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Published: Wednesday, July 30 2014 7:10 p.m. MDT

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Murray, UT

And these 67 children's parents living in Central America will tell their friends and neighbors that Obama has stopped deportation. Next year the numbers are expected to hit 140,000.

The bill only covers human trafficking, not human smuggling, and Obama knows it. Even Nancy Pelosi A Democrat says he can and should deport them.

And what about the 290,000 adults that came here with them that were allowed to cross the border with no intervention?

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Great. The feds are sending children here illegally to live with other family members here illegally.

How can the feds find the family members who are already here, but cannot figure out who to send back to their own country? What part of "obey the law" is too hard for foreign nationals, or U.S. government employees to understand? Or, for some local law enforcement officials, for that matter?

Who will pay for the welfare costs, medical costs, education costs, and sadly probably some incarceration costs for these 67 youths dumped here by the feds with no advance notice? It will not be "federal money" but Utah taxpayer money. Money from law abiding citizens whose hard earned legal income will be forcibly confiscated to support those who are known to have broken our laws.

Really, why should any American citizen obey any laws any more? "Laws" appear to be optional suggestions to be ignored at will by those charged with enforcing them, so why any more binding on mere "citizens?"

As a minimum, Governor Herbert should provide one way bus tickets to Washington, DC for the next 67 illegal aliens arrested in Utah to keep the numbers even.

Salt lake city, UT

Maybe the various churches in Utah would be able to assist withese children. They are all children of god. I have most respect for parents who adopt.

play by the rules

For those of us who believe in obeying and sustaining the law, there is no alternative but to advocate these children be sent home immediately!

Wilf 55

Justice or mercy? Will God forgive us, if we fail in mercy? Especially toward children.

Paul Scholes
Provo, UT

For those of us who believe in loving one another, there is no alternative but to advocate these children be allowed to stay. rather than return to face gang violence.

Play by the rules, it is never quite so simple is it? You cite one commandment. I cite another. Now, to make both commandments work together we may have to think through an issue, come up with an answer and pray about it to seek spiritual confirmation. One must look at the gospel as a whole, not just one individual part.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Obama and governors like Herbert are proving that the coyotes are absolutely right. Here's what is happening. Smugglers are out on the streets in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. They are telling people that for $8,000 a person they will be transported to the border.
There the United States will let them in and help them settle with family already in the USA.
The Obama administration will not attempt to deport you unless you commit a violent felony.
You will be asked to appear at a deportation hearing but no one ever does. Instead, Obama will nullify your deportation hearing and you will be free to ignore any notices to appear.
You can get a job. No one verifies employment eligibility.
And Obama is planning to allow illegals to remain by doing another deferred action program.

That story the coyotes are telling people. It's true. Just ask the 30,000 who have been placed while 38 have been sent back home.

The government is giving in to the coyotes rather than enforcing the law.
But those big, brown eyes...who can resist?
We'd better start resisting.

Santa Clara, UT

Mercy means we should also take care of the rest of the worlds' children rather than limit it to just a few hundred thousand from Central America that are within our view. A couple of billion (from REAL poor countries) spread across the U.S. should do it. If the commander keeps up the Amnesty rhetoric we will soon meet that ominous goal.

Farmington, Utah

We took a family of 10 refugees from the VietNam war and sponsored them. Found them housing and jobs for the parents and two oldest teenagers. Within a month they had paid us back for the money we lent them for the rent of their house. Within a year they had purchased their own home. Three years after that they purchased a deli so they could have their own business. Obviously, they were "illegal" but were able to apply for citizenship because of war circumstances. We signed up to be sponsors with the LDS Church and this worked very well. I think churches need to get involved, but the feds want to run this show, and don't do a very good job of it. That was one of the best experiences our family has had.

Sugar City, ID

Thank you sponsoring families for your example.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Hate is alive and well in a supposedly Christian state.

Although I agree that we need to beef up border security, and that most of these children need to be sent home at some time we still need to treat them humanely while they are here.

Remember that many of the problems in those countries -- the violence, crime and government corruption --- date back to who?

Ronald Reagan.

Remember the Contra scandal?

Springville, UT

Take the children in, help them find homes, accept them, help them overcome their nightmares. Guess what, folks, once you get past the vicious political rhetoric and the hypocritical cry for obedience to the law, the presence of these children will not be noticed by you, life will go on, and some good will have been done in the world.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

I'm curious; exactly how are Vietnam war refugees considered "illegal"? I understood that we had a visa program for them which means we officially INVITED them to come here under congressional approval.
Then again, maybe your folks were illegal. Do enlighten us.

Springville, UT

Life in the fundamentally transformed Amerika is fantastic. And thanks to the editorial team at the soon-to-be fundamentally transformed (by the KOTUS) DesNews, the pro-amnesty and pro-open borders propaganda continues. You dug this pit, so why don't you just take a shovel and dig us out of this one.

Highland, UT

I want to see some unbiased news footage of all the gangs and danger and issues in Honduras and other countries that would justify sending a child alone, cross country to fend for himself at the Mexico/Texas border. Is it really as bad as they are saying? I'm sure life is "better" in the states, but we have drugs and gangs here too. Will they get here and discover "there really ARE cats in America"?

I have never seen anything reported on actual news footage that would indicate it's a good idea for a parent to send a child off to an unknown like that. Churches need to start sending the Humanitarian aid directly to those countries. Their governments need to beef up their police forces and drug units. Help them see it's better to stay put than to risk death on the journey. Are the lives of their children worth so little that the risk is the better option than staying home with their parents?

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

@ MapleDon
I heard the Utah Compact folks were creating a fund to pay the school districts/hospitals/families to take care of these kids. Sponsors get $1500 a month to take them in.
What say? The Chamber is offering no such thing.
All that charity comes from the taxpayers without even asking. That's the Amerikan way these days.

Clearfield, UT

Some of the comments on here make me sick. This is a humanitarian crisis, not political. I wonder how many of you who have no concern for the welfare of children are also adamantly against abortion. Never abort a child, however you advocate deportation of innocent children to a country overrun with violence, drugs, and poverty. Elder Oaks gave a conference talk that addressed children and our responsibility for their well being. I believe it was inspired. We are our brothers keeper. In the LDS faith you are not accountable to god until age eight. How can these children be held accountable for the unfortunate choices of others. I wish the church leaders would address this issue.

Puyallup, WA

It would be good if Obama would move to seal the border - Protect us as Netanyahu protects Isreal. What country doesn't maintain their borders? It seems basic. I have sympathy for the people, but we can't take them all - unfiltered....

sherwood, OR

Just so God and everyone understands your position, 12th article of faith trumps "Wherefore, my beloved brethren, if ye have not charity, ye are nothing, for charity never faileth. Wherefore, cleave unto charity, which is the greatest of all, for all things must fail—" Good to know that the Sadducees and Pharisees,are alive and well in Utah. But for me, I think you all qualify for what Moroni said "But behold, it supposeth me that I talk to you concerning these things in vain; or it supposeth me that thou art a child of hell."

Highland, UT

Furthermore, what would motivate a parent to go to the US without their kids and leave them in the care of Grandma? If mom and Dad can't handle the drugs, violence and poverty, what makes them think kids and Grandma can handle it any better without their most able caregivers present?

Again, I want to see hard evidence that life there is so bad. I hear life is better in Switzerland. After all, they have gun control and socialized medicine. Do I leave my kids here and seek out a better life in Europe, then hope they'll join me later? If in Utah we value families so much, let's help get these families reunited, on THEIR side of the border. The US is in a financial crisis of it's own. Let's take care of the needs of our legal citizens, the drugs, violence and poverty here, instead of stretching the rubber band that holds this country together, so tight it will just break. Sadly, I think that is Obama's ultimate goal.

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