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Published: Tuesday, July 29 2014 7:00 a.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

I've never seen this waffle truck around, but I loved this success story! The American Dream is still alive with these guys, no dependence on government food stamps or welfare checks, just a dream, some upstart $$, working as a team, and pure grit (hard work).

"You didn't build that!" Ha! Proved that wrong again!


Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

Well done. One of the things he has done well is excellent use of digital advertising. He has a very nice website which looks like it is updated weekly, and a great Facebook page whith frequent updates.

His truck is open 50 hours a week. With all of the other tasks associated with this type of business, is he working 80?

American Fork, UT

People seriously called the police on him? People in this valley need to lighten up, they were probably concerned he was going to lower their property value or something, we are very concerned about that you know. Great success story.

Sandy, UT

Waffle Love waffles are scruptious! We always watch the website to see when a truck will be close to us.

Boise, CA

I would have liked to have read in the story about what he did differently to succeed, to go from 13 waffles a day to the 100 he needed in order get by. Was it a certain location or marketing or what? Kind of skipped over that.

Cedar Hills, UT

Great story. Great ambition and determination. Oh and yes Adam you DID built that business and the government had NOTHING to do with it !!! Great job.

South Jordan, UT

Oh, no, NOTHING what so ever... not the roads they drive their trucks on, and the road people use to buy from them, or the State funded college he graduated with a business degree from, or the unemployment assistance he most certainly got while unemployed. Or the City Laws that were created/changed to allow him the freedom to perform his business.... I could go on and on.

Not to take anything away from his accomplishments, as they are well deserved. But to say the government didn't assist in it at all shows a massive amount of ignorance on your part to what it is the governments job and role in our lives is.

West Jordan, UT

I had my first "Waffle Love" on Friday. It was very good (and expensive). I don't think I will go out of my way to find out where the truck is parked, but my friends do and did! Apparently they have more money and a bigger sweet tooth than me.

dallas, TX

@ Metarx

You lost me with "City Laws that were created/changed to allow him the freedom to perform his business." Are you serious? Your comment suggests that the government created for him a freedom that he wasn't entitled to before it created it. I assume you've heard the line, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights...these, are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.... Government is created to protect these rights, not create them. This nanny state that liberals and progressives want to create is just maddening.

Provo, UT

He must sell T-shirts as well because the other day when I was on the Front Runner some kid was wearing one. I said, "whst the heck." Now I know what it is because of this article.

Vincentown, NJ

There are no "state funded" schools or state-funded roads. Taxpayers pay for those things. He was working. He was paying taxes. He was driving a licensed car and paying for gas so he was paying for those roads. People pay into unemployment insurance, so if he received anything, he paid for it. Government makes it MORE expensive to do business not less. If Democrats ran Provo, they would have shaken him down for thousands of dollars to get those food truck permits, just like they do in Philly and Chicago. Ever read about the nightmare those folks have to go through to get food truck permits in those places? It's very eye-opening.

Salt Lake City, UT

I agree with Big_Bird. WAY too expensive. They had a truck out in Riverton just off 126th S Bang hwy. I had heard how good it was and I agree. Very good, but I was with a group and we were in the middle of a conversation, I simply told them what I wanted and did not really calculate the cost before ordering. Mine was just under $10.

Vincentown, NJ

"In order to get their truck up and running in the city of Philadelphia, Verna and Dave needed to go through four different departments, with four different staffs between whom little is communicated. Those are the city’s Streets Department, Licensing and Inspection (or L&I, as everyone seems, through clenched jaws, to call it), the Health Department, and the Department of Commerce. “It seemed like the story kept changing. The closer we thought we were getting it seemed like the further away we became.” In the end, the price of certifying her truck was about $10,000, which, of course, was before it was subjected to L&I and the Department of Health." - Nina Walpow, A Look at Philly Food Politics

Democrats run big government shakedown operations where they run cities like Philly and Chicago.

South Jordan, UT


Maybe the way it was worded was a little confusing, but from the article: "Terry said. "They were just like, 'We don't have a law about this, but we're going to build one, and while we're building it just make sure you have a business license.’ ”", And my wording was "created laws" pretty sure that's what the article says happened, and by created, they're meaning making one to make sure his business is legal... so from that I don't know what your getting on about.


"state funded" is "we the tax payer" funded... as the state gets its money from us, meaning he paid for it, and I payed for it via MY tax dollars(with which I will gladly pay when that's what they're going for), and round it goes. Government, yes makes things more expensive, but in doing so, means I shouldn't have to jump out of my car and verify the bridge isn't going to fall down if I drive over it, or that the food I'm being served out of said food truck isn't going to make me sick, etc... etc.. etc..

Nowhere, 00

First of all, people should leave politics out of this story.

The waffles are awesome. No doubt about it. I love them

But I just paid almost $30 for three small waffles.

I'm sure they'll continue to be a success because they've made something great and there are enough people out there willing to pay. But I'm out. As much as I love their success story, these waffles are not for the middle class.

dallas, TX

@ metarx

What I'm "getting on about" is that you think the government deserves some sort of credit for "creating" or "changing" the laws to start a food truck business. That sentiment is a microcosm of the "you didn't build that" mentality that your comment was obviously in support of. That mentality suggests the government is the reason people are able to succeed, rather than individual hard work. And I see a major problem with that. The "government knows best" mentality also favors the notion that the government knows better than I do about how to live my live, including for example, what my child eats for lunch etc.

salt lake city, UT

Is it any wonder illegal immigrants are flocking to our country after reading stories like this? Makes one wonder how global his business were to be right now if we did not have a socialist in the White House.


I've had one. And having lived in Belgium, and gone back there, and one of the first things I did upon landing and getting to my hotel was to go looking for a real Belgian Waffle, which have nothing to do with what IHOP calls a Belgian Waffle, I can tell you that Waffle Love comes pretty close.
IMHO, Bruges Waffles and Frites up in Salt Lake, and soon to open on Provo Center Street, comes closer. The only thing they can't duplicate is a summer evening sitting in Brussels Grande Place, in Front of Victor Hugo's home, and shooting the breeze in French (I don't speak Flemish) with new friends.

Cedar City, UT

"Not to take anything away from his accomplishments, as they are well deserved. But to say the government didn't assist in it at all shows a massive amount of ignorance on your part to what it is the governments job and role in our lives is."

Even so. He put forth the risk, hard work and stuck with it. That is something that all successful businesses MUST have that the government cannot provide.

Salt Lake City, UT

I love waffles, but the price is a bit much. I'd love to try it just to say I have, and I'm sure they will be delicious, but I'm not going to drop $40+ dollars on waffles for the family more than once.

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