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Published: Tuesday, July 29 2014 6:25 p.m. MDT

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West of I15, UT

@ASUCOUGIE..."Wait, I thought BYU burned the bridge with the AAC. That's what the Utah fans are saying. You mean the Utah fans are wrong? How could that be?"

I'm a Utah fan, I have never said that? Wait how could ASUCOUGIE ever be wrong?

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

"Thanks Mr. Aresco for voicing what most of college football already knows. BYU is big time."

This is an interesting tactic that BYU fans are starting to use. They're just going to start calling themselves a P5 program without (arguably) earning it on the field. IMO BYU is a solid mid-major program, but they haven't been able to get their program to jump to that next level. They were really close in 2006 though.

Salmon, ID

Frankly I'm glad that BYU is a mid-major team. I would not want to be a mid-major team playing in a P-5 conference, because then you end up like the Utes - a mid-major team with annual losing records and no bowl games. As the great Dirty Harry once said - "A man has got to learn his limitations."

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Label BYU however you want (though "mid major" is a basketball term), we're considered big time. Some P5 schools schedule us to beef up their schedules while others dodge us because of the wear and tear our physical play causes. Losing to us, because of our non-P5 status, is potentially harmful for their season. Non P5 schools love to have play us for their exposure on ESPN networks and the big payday.

We, on the other hand, can schedule whoever comes a-knocking. The bigger the better; we'll even do a 2-for-1 if your elite enough. When the college football sands shift next, we may be in a good spot to get an invite. We'll wait and see. Winning is all we can do for now, other than ensure good exposure for recruiting purposes.

Go Cougs!

Sandy, UT


Ninety percent of the so called P-5 programs, don't earn anything on the field.
If College Football had "Relegation" as do the Soccer Leagues of the World, Utah would have already been demoted to a lower division, while BYU will always be top tier.

Well over half of the teams in "P-5" leagues simply ride others coat-tails and serve as the Washington Generals of their respective leagues .. That be U.

Memo to all Ute fans...

You are NOT...Oregon, USC, Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, LSU, Stanford, ASU, Washington or Florida State...Never will be!

No, "U" are the the Vanderbilt, Northwestern, Duke, Indiana, Rutgers, Maryland and Washington State's, of your league.
Six good years in 50 does not a Legacy make.

Nobody in the know, in College Football, will ever think that Utah is a more prestigious program than is BYU. Their Legacy was indeed "Earned on the Field" and not by ironing on a new Conference Patch.

Just check and see who gets National Games on the Major Networks and who does not.
BYU has Legacy and a National brand, "U" never will.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Bluto

Ute fans don't walk around thinking we are Oregon, Alabama, etc. Nor do we pound our collective chest about our self-proclaimed legacy, unlike yourself. If BYU had "half" the legacy its fans think it has it would have been invited to the SEC 10 years ago. But there you sit, on the outside begging to be let in. Your national games come on the weekdays, or when you play a marquee team like ND or Texas. btw, BYU's game at ND was their lowest rated game of the season. Temple had higher ratings against ND. Let that sink in. Where was your national brand on that one?

kaysville, UT

This is quite funny and honestly not very flattering. You get a compliment from the AAC commissioner. It is like getting a compliment from the MAC or the SunBelt. You are 2-5 against the Pac 12 since 2011 when Utah joined. And by the way, 3 (2 at home) of those losses were against the Utes who you continue to put down as a bad team. What does that make you? Oh, wait, it is coming to me, a MID-MAJOR now and forever.

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA

Naval Vet

Two 11+ win, Top 25 finishes in their entire history.

Yes, Utah fits the bill perfectly as nothing but a two-hit, flash-in-the-pan program.


"Religion had nothing to do with it."

Who's fooling who here? Larry Scott hurriedly invited Colorado to join the conference in the middle of the night to shut Baylor (a religiously affiliated school) out of the Pac 10 / Big 12 South merger. Anybody who was even a casual observer of the goings on during that frantic period knows that Larry Scott acted to avoid a repeat of the Texas legislature forcing the Big 8 to take Baylor when the SWC folded.

West of I15, UT

@taysom has 0 chance for heisman....."So, contrary to your theory, you can very much get into the P5 by dominating "a bunch of other weak SOS midmajors. You just need to throw in 1 or 2 bigger wins, which we have the opportunity to do."

Well at least you're one cougie fan that can admit the cougies are a mid major that utah dominates.

West of I15, UT

@Phantomblade......."Utah fans are obsessed with BYU. In fact, the only time they even talk about their own team is when they're comparing Utah to BYU.

It's what little brothers do."

Yet here you're making another comment about the utes...LOL Pot meet Kettle

holy moly
Herrmian, UT

David Haymond, I think your comments are off base. Utah was not invited to the PAC-12 because they were bad. If that were the case, why not invite someone who loses every game?

I am not originally from Utah and was amazed at the anger between the fanbases. I was used to the Oregon/Oregon State rivalry which was heated, but not hate-filled. Your comments feel like they come from a BYU fan and not someone independent of the rivalry.

I think the truth is Utah and BYU have taken their turns being quality programs. Probably both have risen to fairly equal levels. Utah was deservedly invited to the PAC-12, but I believe teams like Boise St, BYU, and probably TCU were considered and would have been deserving also.

I believe BYU's independence was a result of Utah's invite to the PAC-12. I expect Utah to compete in the near future. Maybe even this season. I think they're much better than their record. I also expect BYU to continue getting better, although their ceiling may be lower because of the self-imposed honor code and the number of recruits this eliminates.

Sandy, UT

Holy Moly:
Hey a fellow Civil War fan! Are you a Beaver or Duck? Nice to see someone else who's into that rivalry on these broads!

Former Coach
Payson, UT

@David Haymond,
Perhaps you are correct, I like your analogy with the fat girl. You probably need to read more of the boards before you make the delusional comment. I think both fan bases have their bad moments. I think it is every bit as delusional for BYU fans to think they are superior to Utah because Utah goes 2-7 in the PAC 12 while BYU goes 8-5 against a bunch of cupcakes and yet still lose to Utah. Now I will be the first to say that I think BYU is good enough to belong in a Power 5 conference. I don't think they are good enough to dominate or finish in the upper level of a Power 5 conference on a regular basis. What you failed to mention is that a second fat girl (BYU) did not attend the party for whatever reason and then she turns around and starts calling the first fat girl fat. The banter on these boards goes both ways just depending on the subject.

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