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Published: Thursday, July 31 2014 6:15 p.m. MDT

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Todd from Santa Ana
Encampment, WY

Mitt is un-electable now. He came out saying he believes in man made climate change, and is in favor of raising the minimum wage. Not hardly stances to win the republican nomination.

Sugar City, ID

Todd from ??
That is exactly why he should run. He is the only one having sense enough to lead the country.

The Reader
Layton, UT

Romney would not have a chance. He is unelectable. The republicans would be asking to lose if they put him up for election in 2016. They are too much to 'angry white guys' to attract the minority vote or the women's vote. They need to proved that they are inclusive. With the changing of voter laws they are trying and the anti women image they are projecting a large part of America will not vote for them.

Thid Barker
Victor, ID

According to recent polls if Mitt Romney ran against Obama today, Romney would win in a landslide! Maybe America has woken up!

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

The daily article on mitt Romney! I was wondering when it would pop up!

boneheaded, but not a smidgen

Mitt is far too qualified for the many takers and uninformed voters. Look what we have in the WH now. Pathetic!

South Jordan, UT

Republicans need to focus on mid-term elections, get out the vote, and WIN! Morale is at an all time low with states now being required to take in these illegals and house them, feed, them and educate them.

The laws that are already in place at the border aren't being enforced. We need to put a fence to protect our southern border. With big money being requested by BHO for everything except border security, Republicans need to stop the money flow in the House. they have the power of the purse. "Come on Congress, come along and pass these laws!" is not the battle cry the president should be giving in my opinion.

We'll never know what Romney would have done. I think we need new leadership in Congress and in the Executive Branch with people who actually love this country and will abide by the laws in the U.S. Constitution! There are too many in big government who want power and money for themselves!

God bless America!


Who cares about Mitt at this point?

Lincoln City, OR

I'm personally looking for the right person to lead this country out of the purgatory that we have been in for so many years... I really don't care if that person is Black, White, Hispanic female or male... Don't care if that person is hip, boring, old or young... I want someone who has the brains, the know how, the patience and the willingness to deal with adversity, someone who has the genuine talent to fix this this place we call America because it is broken and broken bad.

I don't care if that person has never run for office or someone who has run multiple times... I want someone with a track record. I am fed up with trying to figure out if a candidate appeals to a certain race or gender... In fact, if I am in that race or gender I am offended that so-called "strategists" believe that I belong to a block whose personalities and demographics can be defined, labeled, and placed in a box with a judgment on who I would vote for and who I would not.

If Romney is the best we got I want him... yesterday.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

Yesterday in this very newspaper, there was a great editorial on how important investigative journalism is. So what is the lead story the next day - Mitt isn't running, or is he? Come on Deseret News, there are actual news events happening in our state that need investigating. Mitt Romney maybe or maybe not running for President in two years is hardly the stuff of a quality newspaper.

25 years in , UT

My name's Mitt Romney. I'm thinking of running for president for a third time. And I'm a Mormon.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Hey, Thid B.: It's pretty easy to win an imaginary election if your guy is winning all 3 or 4 wars his party wanted him to start. I suppose the banks would have regulated themselves too, right?

Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

"retaining influence in the party"

Sounds like self promotion behind the scenes, not work for the betterment of the people at large. And isn't that what politics has become in America.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I can only conclude that the former Governor did not learn his lesson the first time.

Even with a weak economy that did everything to provide Americans with a reason to vote for him and not the incumbent, Mr. Romney still lost most convincingly.

Moss, Norway

I agree that as a presidential candidate, Romney is probably unelectable now. However, I think he could have massive influence as an advisor to the next POTUS, assuming a Republican wins the next election. He absolutely belongs in Washington, as his predictions about Russia, Syria, Iraq etc., have proven correct. He doesn't need the scrutiny (read: distraction) of the presidency, but working more behind the scenes as a Cabinet member, for example, he would be perfectly positioned to both lead and inform the President.

Logan, UT

Yawn. He was dead in the water after his 47% comments. Look, people, the guy tried twice and failed both times. He's not going to be elected even if he did run again, which apparently he doesn't want to. The Republican party needs to look ahead at what is coming down the pike. The millenial generation is not the same as the generations before it. They are much more likely to identify as independent, and they hate the "establishment" Republican party as well as the Tea Party faction. The only Republican candidates that are going to get any traction with this group of voters are the libertarian-leaning candidates who can demonstrate that they have an actual plan besides "oppose Obama/Democrats." 53% of millenials would support candidates who are "socially liberal and economically conservative," a common characterization of libertarian ideals. Romney and his silver-spoon, big business, establishment Republicans will continue to get pulverized in national elections, as will hard-line religious/evangelical right Tea Party candidates. Gotta find a new plan and re-tool, because this one isn't working, and it's only going to get worse.

Wailuku, HI

Strategically, one does not want to start running for president too soon. You think Hillary really hasn't made up her mind yet? Mitt telling people "no" at this point in time rather than just laughing it off leads me to believe that he has already decided to run if the window of opportunity to jump in as a viable candidate opens up. That condition must first be met, but don't tell me Mitt wouldn't love the chance to be a viable candidate again, if possible.

Waltham, MA

WOW is'nt hindsight great??? this country is having a bit of monday morning quarterbacking, and we all blew it by not electing Mitt Romney in the first place. What a opportunity we lost...To many people in our country don't want to be led, they don't want a better life, they want a free life, free from consequence, free from work, free from responsibility. Things are just going to get worse.... GET READY!!!

Phoenix, AZ

It would be comical if Mitt Romney in two years from now were to run for a third time , but then the nation needs a good laugh from time to time. Perhaps in the meantime Mr Romney with all his money could be doing some good and paying back to a nation and people that have given him so much.

Hayden, ID

The main reason Mitt is still in the news is because the "buyers remorse" from Obama is so high and increasing everyday!

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