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Published: Thursday, July 31 2014 10:00 p.m. MDT

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HS Sport Dude
Salt Lake City, UT

How about Palestinian’s get rid of Hamas, stop launching bombs/rockets into Israel, demolish the terror tunnels that have been built between Gaza and Israel, and act like they really want peace. Using women and children as shields to your bombs and other military hardware is weak and cowardly. Israel has shown much more restraint than any other country with the fire power they have.

West Jordan, UT

People forget that not only are Hamas forbidding people from leaving their homes when Israel warns of an impending attack, but intentionally stages their weapons and men near women and children. Untold numbers of children reportedly died digging these "terror tunnels" under duress. The only way Israel is going to root Hamas out and neutralize its threat is to do what they are doing. If we support Palestine in the way these protesters suggest, we'll be making a very dangerous enemy out of Israel. They will stop at nothing to protect their homes from the Hamas terrorist and those who support them.

clearfield, UT

One, I hope these people appreciate the fact that they could do this protest here in America, or in Israel. However, if they tried an anti-government protest in any Muslim country they would likely be arrested and or killed.

Two, The notion that only Israel is getting weapons is absurd. These rockets, of which they seem to have an endless supply, are coming from somewhere, likely Iran. And the tunnels are also likely the method of getting them into Gaza.

Three, I side with Israel. 100%.

Salt Lake City, UT

This is why terrorists are spreading. People form their own religion continue with the false beleife of Israeli occupation. Those who are Muslim in Israeli controlled areas, hope they never lose control. That is privately. On camera, they have to chear on the other guys, or get killed. I have a test idea. Lets say a bunch of Mormons, in Utah, decided to kill all Palestinians, it is in their teaching philosophy. They teach their kids to hate all Palesinians, and will reward their kids if they kill a Palestinian. In fact, we would shoot from behind women and children. We would launch missiles from hospitals and schools. We would co-oped law enforcement agencies to look the other way. We woudl use tunnels that go from temples to do it. Would you suppport the idea that if that was the case, that those Palestinians had a right to defend themselves? If you said yes, you would be correct. That is what is happening to Israel. It is Hamas, and other terrorist nations, who call for the elimination of their lives. A cease fire really does nothing. It gives terrorists a chance to relocate to another place and shoot again.

Bakersfield, CA

It is a tragedy for innocent souls to die. It is also a tragedy for ignorance, dishonesty and hatred to blind citizens as to who is responsible for Palestinian deaths.

Hamas has no love for its own people, Israeli children, or the rule of law. They began the conflict by murdering three innocent teenagers. They perpetuate hatred in all their charters and literature. They use most of their funds to build tunnels and arsenals. Every time Israel cedes land they are rewarded with more mortars and increased hatred. But Hamas is honest about their intentions that Israel should be defeated and obliterated. The world hears them loud and clear; now Israel will rid their land of the non-negotiable warriors.

It's just a tragedy that Palestinians can't think on their own or see through their own prejudice. Public protests in our country aren't fooling anyone. They only prove that the false moniker of apartheid is nonsense.

How many will die before they decide to seek peace? There are plenty of other Muslim countries in the region: Try protesting there.

God is weeping over this unnecessary carnage. 93% of Israelis support this military.

Santa Clara, UT

Simple solution. Stop firing rockets. Disavow the destruction of Israel. Come to the table and get what you want. Easy.

Cache, UT

In the picture, there is a man with the poster saying, "Stop the bombing".
I am sure he is referring to the thousands of rockets fired by the terrorist muslim group, Hamas, right?

Blue Collar
Huntington, UT

I wonder what we would do if Mexico launched thousands of rockets into Texas?? I think we would destroy them. What would we do if they used tunnels to send murders into our country to kill Americans? We would destroy them. Hamas wants to kill every Jew, they are terrorists and the ones protesting against Israel are the same people who support Terrorist and hate freedom. Shame on them.

Free Market
Bountiful, UT

I am curious as to the point of view of the pro-palestinian group on how they think this all got started and what they think would be an appropriate response.

Kearns, UT

Shame on Israel? Shame on Hamas and the Palestinian people for voting to give them power. Hamas is simply a terrorist organization. If Hamas weren't digging tunnels and shooting rockets into Israel, Israel would leave Gaza alone.

Of course these bad feelings between these people go back to the time of the Exodus so it's a little hard to give up a 4000 year old grudge.

The Palestinians have made their bed, Israel is making them sleep in it.

The protesters are being a bit myopic, of course the news media follows right along and Israel gets the brunt of the criticism.

Bob A. Bohey
Marlborough, MA

There is no question that violence in Israel and Palestine today is the direct result of illegitimately creating the state of Israel after WWII. All nations that refused to really help Jewish holocaust refuges and had a hand in the creation of Israel bear the responsibility of all of the violence that has ensued in the years since. That is the hard and cold truth of this matter that NO ONE wishes to discuss. It is shameful and on par with what the European settlers/imperialists did to the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

Informed Voter
South Jordan, UT

I saw this small group and marvel at their perspective. The Palestinians can have a sovereign nation and peace, but they don't want it. Rather, they shoot missiles randomly into Israel. And use women and children as shields plus they store missiles in UN schools and publicly say their goal is to destroy Israel!

Pleasant Grove, UT

For too many people, it's the idea of "they're the underdog, so we should support them." Would they be as supportive if it were Cuba protesting our 50-year embargo by lobbing thousands of missiles into Miami? What response would they think appropriate then? Hamas has taken millions of dollars of aid money intended to help the people better their lives and used it both to enrich their leaders, who have mansions abroad now, and to construct tunnels designed solely to enable attacks on Israeli civilians and their kidnapping. Gazans have no interest in building a functioning country. This is evidenced not only by their ongoing focus on destroying Israel, but by their looting and destroying over 5000 state-of-the-art commercial greenhouses that Israel left for them when pulling out of Gaza years ago. They could have been feeding most of their own people by now if they wanted to. Instead, they're focused on raising children to be terrorists and cannon fodder.

Woodland Hills, UT

What did Utah do to warent this protest? Seems there is never any logic or reasoning with these people, they all want to live in the Stone Age, except for the rockets.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Here's an idea. Instead of blaming all of your problems on Israel. Maybe crack down on your terrorists organizations.

It's hard to be the victim, when you support an organization that murders children, women and men.

I also see the flip side. How do you forgive Israel that launches attacks in your land?

There had been relative peace and quiet, until Hamas murdered the teens. That's when Israel retaliated and is working to protect and defend herself. If the Palestinian people would remove the terrorists organization out of it's city and actually show they want peace. I think Israel wouldn't have an issue to step back and allow peace to happen.

But, until one side steps back and the other side does the same. Nothing is going to change. No matter how many speeches baroke gives or Kerry or Pelosi or the Clinton love machine.

Why not unify both nations and allow everyone to move freely? Because there is too much hate. Evil people in power....

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

The Palestinians should demand Hamas stop painting targets on Palestinians’ backs.

Blue Collar,
Not with BO in charge. He would apologize, then ask what we did, then apologize again, then campaign, then say it was Boehner’s fault.

Bob A. Bohey
What are you suggesting, we ship all the Israelis out? Where are you going to send them, who are YOU going to displace? No, it has been too many generations since the formation of Israel to blame this on the Europeans and the US. Hamas teaches continual hatred and will not stop until Israel no longer exists, which will not happen.

It was a shame? Are YOU giving your land and home back to the indigenous peoples? Unless you are, or are paying them land rents, your comment is rather hollow.

Cedar Hills, UT

"Palestinians store missiles in UN schools and publicly say their goal is to destroy Israel". Therefore, Palestinians is bearing the consequence of their actions.

Cedar Hills, UT

Bob Bohey- who forced the Jewish people out of present day Israel long before they returned? If you look at history, the Jewish people were in that land long before Islam ever existed. Muslims then forced them out. The truth is Hamas does not want peace. It is that simple. The terrorist groups in the region will not be satisfied until Israel does not exist. A Palestinian state is only acceptable to them in the absence of the Jewish people.
Look at what is happening in Iraq. Christians are being forced out by Islamic Terrorists, ISIS. Where are the protests against this and for the US to stop it?

Goddess Divine
Orem, UT

It is not the first time Israel bombs Palestinians home. This has happened several times before but US news barely covers this. In other occasions it has happened and Israel doesn't always warns Palestinians about these attacks. Also, in most of these bombings, children and women are the ones that die, not Hamas.

People need to looks for different sources of information: newspapers, Internet, tv, etc. it is helpful to read foreign newspapers as well since they are more- accurate when they report the news than US newspapers. There is a lot of information on line including videos of bombings and pictures of the injured and dead Palestinians. If you want to know the truth, you can find it, but you have to be strong because it is not pretty. Many people get disappointed when they discover the chosen people are not that chosen anymore. Lets's remember that many are called but few are chosen. Killing children doesn't come from Christ.

liberty or ...?
Ogden, UT

How come to leftists and pro-palestinians the UN's decrees are viewed as practically gospel, Israel their own creation being the exception? If this isn't the greatest argument for independence, sovereignty, and opposition to UN and all its worthless policies I don't know what is.
Israel was created to avoid genocide and give people who have been made a political scapegoat for every regimes failures a military to defend themselves against people who still believe the garbage and lies of the protocols of the elders of Zion.

There is NO Palestinian state nor has there ever been!!! The last country that had claim to the region was the OTTOMAN empire which fell apart after WWI for supporting the Kaiser. There have been Jewish Muslim and Christian settlements there for hundreds of years and since the mid-19th century it has been under British protectorate up till 1947.

The Palestinian refugees were largely by choice as the invading Arab armies promised them the spoils of genocide just didn't expect Israel to win.

UN schools are military targets when they are harboring terrorists and arms. That’s not a civilian that’s an accomplice.

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