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Published: Friday, Aug. 1 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Eugene, OR

Paul Krugman has won the Nobel Prize for Economics, but his thoughts on this matter can apparently be minimized since he's "left-wing."

Stay classy, DN...

Omaha, NE

It looks like a plan worth considering. This is the type of plan that Obama's bipartisan commission, Simpson Bowles, recommended. This plan may moderately ease the welfare costs by streamlining programs and allowing states to customize to the needs of the welfare constituents better and the people will be getting served better. We need to look at the tax code too and streamline some similar problems there. Some tax cuts need to be allowed to expire or modified.

Burke, VA

Mr. Ryan’s best idea is an expansion of the earned-income tax credit. This program currently costs $59 billion per year, and has a proven track record of helping poor families. But the current plan offers a paltry assistance to adult workers with no children. "Mr. Ryan would remedy that by doubling the maximum annual credit for such workers to $1,005 and lowering the eligibility age from 25 to 21. It’s nearly identical to a proposal in President Obama’s 2015 budget that would have cost roughly $60 billion over 10 years."

One of the issues that have caused concern is Mr. Ryan's suggestion to combine many of the current federal assistance programs - food stamps, housing, etc.) into block grants to be administered by the states. If that seems like an unfounded cause of concern - that some states don't care enough about their poor citizens - consider that 24 states are currently denying over 5.0M of their citizens access to healthcare insurance because those state governments refuse to participate in the Medicaid expansion program under the ACA. Thankfully Mr. Ryan suggests that his program be started with pilot programs in only a few states. Let's see what happens.

LOU Montana
Pueblo, CO

Anything that involves helping anyone other than the rich is not going to be accepted by the republican party. The "dog eat dog and my value system is the correct one" mentality of republicans will never allow any type of assistance program. These programs do allow people a chance to grow.

Far East USA, SC

We need plans. Kudos to Ryan for putting something out there.

Any plan, regardless of author or party, should be viewed and reviewed with an open mind.

Is this a good plan or a bad plan? I dont know. But it should be given a fair review by all.

Virginia Beach, VA

" What’s noteworthy is this plan is a critical starting point for a much-needed bipartisan dialogue about poverty. "

Really? " . . . this plan is the starting point? . . . for a much-needed bipartisan dialogue about poverty?


Democrats have been and are very much aware of poverty, and the growing income disparity . . . And the continuing downward slide of the middle class ever since Reaganomics was enacted.

But DN claims Ryan's plan is the starting point for dialogue on the subject?

Well . . . whatever.

I wonder what's included in the plan? . . . The complete elimination of Reaganomics? That, at least, would make some sense.

Trickle Down economics was supposed to create jobs. WHERE are the jobs?

It's time to bump taxes for high earners back up to pre-Reagan levels.

Remember the good old days? . . . When the nation had enough money to pay it's bills? . . . And the poor and working class had a solid shot at upward mobility?

That all came to a halt with the implementation of Reaganomics.

Durham, NC

Kudos to Ryan for trying to move the discussion forward.

Hayden, ID

If it requires people work for what they receive, Democrats will oppose it!

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

It's essentially the same plan he touts every year!

Tax cuts for the rich.
Tax increases on the poor and middle-class.

Oh joy... Cuz trickle down has worked soooooooo well...

Springville, UT

There may be parts of the Ryan plan worthy of discussion and consideration. It's too bad that the Republicans refuse to talk, compromise or otherwise seek solutions to any problem. Ryan has contributed to this intransigence, so if his ideas go nowhere, he should look in the mirror.

Burke, VA

LOU Montana and Mountanman - I just wanted to suggest that your positions on either end of the spectrum are NOT helping to move the discussion in a positive direction. Stop for a minute, take a breath, and consider what the other side is saying. You just might find something you can agree with. Then you have a starting point for further discussion.

Happy Friday to both of you.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Re "anti-poverty plan should be welcomed to world stage"... But it won't.

Because that's the problem with America today. You can't acknowledge ANYTHING positive (from the OTHER party).


Re: "In announcing his program, Ryan highlighted Utah Sen. Mike Lee’s supportive efforts in combating poverty"...

Wait a minute... isn't Mike Lee the guy Real Maverick and others blast for having removed a great man (Bob Bennett) from office??? I don't remember Bob Bennett working for the poor... I remember him working for the banks, and Wallstreet...


Maybe, just MAYBE... Tea Party people aren't as EEEVIL as Maverick thinks...

It's possible!

one old man
Ogden, UT

"If it requires people work for what they receive, Democrats will oppose it!"

That statement is pure nonsense.

Atlas Smashed
Santa Monica, CA

"Re: "In announcing his program, Ryan highlighted Utah Sen. Mike Lee’s supportive efforts in combating poverty"..."

And what specifically has Lee done to combat poverty?

Prevent unemployment benefits from being extended?
Raised their tax rates (while fighting to keep those earning $200k+ low)?
Shut down the government?

I want to see specific examples of Lee fighting for Utahns. I remember him being a disaster while I lived in Utah. And from what family members have told me, he's been nothing but a disaster since.

Hayden, ID

@ One old Man: Are government welfare recipients required to work for what they receive? Forcing some people to work for what they will not receive so others can receive what they didn't work for used to be called slavery! The LDS church's welfare program encourages members to voluntarily fast for two meal and donate the costs of those two meals to the poor who are then required to work for what they received! Perfect system! No overhead, abuses are eliminated and the truly needy are helped and eliminates dependency!

clearfield, UT

I don't know the details of the plan, but one thing I do know, Paul Ryan really cares about this issue. Amazing to see this man who should have been the Vice President and compare him the the laughable Biden. Hopefully one day soon, serious politicians, like Ryan, from both sides will be in power to really solve these major problems. That won't happen for at least two more election cycles.

Gary O

I just gotta ask. Reaganomics? Your're still believing that Reagans economics (which by the way worked pretty well in the 80s) are still in play? We've had since Reagan, President Bush, who had a mild recession that was called the worst economy in 50 years. Which led to Clinton, who actually worked with the Republicans (unlike Obama) to get things done such as welfare reform, and had a pretty good 90s economy. Then W who come on when another mild recession was beginning, followed by a huge 911 downturn. He did pretty well getting us out with about a 4% unemployment rate. And then we get. OBAMANOMICS. The longest recession in modern times. Reagan? That was like 25 years ago. Get current please.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

@Atlas Smashed,

RE: "And what specifically has Lee done to combat poverty?"...

Google "Mike Lee's war against poverty - The Washington Post"....
Or "Sen. Lee urges conservatives to lead fight against poverty"...
Or "Tea Party's Mike Lee leads unlikely Republican push against poverty"...
Or "Sen. Lee urges conservatives to lead fight against poverty"...

Just because YOU don't know about it... doesn't mean it doesn't exist.


Contrary to popular Democrat myth... Extending Unemployment Benefits... isn't the ONLY thing we can do to help the poor. SOME people have bigger, better, and more long lasting plans...


You and your family may think he's a disaster.... but is it possible that you are blind to anything positive he does???

Many Utahns don't agree with you and your family. Polls indicate he WILL be re-elected.


This "blindly attack anybody with tea party ties" thing has to stop. At least know what you're talking about before you attack them!

Far East USA, SC

"This "blindly attack anybody with tea party ties" thing has to stop."

Good idea. However, lets broaden the statement to reflect the overall issue.

This "blindly attack the "other" party, or any ideas that come from the "other" party." thing has to stop.

Atlas Smashed
Santa Monica, CA

@ 2 lits

You didn't answer the question. As someone who studied law before ultimately obtaining a MBA at the University of Utah, you did something that's called "redirecting."

If you worked for me in Santa Monica and I asked you specifics and you gave me headlines, you'd be out of a job. In the real life business world, when you boss gives you an assignment, you need to do it. Generalizations and Wikipedia sites and Washington Post headlines don't prove anything.

Posting a few headlines didn't answer the question. I want you to specifically tell me what Mike Lee has done to combat poverty. Headlines don't prove anything. I want you to mention specific policies he helped to pass and how they specifically helped a specific number of people. This shows that you truly know and understand the topic at hand. If you cannot do this in your next post then I'll calmly accept your surrender.

Farmington, UT

KJB1 said,

"Paul Krugman has won the Nobel Prize for Economics"

Like it's really hard to win a Nobel. Just ask BHO.

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