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Published: Wednesday, July 30 2014 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Another article!


"Fans and media want the big 12 to add byu"

Well, that's cherry picking now isn't it.

Correction: BYU fans the BYU media want the big 12 to add byu

River Falls, WI

Awesome article. Thank you for explaining how tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 games make money, I had no idea. BYUtv is great for fans but won't bring the B12 any money for those tier 3 games. I wonder if BYU would ever be willing to put their television studio on the table in B12 talks.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Big 12 can't afford to add byu.

Nice spin!

Said differently:

"BYU does NOT add enough value to justify inviting them?

This is unlike Utah, of course, who DID add enough value to the Pac 10 to justify an invitation.

Issaquah, WA

This is a very enlightening article. I doubt, however, that it will have any impact on the trolls who love to state that BYU isn't worthy of being in a Power 5 conference.

Farmington, UT

What this article fails to mention is the impact that a conference championship game has on revenue. Adding Utah and Colorado did not add enough in monetizing TV rights to make those moves by themselves attractive (The Pac-12 didn't need Utah and Colorado to create the Pac-12 Network). It was the fact that they could now hold a conference championship game and sell that as part of the TV rights package that made moving to 12 feasible. Right place. Right time. Congrats Utah!!

Respect the 12(Pac)
Salt Lake, UT

This is really laughable. I would humbly suggest byu EARN their way into a power conference through actions on the field rather than sit outside and beg day after day. I'm just guessing the Big 12 finds the begging silly and unprofessional.

Try going undefeated a few times over a decade or so and then start talking about whether you deserve to be invited.

As of now, you do not!

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

The real reason the Big 12/BYU relationship isn't going to work: The Big 12 simply doesn't want BYU.

Two years ago you guys had your chance to get into the Big 12 - you blew it. Now they wouldn't touch you with a hot branding iron.

West Jordan, UT

I'm stunned by this. After the 300 articles in the past 2 weeks about how great BYU would fit in the BIG 12, I was sure it was a done deal.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Good article, good explanation. When it makes sense for the Big 12 to add schools, it will happen, until then, BYU football is as strong as ever on their own without big brothers to support and abuse them. I wouldn't be surprised if the BYU tv network does come into play at some point. I would be surprised if Texas ever did anything to benefit the conference unless it gave them more of an advantage.

Colorado Springs, CO

So BYU would have it's own tier 3 rights within the Big 12 and could broadcast all the BYU vs Iowa St/K State/Kansas/TCU/West Virginia/Texas Tech on BYUtv. That offers no incentive to the Big 12 though. Could BYU in some way retain those tier 3 rights while taking a smaller portion of the tier 1 and 2 rights or maybe agree to televise Big 12 games on BYUtv. Does anyone watch K State vs Iowa St or pay for that game. If BYUtv bought the rights to these smaller tier 3 games they would in a sense be returning some of the money to those smaller schools in the BIG 12 that is paid out every year.

So pay BYU $20M for tier 1 and 2 rights. BYUtv retains BYU's tier 3 rights. Additionally BYUtv pays for a few Big 12 tier 3 games each week essentailly helping the Kstate and Iowast of the league. BYUtv sells advertising for those games and BYU makes money that way to recoup buying those games.

Issaquah, WA

Let's be clear. The PAC 12 has a different revenue/TV model. Utah's "Value" to the PAC 12 was primarily because it allowed a championship game. I give props to Utah for their BCS Bowl Wins, but the comments from those who talk about Utah "earning" their way into the PAC 12 ring a bit hollow. I'll be much more receptive to that messaging after Utah accomplishes something in their new prestigious home.

Santa Monica, CA

@Chris B

Wow. You didn't read the article at all did you once again proving yourself uneducated and ill-informed. If you did read it you sure don't seem to have understood. The longhorn network is the reason the BIG 12 won't expand. It doesn't matter if it is BYU or any other school. Alabama could ask to join and they wouldn't get in because of the idiocy in the BIG 12 allowing the longhorn network to proceed.

Elko, NV

Everywhere I turn there is another article about the Cougs. Great time to be a Coug Fan. Still even will all the conference media days conversations, I find is interesting that Still nobody wants to discuss the utes.... I guess it is does make sense as the utes really have nothing for anyone to talk about. Well at least the Pac 12 will garner some attention with its top tier schools and the utes will get mentioned in those articles as the other teams rack up a win when the play the lowly utes. I guess at lease for that article they will be discussed. But, Mark it Down as the season progresses there will be many more articles calling for a new ute coaching staff.

Respect the 12(Pac)
Salt Lake, UT


Please tell us you're joking.

If Alabama wanted to join the Big 12 - they'd be in next year. If you don't believe that, you are very naïve.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

The Big 12 is trying to get the NCAA to let them have a championship game without expanding to 12 teams. It will be interesting to see if they get what they want. I suspect they will, which will make expansion highly unlikely. It will also be interesting if this article proves to be the definitive word on the subject of BYU going to the Big 12.

West Jordan, UT

Correction Chris B, it was assumed that Utah would add value to the Pac 12. Clearly so far they haven't. The Big 12 can see what a huge mistake the PAC made with the Utes. They will not make the same mistake with BYU.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

The rationale in this article makes sense. I didn't know the details of how the Big 12 TV deal was structured so this was helpful in understanding a major obstacle to Big 12 expansion.

One good thing for BYU mentioned at the beginning of the article is the talk from several conferences who have stated they fully intend for their schools to regularly schedule BYU. This does two things, First it ensures that BYU will likely have enough high quality opponents going forward to survive as an independent for longer than some expected. It also puts pressure on the ACC and the SEC to rethink their positions on BYU.

Maybe Tom Holmoe was right in keeping his optimistic outlook on BYU as an independent.

Salt Lake City, UT

Just win.

Springville, UT

is there ever going to be a relevent article posted about the UTES that we can read about ? just wondering as they are a football team from the state of Utah as well.

Salt Lake City, UT

Does Teeples get paid to write this stuff?

"The Big 12 simply can't afford to add BYU"

That isn't what the Big12 said. They said they are not interested in adding byu.

"But BYU fans have watched with keen interest as their school’s name has been mentioned in nearly every conference’s event."

Right, because the Des News is there to ask questions and it is not done from the podium as the photos suggest.

"The SEC, Big Ten, Pac-12 and SEC all have their own conference athletics TV networks, built for the purpose of broadcasting Tier 3 games."

The SEC is listed twice.

"But right now, there’s nothing the Big 12 or BYU can do to make a relationship work. The money just isn’t there."

This statement simply advances the hypothesis upon which the article is built. The Big12 has clearly stated that they don't WANT to expand...

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