever see.

I think Wilson is kind of a dark horse this year in the Pac at QB. There is tons of talent at QB in the conference and he's not getting any attention. That's fine, the end of year awards and attention are what matter any way.

Stay healthy boys!

Sandy, UT

I hope Chuckie and Travis have great seasons and lead their teams to conference titles or at least great bowl games and stay in contention for conference titles.

Since byu doesn't have a conference that wants them, it'll be funny when their season is once again over 1-2 games into the season.


West Jordan, Utah

Taysom Hill puts high level velocity on his throws. If he can utilize Matthews size and vertical extension with more air under his throws for those one on one jump ball throws, especially in the RED zone where BYU has suffered the last few years, then Matthews becomes a very interesting player. I hope he can stay healthy this year. BYU has been waiting for him to break out and put up numbers.

West Jordan, Utah

I look for Keaton to have a great senior year if his knee is right.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Nice call Dick you are spot on in this article.

Idaho Falls, ID

Of the players on university rosters in the state of Utah, I think Dres Anderson is the best NFL prospect. If Chuckie has a really good year I think he'll go high in the draft also. Hill has the size and athleticism to make it in the NFL; he just has to show us he can read defenses and has an NFL arm this year.

Old But Not Stupid
Moorpark, CA


"Since byu doesn't have a conference that wants them, it'll be funny when their season is once again over 1-2 games into the season."

Isn't this very similar to the Ute's situation (we in the PAC-10 needed some cannon fodder to compete with Washington State and Cal) and quickly over season? Fifth or sixth in the PAC-12. You might want to lose the attitude.

Go Bruins!

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Keegan does not field punts well enough to play quarterback...all he does is complete passes and win. We have been taught that if you do not field punts you will not play. Keeton is lucky he is in Logan instead of Provo. Passing and reading defenses just does not matter in Provo.

Southern, UT

Why is the always injured Keeton the focal point? Go ahead and answer that for me will ya tinplater.

scottsdale, AZ

I have watched a ton of football and have never seen a more dynamic, exciting player than Keeton. On virtually every play he is involved in, something explosive may happen. His run, in overtime, to secure the victory over Utah was electrifying.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


Nice, well rounded article. I think your pick of players to watch at the Big 3 Utah football schools are good choices. Those three players should really light up the highlight films this season.

scottsdale, AZ

Stangzero…Keeton is not "always injured"..how do you account for nearly 6000 passing yards?
Keeton is always the focus because he is the only player in the state to make ESPN top 100 players, make a Heisman list, selected as offensive MVP by his conference..that is why. Who else in the state can match that? No one. The real question is why must you rain on Keeton's parade?

Las Vegas, NV

Can't wait to see Dres play! I am also looking forward to watching Chuckie play!

It is going to be a great year!!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I'll be cheering Travis and Chuckie on this season!


Southern, UT

He can't be dynamic from the bench. The one year he wasn't hurt. Double that number if he actually played the last couple years. No the real question was already asked. Why is he the focal point?

scottsdale, AZ

Stang0, it was previously answered…he is the focal point because he is the best player in the state, selected by his conference as the offensive MVP, only Utah player to make ESPN top 100, and on a Heisman watch list. No one else in Utah can match that. Do you deny that he is not one of the most talented athletes in Utah football? If you do, you stand totally alone.

Southern, UT

I didn't see an answer tinplater. Best in the state? Hardly, but you just keep telling yourself that. Preseason Heisman hype. What does that tell you? Yes I do and I'm not alone.

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