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Published: Thursday, July 31 2014 3:50 p.m. MDT

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San Diego, CA

Ute fans - I'm surprised by this. Seeing how you are in the mighty PAC-12, you should have demanded a 2-for-1, with game 1 of the series slated for RES in 2017, but instead, you travel to their place first? Haven't you criticized BYU in the past for making similar arrangements?

Pot meet kettle.

PAC 10.2 Doormat
Springville, UT

After reading some 70+ comments, most of which were from faithful Ute "fans" trying to 'disassociate' themselves from BYU, I'm sure this news is welcomed and appreciated.

With #3 bowl-less season looming ahead this is a great news!

Go Utes!


Oh, I can't wait to see the comments on this from both the red and blue fans. This is going to be fun.

Respect the 12(Pac)
Salt Lake, UT

Is it true we have 3 mid majors scheduled for out of conference that year? byu, Northern Illinois, and Weber.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Way to go utes. This will certainly impress the voters. I can't wait for the spin from CB and Ekute and the rest of the utsies.

The Anti Chris
Salt Lake City, UT

Please refer to Chris B's comments when it was announced that BYU will play Northern Ill.

BYU fans:

"Why don't you guys just schedule home and homes with 8-9 power conference teams every year?

You want to be considered a big boy right?

100% of the big boys schedule 8-9 games against power conference teams.

Why doesn't byU?
Chris B

So Chris. Ready to eat some crow? I guess you consider yourself outside of the big boy crowd? LOL

Las Vegas, NV


"you should have demanded a 2-for-1"

We have that already with the mid-major from down south - 2016 & 2018 at RES, 2017 at LES.

Go Utes!!

Northern, CO

Apparently talking about the fact that Ute fans ridiculed BYU days ago for scheduling 1-1 with NIU is censorable. Let's see if this gets through. I just have to chuckle about this one. NIU has been a great team of late.

No playoff for U
Salt Lake City, UT


"We have that already [a 2-1 with BYU]"

Gotta laugh at your desperate attempt to "manufacture" a 2-1 with BYU.

Let's see:

2001 at BYU
2002 at Utah
2003 at BYU
2004 at Utah
2005 at BYU
2006 at Utah
2007 at BYU
2008 at Utah
2009 at BYU
2010 at Utah
2011 at BYU
2012 at Utah
2013 at BYU
2016 at Utah
2017 at BYU
2018 at Utah

By your delusional method of calculating, BYU demanded a 2-1 from Utah when the Utes joined the PAC.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT


NIU is a great pick-up for the Utes. Its just funny that BYU had the same announcement.

Salt Lake City, UT

Northern Illinois is a more worthy opponent than BYU or Weber. Those two are way too easy to beat.

Richmond, VA

Here is one Ute fan that will not try to rationalize or give excuses for this. When I saw the news I was shocked and pretty upset. I understand it will be good from a recruiting stand point to reach out to other parts of the nation, but I was laughing to myself that the best BYU could do was schedule NIU and ISU. Now Utah? I would rather schedule teams in the bottom half of the SEC, Big 10 or Big 12 than NIU.

Heber City, UT

Wait, Chris B, I thought Pac 12 teams are too good for a team like NIU. And if they do happen to schedule them, I thought they were supposed to demand a 2-for-1. And if it turned out to be a home and home, I thought the first game was supposed to be at the bigger school. Please clear this up for me because everything you have said about scheduling appears to be wrong.

Chris B on BYU scheduling NIU:

"We'd rather disassociate ourselves from you (BYU) as you are a mid major and we've moved onto bigger and better things."

Funny how right after he says that utah schedules a mid-major. Looks like you haven't moved on to bigger and better things.

Brave Sir Robin on BYU scheduling NIU:

"NIU is a great example of how scheduling down is a great way to artificially inflate your ranking."

Well, Brave Sir Robin, looks like the utes are guilty of scheduling down to artificially inflate their ranking as well. Don't even try to argue against that, as those are your very own words shooting down the utes.

Salt Lake City, UT

2018 - 2019 Chris Hill: 3 mid-majors 9 P5 opponents

2018 - 2019 Tom Holmoe: 10 mid-majors 2 P5 opponents

Yep, sounds about right.

I don't understand why P5 continue to schedule mid-major teams. There's no benefit whatsoever. I like the model put forward by Nick Saban...P5 programs schedule 12 P5 teams. End of discussion. P5 programs need their own division. Cut the chord and get it done.

Go P5s!!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


What are you talking about?

We DO have 9 games against the big boys that year!

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"...you should have demanded a 2-for-1,...Haven't you criticized BYU in the past for making similar arrangements?"

We have. But NIU isn't a 2-for-1.

It's interesting reading the comments on these threads about the scheduling of NIU. Cougar fans were excited to find them on THEIR future schedules. Ute fans...not so much. I'd say that's a pretty telling phenomenon as to how each team feels about scheduling MAC teams.

The Anti Chris:

Why would Chris B have to eat any crow? With Weber St, NIU, and our southern little brother on our 2018 schedule, that leaves Utah with a minimum of 9 games scheduled vs. Power 5 teams. There's also a minimum of 9 on our 2019 season as well. So what was your point?

Springville, UT

Padding that schedule I see.

Frantic and emotional back-pedaling too!


Y's little brother
Sandy, UT


The real test is how many P5 teams has Utah actually "scheduled," not counting teams that the conference schedules for you.

There's nothing noteworthy about others doing the hard work for you; just as there's nothing noteworthy about clinging to the coat tails of P5 programs that have actually accomplished something.

Slap another PAC 12 sticker on something if it helps you feel special about yourself.

West Jordan, UT

There's a big difference from playing teams like this or worse twice a season than playing them 11 or 12 times a season

Tomahawk Red
San Francisco, CA

Can't understand why Utah went for a home-and-home with NIU.

Not sure if we have the scheduling power we thought. That or we have a weak negotiator.

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