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Published: Tuesday, July 29 2014 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Ogden, UT

Great article, great man, great life. I remember watching Jamie Martin my freshman year at WSU, he was amazing and the atmosphere was so much fun. Go Wildcats!

Richmond, VA

Sounds like this is a great definition of what living your dream means. 16 yrs in the NFL without any debilitating effects from concussions or any other injuries, and now at a young 44 coaching his son and playing music with friends in a fun band with all the free time in the world to do whatever else he wants. Heck yeah, I'd say that's truly living his dreams! Wish all former NFL players were that fortunate!

Salt Lake City, UT

That is a good story. I am glad he is doing well. I was actually in school with him, probably the year before he became a starter. I graduated, and then he became a starter, the rest is history. However. If you could, could you do another story on Jeff Carlson. He was the QB who preceded him, and took the team to the Championship game. He was drafted by the Broncos, but was cut, when they discovered a health condition that was life threatening. I would like to hear on anything on him as well.


West Jordan, UT

Great article! This guy was fun to watch also. I remember the game where he threw for 624 yards.

So nice to have some college football news variety instead of BYU and Utah overkill.

South Weber, UT

Jamie was a big reason why I became a Weber State fan. As a kid I loved watching those Weber teams of the late 80s and early 90s. They had some crazy explosive offenses. Good to see Jamie doing so well in his post-football life.

O-town, UT

An amazing QB! Arslanian knew how to utilize him, too. It was great football to watch. I think if he didn't get injured, he would have become a starter for many years. Here's hoping they can turn the football program around. The program needs to go back to "W" on the helmets.

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