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Published: Wednesday, July 30 2014 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ CougFaninTX

I'm pretty sure the PAC-12 can't drop teams. Also, as far as I've seen the PAC-12 has never expressed any displeasure with CU and Utah so I highly doubt the scenario you described will become reality.

@ BYU9293

The PAC-12 wanted BYU? When was that? I've never read or seen anything that said the PAC was interested in BYU. Would you please back up your claim?

Kaysville, UT

An enlightening article.

BYU has a lot of fans so I'm sure that we could add a lot of value. I'm not sure how these contracts work, but I would hope if the Big 12 expanded that adding extra games and a championship game would add significant revenue.

BYU should give up tier 3 rights as well if given the opportunity to join the Big 12, but hopefully be able to retain rebroadcast rights for BYUtv for later that night etc or to any games the Big 12 didn't want to air on a Big 12 network.

Layton, UT

The big 12 simply doesn't want to expand.

The Big 12 teams simply like playing every other team in the conference every year.

If the Big 12 was to expand, for whatever reason, they would simply look east.

That is what the commissioner simply stated months ago.

But some of the local media and a lot byu fans simply won't listen.


If the tier rights and current contracts are the issue why not just ignore them? BYU joins with provision that they don't share in the current B12 tier 1 & 2 rights. BYU is fine because it has its ESPN contract. Sure it doesn't make BYU 20 million but its ESPN deal makes it so BYU is fine money-wise. B12 and BYU continue with their current contracts till the B12 contract runs out and then all can be renegotiated. You have to think that ESPN would want to renew BYU's contract if it was in the B12. I guess there is still the problem of finding a 12th team but weirder things have gone on in college football than having an 11 team conference. Maybe there is contractual language that prevents this but it seems worth discussing.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

I'm late to the party and I don't have the interest to wade through all the comments, but what I did read appears that our Utah brethren are so interested in rubbing BYU's nose in any and everything that they blindly miss a significant fact:

The Big 12 is in a severe competitive disadvantage with the other P-5 conferences, and will be for so long that extinction would seem guaranteed. This cannot continue very long before what is left is the P-4, and everybody else, including the Big 12. The next round of conference shuffling would almost assuredly see the demise of the Big 12.

Maybe that's why the sky was falling at the Big 12 Media Days, and not so much for the others.

idaho cougar fan
Twin Falls, ID

Obviously the Big 12 commissioner is going to say "We are not interested or actively looking to expand at this time." because that makes the conference appear fine with how the revenue is split. If he spoke "the truth", "that we actually killed ourselves by giving away the tier 3 rights and allowing Texas to create the Longhorn station", then they admit they messed up. Big 12 would be interested in expanding, but messed up the tier 3 rights. Do you know how much money a conference championship game brings into the conference? Why do you think "traditional old school" conferences such as the Pac 10 and Big 10 expanded and added a championship game? Championship game= MONEY!! Big 12 was one of the first to have a championship game, now they throw out the motto "one true champion." They will be forced to have a championship game once they get left out of a playoff game. And to get a championship game, they will have to expand. However you look at it, BYU is the "best looking girl" left at the party so you take her. Now just win Cougs!

BYU in Tucson
Tucson, AZ

College football is becoming a mess! There are going to be 30 Division 1 teams someday and
boosters will be able to pay for the best recruits. I hope Tucson winds up in that group of
"HAVES" when the music stops. Maybe Utah and BYU will wind up in the same league again someday. I'll still watch them play those TIER 3 games, maybe even against my Wildcats.
College football was great while it lasted. We still hope DIRECT TV will get the Pac12
network before our beloved college football becomes semi-pro football full of greedy Jagoffs.
Good luck to BYU and Utah I always root for the schools with good kids who actually attend

West Jordan, Utah

Reading this article again reminds me of what a mess college football has become (a tier 3 mess).

Lincoln City, OR


I guess you don't like to deal with logic... From your comment it appears that you think that a Conference Commissioner will openly explain these type of financial issues in a press conference and frankly that's ridiculous... If Teeples is right, it makes perfect sense that they would not introduce or discuss that topic in a news conference...

You have a tendency to make a lot of assumptions and state them as facts... Especially when it comes to BYU Football... and your accuracy is almost non-existent... For example, you claim that DN has attended all of the P5 News conferences asking questions about their League's relationship with BYU and that's the only reason BYU is even brought up... What's your sources (or I should say source) for such a statement? I am guessing that there is no such source and that the DN more than likely didn't attend any of them with the exception of maybe the big bad pac12 out of deference to the under performing program on the hill.

Your serve.

San Diego
Orem, UT

BYU has a tremendous asset in BYUtv with access to millions of homes in the US. This network could be used by the Big 12 for Tier 3 broadcasts for all the schools other than Texas. They could let other schools use the BYU live feed and let those schools use their own announcers which they already have. BYU should use this asset in their negotiations with the Big 12.

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA

Nice article Ryan. Thanks for explaining why the Big 12 can't afford to add BYU, or any other school for that matter, at this time.

Obviously, Chris B isn't capable of actually reading an article before spouting off, or she would have known that the Big 12's reluctance to expand has absolutely nothing to do with BYU, per se.

Salmon, ID

The BYU/Big-12 hysteria really needs to die. BYU is a very good mid-major team and should be content with that. I would rather be a good mid-major team that goes to bowl games than a bad P-5 team that watches bowl games like our Utah friends.

Phoenix, AZ

I'm waiting for the DN article entitled "Utah fans simply can't leave BYU alone." Of course some will counter that BYU fans can't leave Utah fans alone, but BYU fans are not the ones boasting about being in a better conference than Utah, that Utah is not a power 5 team, that Utah football is going to dive into obscurity or even be done away with altogether.

Utah hasn't moved on from BYU. BYU is Utah's security blanket. Utah will never do anything in the PAC-12 until they finally move on...just like they say they have, and never post on BYU articles again. Otherwise, what can we say? Utah is too into anything BYU.

Phoenix, AZ


"Correction Chris B, it was assumed that Utah would add value to the Pac 12. Clearly so far they haven't. The Big 12 can see what a huge mistake the PAC made with the Utes. They will not make the same mistake with BYU."

Actually, Utah does add value to the PAC-12. PAC-12 conference flags, bumper stickers, and memorabilia sales has skyrocketed in Salt Lake City since Utah joined. Not to mention Utah fans would pay top dollar to watch Utah lose to yet another team on the PAC-12 network.

Sandy, UT

To me, it is interesting that so many utes find the time to comment on BYU articles. Why do you care? Personally, I never comment on or even have the time to read ute football articles. I think that BYU lives in your heads and you can't just move on. Of course, as bottom feeders in the PAC, the ute articles aren't as interesting as nationally relevant BYU. Why don't you just move on?

Murray, UT

@ Chris B

This is unlike Utah, of course, who DID add enough value to the Pac 10 to justify an invitation.

You're kidding right? What value? Canon fodder for the USC's and UCLA's of the league? THE only reason your team (and Colorado) was invited was for 2 simple reasons; 1)Putting a patsy on the schedule and 2) getting to 12 teams to have a conference title game. That's it, pure and simple.

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA

With all of the angst created in Ute Nation every time BYU to the Big 12 is even mentioned, can't wait to see the mass hysteria that will ensue on the hill when BYU is actually invited to join the Big 12.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


You need to be careful in how you are twisting your stats. It isn't really true that BYU is the 15th most watched college football team in the country. What is true is that BYU is 15th in number of games nationally televised. They only manage that, because all the games on BYUtv are considered national broadcasts. When you look at actual viewership, it is a different story. The SL Tribune's TV reporter noted last season that several of Utah's Pac 12 televised games drew a larger audience according to the Nielsen ratings than some of BYU's games on BYUtv. Having BYUtv in most homes in the country doesn't mean all those homes are actually watching.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


You make a good point about BYU needing to position itself for the invitation. After Utah got invited to the Pac 12 it was reported in the local media that Utah's President and Athletic Director had been working behind the scenes for several years developing alliances and relationships with Pac 12 members and actively courting the Pac 12 in hopes of an invitation. BYU should definitely be working to lay the ground work for a potential invitation.


Phoenix, AZ said:

"Actually, Utah does add value to the PAC-12. PAC-12 conference flags, bumper stickers, and memorabilia sales has skyrocketed in Salt Lake City since Utah joined. Not to mention Utah fans would pay top dollar to watch Utah lose to yet another team on the PAC-12 network."

And BYU fans pay top dollar to watch BYU lose to ranked teams on ESPN. And then watch the reruns on BYUTV
As been said many times before, Utah ads value beyond football. Especially thru research and federal grant projects. They were chosen, BYU was not. Get over it.

In addition, it's funny how BYU fans like yourself ignore economic impact studies how PAC 12 membership benefits the state of Utah itself. Since leaving the MWC, the economic impact has increased 60% based on overall dollars spent by fans of visiting teams. Can BYU say the same? No way. I would bet that BYU's economic value to the state has decreased since going independent. How many times are you going to schedule Idaho St? They don't have the fan base to travel and spend to begin with.

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