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Published: Wednesday, July 30 2014 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Woods Cross, UT

IF the Big 12 gets a championship game added without the full 12 members, conference expansion is dead for the next decade and BYU could be trapped in independence. I see many MWC and AAC games in BYU's future.

BYU could negotiate with the Big 12, in an attempt to make the Big 12's games with BYU pay via BYU-TV. Give the Big 12 a cut on games played in Provo when they are willing to play a 1-1?

Milwaukee, WI

According to the Big 12, their teams make between $3 million and $15 million each in third tier deals. See "Big 12 Announces Record Revenue Distribution" on their website.

So I don't know how "they can’t come close to making the money schools in other power conferences are making from theirs." The Big Ten Network makes the most per school @ $7.4 million per year at most. WVU got at least $6 million and maybe as much as $10 million per year for their third tier rights.

Layton, UT

Chris B, you're so all over the place. Did you not read the article? Adding Utah was incentive enough to the PAC because they were able to add to their Tier 3 TV rights. It had nothing to do with Utah having a good program (if you disagree, please explain Colorado). It was about money and TV rights. Money drives all decisions in college football.

Layton, UT

Chris B, whatever you do for a living, I want to do the same thing. Somehow, you are always the first to post on every article about BYU. You either sit around tapping your fingers until a BYU article is released or you have some sort of alert set. Either way, THANK YOU for proving how relevant BYU is. Relevancy can be measured by how much interest a program attracts from fans AND non-fans. We appreciate your support.

Bountiful, UT

It seems to me that BYU is a net-negative on the Big-12 from a TV programming standpoint, because BYU-TV is BYU's third tier TV "partner", and BYU-TV airing BYU home games is competition for regular sports programming.

Not only does the Big-12 not have a conference-based Tier 3 network, they have the Longhorn Network (which diminishes the value of schools besides Texas) and if they invited BYU, they would be adding BYU-TV, which would lure viewers away from regular sports broadcasters.

Adding BYU would make an undesirable situation worse.

pocatello, ID

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA
The Big 12 is trying to get the NCAA to let them have a championship game without expanding to 12 teams. It will be interesting to see if they get what they want. I suspect they will, which will make expansion highly unlikely. It will also be interesting if this article proves to be the definitive word on the subject of BYU going to the Big 12.


No they won't get away with it. The SEC ACC & BIG 12 already have complained about that. They won't allow a school from the BIG 12 jump over them into the playoffs without a conference title game.

pocatello, ID

BYU can still become a football only buddy. Notre Dame and the ACC. If BYU could pull off an agreement to play 5-6 BIG 12 teams a year. Who knows.

South Jordan, Utah

Respect the 12(pac) - If the PAC12 could they would drop Utah from the PAC12 in lieu of Alabama any day.

Don't kid yourself into believing you are something that you aren't.

West Jordan, UT

With the lack of a Conference Championship 13th game in the Big 12, the chances of them getting into the playoff is simply less of an opportunity. Texas, OK, OK State etc will be more than miffed should Pac12 get a team; Big 10 get one and the SEC get two each year. There will be weeping and wailing and crying all over the Big12 as they sit without the big bucks. Soon the money will come in when they do expand. It is just a matter of time.

Morgan, UT

"Chris B, whatever you do for a living, I want to do the same thing."

Funniest line in months.......

Heber City, UT

I agree that BYU does not add enough value to the Big 12 right now for them to expand.

However, there is a decent possibility that at some point, the Big 12 will be forced to expand, in which case they would add the 2 most attractive options.

If you look at it purely from a TV/Revenue standpoint, BYU blows any other non-P5 out of the water. We are the 15th most watched team in all of college football. I'm not sure where the next non-P5 comes in, but I do know that it's nowhere close to BYU. BYU also brings in more revenue than any of the non-P5 schools.

Also, we are easily a top 5 football team from the non-P5 and have a great all-around athletic program.

Are we good enough to be worth splitting the financial pie in the Big 12? No.

But if and when the Big 12 is forced to expand, BYU is the best option.

SEC Rules
Seminole, FL

@ Chris B.

Enough already, please find some other venue to dump on BYU.

You consistently speak as if you were a life-long member of the PAC 10. You and the Utes are not. This is only your fourth year in the PAC, after spending years and years in the WAC and Mountain West. The reality is that you were invited to the PAC more by freak luck than anything you did, a third desperation choice to create a 6 team division in a 12 team conference.

Now you are languishing in the bottom of the PAC 12 standings. And in light of this fact the commissioner of the PAC 12, who’s membership you love you so much, recently said: “They’re (BYU) a school that’s got a great reputation, a great history of success,” …“I’d consider it a high-quality matchup when our teams play against them. Hard to swallow, isn’t it? Some call it a cruel irony.

If you don’t like the articles here, then the solution is simple. Don't read them, or find some other venue to dump on BYU.

Heber City, UT

To all the ute fans who keep telling us that the Big 12 doesn't want to expand, let me make this very very clear.

We know.
We know.
We know.

Is it clear yet?

We know.
We know.

I don't think that will be enough for the ute fans to understand but I gave it my best.

We very well understand that they don't want to expand. We aren't trying to force our way in right now. We are trying to position ourselves so that when the Big 12 does want/need to expand, we are the best option.

Sure, there are some BYU fans who are delusional and think a Big 12 invite is just around the corner. Most of us, however, understand that it won't come until they actually are looking to expand. But I am absolutely in favor of positioning ourselves as favorably as possible to be ready for it.

The worst thing BYU can do is sit quietly until the Big 12 looks to expand and then start acting interested in joining the Big 12.

It is much better to jockey for a spot in the Big 12 a little early than a little late.

Y Ask Y
Provo, UT

The AAC mentioned BYU?

Is that supposed to be an independent endorsement with which we should be impressed?

First of all, the AAC is not a power conference itself, and is struggling to feign enough swagger to fool everyone that it is a power conference. So Aresco, the AAC commissioner, has a vested interest in arguing against the concept of the existing real power conferences.

Second, Aresco has past connections to BYU. Specifically, From 2008 to 2011, Aresco, as a member of its Board, helped shape the strategic growth initiatives of The Mtn., the Denver-based regional sports network devoted to the Mountain West Conference and jointly owned by CBS and Comcast. Yes, The Mtn that many consider to be a joke. I think Aresco has something to prove.

Like Bronco, I would love to see BYU in the Big 12. I hate Independence. But I'm not so blinded by wishful thinking to presume BYU is on the top of every conferences' expansion list.

Let's try a little humility, Cougars.

Reno, NV

What I can't stand are the comments that state that the P12 is regretting adding Utah. Why on earth would someone have that assumption? That assumption is either totally uneducated or just a case of sour grapes. Utah has been competitive in both the revenue sports, mbb and football. Yes, the Utes went 5-7 last year but were a few plays away from winning 3 of those games. Anyone with any football intellect could tell that the utes were competitive last year (minus the USC game, that was dumpster fire). Utah is a school with great academics and adds SLC market for the Pac 12 network. Yes, a lot of the games are on the P12 network but that is way better than what was offered while in the MWC and much better than the schools in the Big 12 and the ACC. Can you image being a K-State or NC State fan and not being able so watch any of your games on TV? The utes have it good. BYU has it........well, that's to be determined. Hopefully this is the last article regarding BYU's begging and pleading to get into a P5 conference.

Jeff ls
Farr West, 84404

I have a question about conference alignment. BYU is playing a lot of games against the PAC 12 over the next few years. What are you UTE fans going to say if BYU gets an invite into the PAC 12 as consolidation progresses over the next decade?

Omaha, NE

Can't we use tithing to pay the other schools and join? I would just die to see the responses from the LDS BYU-opposing loving followers!

"if they invited BYU, they would be adding BYU-TV, which would lure viewers away from regular sports broadcasters."

They can always make a deal that limits BYU's live broadcasting of games. BYU knows there are national networks that bring in lots of money. BYU could always use its station to have rebroadcast rights to games.

Spanish Fork, Ut

You know what would fix all of this? WINNING. Let me restate just for emphasis... W-I-N-N-I-N-G. There is no reason to put lipstick on a 5-6 or 6-6 or even 7-5 pig. BYU has been trying to get back into a conference from the moment they went independent and until they win on a consistent basis, no one is going to give them the time of day - and rightfully so. Revenue issues, television viewership issues, travel distances, religion issues, Co-ed joke issues, whatever, will magically go away the first two to three year stretch BYU puts together at least a 10-2 win/loss in each season.

let's roll

The lack of a conference championship game in the Big12 will help is some years and hurt in others.

For example, if Oklahoma goes 12-0 in the regular season not having to play a Big12 Championship game will help them as they won't have to risk a loss.

But if in another year Texas goes 11-1 during the regular season (losing to Oklahoma), they don't have a chance to avenge their loss in a CCG and they may get passed over for the playoff for another one loss teams that had a high profile victory in their CCG, especially if that victory avenged their only loss. For ezample a one loss USC team beats Oregon in the PAC-12 conference championship after losing to Oregon in the regular season.

Reno, NV


Interesting question but never going to happen. And here is why

Play on Sundays - I worked at the UCLA Athletic department while in grad school and I can't express how important Sunday events are to the P12. Sundays are huge for the olympic sports (especially for attendance) and the P12 would never consider not playing on Sundays. The WWC was willing to accommodate BYU but the P12 would not.

BYUtv - If BYU would be willing to give up BYUtv, then there would be a more of a possibility of BYU joining. The P12 will not allow one school (especially a new school) to have their own tv deal.

Some others would say it's more about academics and general fit. Those are good reasons but not deal breakers. The reasons above are the real deal breakers of which neither side would be willing to give up.

Also, there is no way that the P12 would just add BYU as you have to have a travel partner. They would have to add one other regional school to balance it out. Please don't say Boise....Boise is a train wreck in academics and other olympic sports.

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