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Published: Wednesday, July 30 2014 2:30 p.m. MDT

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ute alumni

If that is what the "insiders" say, then let's make them outsiders very soon. I doubt any of them know the first thing about common core...less

Salt Lake City, UT

The insiders don't know anything about education. Why are the teachers in New York and Illinois opposed to Common Core? Why is "progressive" propaganda infused in the History Standards which pay scant attention to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers?

Burley, ID

Any legislator who supports Common Core needs to be voted out of office.

Study how, where and when Common Core came about and you'll find it's just one more notch, on the agenda, the socialists have put forth to indoctrinate our children. Look beyond the standards, dig deeper and you'll walk away from it too.

Kings Court
Alpine, UT

My kid was made to give a blood sample when taking the SAGE test.

Sandy, Utah

The indication from the survey is that the 'outsiders" know very little, but have strong opinions about what they don't know. Rabble rousing the base with half truths and falsehoods is not productive.

Durham, NC

Ute alumni... then you tell us.... what is wrong with Common Core? Based on your research of the subject, and your willingness to discredit those who support the standard, Name one specific thing it dictates that you object to. A reference would be appreciated.

Highland, UT

When state "insiders" sell us out to the federals its time to look forward to the next election. We need a census of who is selling out.

Mcallen, TX

Too bad our school districts don't put common core textbooks into our local libraries to be studied by the paying public.

Many tax payers, don't have children attending schools, and have no excess to what they are paying for. We don't know what common core is teaching. We only have hear say.

I have gone to five different schools wanting to rent a few textbooks, only to be turned down.

ute alumni

if you have to ask what is wrong you obviously are clueless. there are hundreds of reasons, but to me and millions of other patriots, federal control and edicts over our children is not a good course of action. if you would look at history, anytime a federal government controls what our youth are taught nothing good comes of it.....germany, japan, italy, china, vietnam and the list goes on. there are billions of dollars to be made with businesses cuddling up to this program. the fact obama and his liberal pals are for it should give a person a clue that it can't be a good thing. numerous national surveys and articles in the washington post, new york times tell a grim story of the fallacies and problems with common core, less. you might try reading up on it rather than swallow the liberal talking points.

Agua Dulce, TX

When parents say "we need to keep decisions at a local level", it just means "our kids need dumber standards".

Bountiful, UT

I'm betting that these political "insiders" don't help elementary students with their homework. And I'm betting they have never reviewed the personally intrusive test questions asked of students under Common Core. Why, oh why do we have to be governed by folks so ill informed?

Salt Lake City, UT


Durham, NC

then you tell us.... what is right with Common Core? Based on your research of the subject, and your willingness to discredit those who oppose the standard, Name one specific thing it dictates that you object to. A reference would be appreciated

Salt Lake City, UT

I am a proponent of Common Core. What reasons do people have for battling against it? We need standardized approaches to education. These common standards are made on a state, not a national, level (As many seem to think). A competent teacher can teach the material with great success.
Some of the biggest gripes I have heard from actual elementary teachers have been about the math. It is "too hard" they say. Too hard? You are getting beaten up by 3rd grade math? Really? If I was that bad at math I would never publicly admit it. Please tell me you do not also read on a 3rd grade level.
The talk of "socialists" is...disturbing. Looking at the Utah Common Core materials for language arts, there are example texts on slavery and the Civil Rights Movement. Which part of the abolishment of slavery is too "socialist" for you?

Utah has become far too full of radical reactionaries I feel.

Murray, UT

I don't know much about anything but am upset and will err on the side of caution and oppose the Feds because... Obama.

Crisco B
Salt Lake City, UT

@BrentBot. As Vladhagen mentions, there are suggested (Grades 6-8, I'm looking at the Core standards document straight from USOE as I write) texts of historical value that focus on slavery and racial civil rights (e.g. Autobiography of Frederick Douglass). These movements were progressive, true. And I hope that even in the most conservative state of Utah that we can embrace these movements.

Right along side these historical works there are texts suggested like "Letter on Thomas Jefferson" by John Adams. We consider both these men Founding Fathers. The Core Statndards also have a text that is listed as a historically "exemplar" document called "Preamble and First Amendment to the United States Constitution." And it means that 1787 document that was in fact rather "progressive" for its day. And was written by our beloved Founding Fathers.

I vote Republican. I am in favor of gun rights. I oppose abortion. I oppose the federal government taking over my life. And I am in favor of Common Core.

Salt Lake City, UT

What does Utah's Common Core have to do with NY or IL? CC is implemented on a state by state basis. NY has nothing to do with UT's CC Standards.

SLC Grandma
Salt Lake City, UT

Would anyone care to take the time to delineate the pros and cons of Common Core, with specific examples, so those of us without students in the household currently could better understand the controversy? I don't favor federal intrusion into local affairs and sometimes "standardization" is not beneficial, but it would be helpful to know more specifics about this. Thanks.

Star Bright
Salt Lake City, Ut

Well governor Herbert I hope you are reading some of the comments. My granddaughter was taken out of the 4th grade because of the testing, testing, testing. If you've ever helped with their math homework you will know why kids are hating it. It was making her a very unhappy little girl.
This data mining is horrible. The kids are followed all the way through school, I know they've been doing that, but they also keep track of the families. No, I don't want that. None of their business.

Wasatch Front, UT

The common core is fine, but my children don't even have text books. We used to be able to take textbooks home to read, and work sample problems. Now it is all worksheets. Without a textbook, there is nowhere to go to see examples.

Utah is falling behind in Math and Science. Getting textbooks for students would be a great place to start catching up.

Salt Lake City, UT

Why does Common Core math require 11 steps to do a problem that you and I can do in two steps? That's what is wrong with Common Core - it lacks Common Sense.

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