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Published: Wednesday, July 30 2014 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Yes, the other leagues sell their Tier 3 rights collectively, but the payouts per school can be much higher individually depending on the school. Texas makes $10-15M/year on the Longhorn Network, Oklahoma makes about $7M/year on their network. I haven't done the math but I'll bet that if you add up all of the individual Big 12 schools' networks, the total and the average probably comes out about the same as the other conferences, if not more.


But here's the primary reason why BYU won't get a Big 12 invitation: the Big 12 is a relative bargain for the networks with the least expensive TV contracts. But it adds up to more money for its individual members because money is only split 10 ways. If you add another school like BYU, that split decreases for each member. THAT is the main reason why BYU will NOT be invited to the Big 12/why there is no incentive to expand the conference.


There are other reasons too. If BYU were added, the Big 12 schools would not be able to play every other member school in the same season unless everyone sacrificed a non-conference game from their schedule, which isn't likely to happen. So, they'd have to expand to 12 teams and there aren't any other economically logical programs available to get to 12 members.


Finally, BYU refuses to play games on Sundays. The Big 12 will not adjust the schedules of the other 10 members in a number of sports to accommodate BYU, especially when the other 2 religious schools will play on Sunday. Simply put, BYU's inflexibility on this matter has kept and will keep BYU out of ALL of the power 5 conferences. Unless BYU relents on this issue, they will have to remain independent or join the AAC or Mountain West.



I doubt BYU will ever get an invite to the Big 12, even as a football only member. I disagree with some of your conclusions.

ANY two of the following schools would work financially for the Big 12: Memphis, ECU, UCF, USF and BYU.

The Big 12 media contracts are based on 90 football games. Adding two schools and keeping a 9 game schedule adds 18 games to the broadcast inventory (@$1.5m per game thats $27m) . It also adds a Conference Championship game ($25m). Since new members are phased in over time they don't get $20-$25 million first year they start out at about $15m and work their way up.

Their is all kinds of financial wiggle room for the Big 12 to make money by adding any of these 2 schools.

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