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Published: Wednesday, July 30 2014 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Tomahawk Red
San Francisco, CA

Farmington, UT
What this article fails to mention is the impact that a conference championship game has on revenue. Adding Utah and Colorado did not add enough in monetizing TV rights to make those moves by themselves attractive (The Pac-12 didn't need Utah and Colorado to create the Pac-12 Network).


You've missed the point of the article.

Adding Utah and Colorado allowed them to stage a title game. But it also added the Salt Lake and Denver TV markets... and as the article states, the Pac 12 then receives $1 per month for every subscriber it adds to the conference footprint. That's when adding markets like SLC and Denver really bring in the money.

So in this aspect, Utah brought a lot of value to the Pac 12.

Tomahawk Red
San Francisco, CA

Santa Monica, CA

Alabama could ask to join and they wouldn't get in because of the idiocy in the BIG 12 allowing the longhorn network to proceed.


I don't think so. Teams like Alabama and Notre Dame would be accepted into the Big 12 immediately because those brands are powerful enough to add revenue to the conference without going through the TV model.

Those teams are A+ grade elite teams. And their value to any conference is clear enough that they could get in anywhere because they have a lot of money behind them.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Can we start having articles about USU going to ACC?

Tomahawk Red
San Francisco, CA

Layton, UT

Either way, THANK YOU for proving how relevant BYU is.


You mean making BYU relevant to Utah fans? Yeah, sure. I suppose that's what it does.

You mean making BYU relevant in national college football?

Asking that question alone is laughable.

Tomahawk Red
San Francisco, CA

South Jordan, Utah
Respect the 12(pac) - If the PAC12 could they would drop Utah from the PAC12 in lieu of Alabama any day.


Of course they would. What's your point?

Central, UT


I am a Ute fan. I have been a Ute fan for 40+ years. I really don't care one way or the other if BYU joins a conference. I have not nor will I ever tell any BYU fan that the BIG12 doesn't want you. Got it?

Tomahawk Red
San Francisco, CA

Jeff ls
Farr West, 84404
I have a question about conference alignment. BYU is playing a lot of games against the PAC 12 over the next few years. What are you UTE fans going to say if BYU gets an invite into the PAC 12 as consolidation progresses over the next decade?


I think the chances are greater that the Earth will collide with the sun and burn up.

So there's really no reason to think about that concept.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Jeff ls

If BYU got invited to the PAC I think most Ute fans would be happy about it, and it would restore the annual rivalry game in November where it belongs. However, I think such an invite is very unlikely.

Heber City, UT


Thank you. I hope the rest of the ute fans follow your example. I think your "Got it?" at the end of your comment was a little uncalled for, but I appreciate that you aren't telling me that the Big 12 doesn't want to expand right now.

rock springs, wy


"is there ever going to be a relevent article posted about the UTES that we can read about ? just wondering as they are a football team from the state of Utah as well."

Maybe when the UTES are relevant.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

West Jordan, UT

Correction Chris B, it was assumed that Utah would add value to the Pac 12. Clearly so far they haven't. The Big 12 can see what a huge mistake the PAC made with the Utes. They will not make the same mistake with BYU.


Yet they added TCU? Maybe because TCU wasn't demanding Tier 3 rights? Smart move by the Big 12, considering giving teams Tier 3 rights lowers less revenues for the conference overall.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Mormon Ute

One good thing for BYU mentioned at the beginning of the article is the talk from several conferences who have stated they fully intend for their schools to regularly schedule BYU. This does two things, First it ensures that BYU will likely have enough high quality opponents going forward to survive as an independent for longer than some expected. It also puts pressure on the ACC and the SEC to rethink their positions on BYU.


The SEC and ACC are not preventing their teams from scheduling BYU, just like Big 12, Big 10, and PAC-12. They just said that since their teams only play 8 conference games they must also play one P5 team. And that P5 teams are defined as playing in a P5 league or Notre Dame.

The only reason the Big 10 (in 2016), PAC-12, Big 12, have no such definition for BYU is because they all play 9 P5 teams each year during conference play.

The SEC and ACC will rethink their position on playing 8 conference games before they ever give BYU P5 status. The only way BYU gets P5 status is to join a P5 league, just like every other school not named Notre Dame.

River Falls, WI

Great post. I had no idea Sunday play was so important to the PAC12. I agree that BYU to the PAC12 is never gonna happen.

Frisco, TX

Utah bet hope the Big12 does not get the green light to proceed with a championship game. If they do, I look for the PAC12 to shed 2 teams. Any guesses which two those will be?

Clinton, UT

BYU will never be part of the PAC12 as long as Cal is. For a team to be added it must be unanimous and Cal stated specifically that they would never add a school with religious affiliation. This is the true reason BYU was not invited in the first place. And, yes, Ute fans, like it or not, the PAC12 wanted BYU first, before Utah, but Cal would not agree, hence the Utes invite. You can cry all you want and say whatever you want, but those are the FACTS, and no talking can ever change them.

Magna, UT

@ Brave sir.

The real reason the Big 12/BYU relationship isn't going to work: The Big 12 simply doesn't want BYU.
Two years ago you guys had your chance to get into the Big 12 - you blew it.

Once again you willfully misrepresent the facts. When will you stop?

The fact is, BYU was never in consideration to blow anything.

Magna, UT

@ perspective

"The Big 12 simply can't afford to add BYU"
That isn't what the Big12 said. They said they are not interested in adding byu.

Once again, you, like Brave Sir willfully misrepresent the facts.

Fact, What Ryan Teeples said is exactly what the big twelve commissioner said as well as many of the AD's of the member schools.

Eagle Mountain, UT

This will go 100+ comments before the night is over.

Cedar Hills, UT

TCU was admitted into the BIG 12 because they won a BCS game. BYU can't expect any different treatment. Win your in. Lose your out..and you stay out til you win. BYU has got to load up its schedule year in and year out otherwise they will be left out permanently. No one cares if they beat Houston or Nevada. Everyone cares if they beat Wisconsin and Notredame.

Clearfield, UT

BYU has been talking big all off season about the big 12. Time to put our level of play where our mouth is to back up our claims of being an attractive option. When we BYU fans diss Utah as unworthy to be in the PAC 12 we need to remember that we have never beaten them since they have been in th PAC 12, so what evidence is there that BYU would be any more worthy at this point than Utah to be in a P5. We have consistently choked on the field against a team that so many of us have claimed was never worthy of going to a P5. We would have a similar record as Utah, if you look at how,we did against ND and Wisconsin last year. Just sad we don't have this year to exercise the demons of the last 4 years of rivalry losses...ugh! Hope Utah loses to whoever they replaced us with to soften up their schedule, that would be classic!

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