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Published: Sunday, July 27 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

I sympathize with the writer, and I agree that a reckoning is coming with growth colliding with biological reality. But as the Keynesians demonstrated to economics, a capitalist economy must grow continually to stay out of trouble.

Savings accumulated do not induce investment. So unless there is constant new investment (not just equipment replacement) the system can come into equilibrium at less than full employment. So it has to be full bore peddle-to-the-metal.

At some point though we need to learn some new tricks. China, the new #1 economy, which has been through multiple transformations, and is a major polluter, may show the way.

embarrassed Utahn!
Salt Lake City, UT

Do people even understand that this planet can survive without us.
Humans will be wiped off the face of the earth and life will begin anew without us.
Also, if humans are the most intellectually advance form of life on earth, then why are we destroying our home? You don't find those other "sub-human" animals doing the damage.

Dietrich, ID

Humans have no control over the climate, Way to control us, and the earth was built for man we were not built for the earth.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without


Having travel this vast world,
I have found countries who have been around for thousands of years live by this rule.

It was not uncommon to find buildings 600 years old still being used daily, profitable, and very much sought for.

Utah is a 30 year disposable, moving, train wreck.

American Fork, UT

Out here, we're told there is always infinitely more to consume.

Eli Tesecular PhD
Salt Lake City, UT

We definitely need Democrats to take the reins in Utah. We could then become a progressive and sustainable state, say, like Michigan.

Sandy, UT

hivg, I am positive your maker does not approve of our abuse. I wonder if He approves of the high man caused levels of methane in the Uinta Basin or in the Denver area. I personally believe He doesn't approve of our ignoring the opportunity to improve our living conditions throughout the world. I believe there are few sins greater than not trying.

Bountiful, UT


Indeed, as you said, this State is governed by a by a Legislature and Governor. Regardless of what you think about them (or their motives), they all serve at the pleasure of the voters who put them in their offices.

Just because you do not like how they function does not mean YOU get to choose how they govern over the will of the majority VOTERS who put them there.

Salt Lake City, UT

Everyone should read Richard Heinberg's "The End of Growth." Very enlightening.

high school fan
Huntington, UT

Not sure what the author was really trying to say here as there was a lot of assumptions on unrelated items. If the author really wants to convey a message then that message must be identified and an argument made for their point of view.
As best as I can tell, this is just several random thoughts bunched together with no coherent argument backing it up.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Perhaps not, VST. But how about if we continue trying to educate the voters who put them there?

The biggest problem we face in doing that is finding some way to get them to unplug their ears and begin listening to something besides big money, right wing propaganda.

Dietrich, ID

@Embarrased Utahn The earth is the only planet or moon in our solar system that can sustain life. Other planets and moons of course survive but they cannot sustain life. And humans are not destroying the planet. Our survival and comfort is dependent on Agriculture, drilling, mining, and use of electricity and cars that is what our Creator gave us to use wisely. You obviously use electricity, I am sure drive and live in climate controlled houses. No other apeceies uses rational thought or learns new things and passes them on. They eat the food that is there and rely on mostly instinct and some learned behavior by experience. Can't compare what other creatures do. Human survival and feeding the world is dependent on what you criticize.

Morgan, UT

The author said:

“We are now facing severe environmental, population...”

Actually, we’re not.

The Warmers and their “scientists” have not only been dead wrong in their predictions concerning global warming, but they’ve also misrepresented the data, and outright lied to push this myth. The Warmers are the true “deniers.”

Once again the Left is pushing population control. Any wonder these ghouls love abortions.

Just like their bogus predictions concerning AGW, the Left also got it woefully wrong in their predictions concerning over-population. Consider the "predictions" of liberal icon, and Stanford University biology professor, Paul Ehrlich, from his 1968 book, “The Population Bomb”:

* In the 1970s, hundreds of millions of people would starve to death.

* In the 1980s, food riots would cause the president to dissolve the US Congress, and 65 million Americans would die of starvation and disease.

* By 1999 the US population would be reduced to only 22 million, and India and Great Britain would cease to exist.

The left do not deal in science or facts, they deal in fear mongering. These two issues are simply the means by which they can control and suppress the people. These people are nothing but oppressive statists.

Eli Tesecular PhD
Salt Lake City, UT

high school fan said.... "Not sure what the author was really trying to say here as there was a lot of assumptions on unrelated items."

Allow me to help you understand the author who, as I am, is a highly educated University professor trying to pound the reality of global (including Utah) doom into heads full of mush.

Vastness is no more. We are cramming too many people into the world (and Utah). Global warming in conjunction with overpopulation has caused unprecedented drought, is destroying our environment and has robbed us of our vastness. Governor Herbert and his "hard wired" ilk have caused this catastrophe. Even though Utah currently has one of the most prosperous economies in the country, unless we elect new leaders, who care more deeply about the climate (e.g. President Obama), we will face cataclysmic loss of all the things we cherish.

I hope this helps.

the truth
Holladay, UT

If we truly have all these problems,

then shouldn't we be using science to solve them,

and not use the "excuse of science" just to control others and make few on the left wealthy

And let's not kid ourselves, climate science is just an excuse science, used by the left for control over others also for gaining of wealth of the few.

Sandy, UT

Why do we stilll isten to the alarmists who have been wrong so many times?

high school fan
Huntington, UT

I'm sorry Eli Tesecular PHD, but I still don't get it. You and your buddy are highly educated college teachers and I am just a fairly good educated college degreed athlete so I don't understand how the population is teaming up with your version of global warming to eliminate our vastness. And apparently Governor Herbert has enough power to push over the limit in his six years of being governor but if we elected somebody else like you this would all go away.
But then I maybe have a head full of mush so that probably makes me incapable of a full understanding if your logic but I know the earth has not warmed in a very long time, like close to fifty years or so, and that people are having less babies today than anytime in recent history and for everywhere there is drought there is somewhere else getting a lot of rain since we don't lose water off of this planet.
I'm sorry but vastness still has me buffaloed by exactly what you mean.

Bountiful, UT

@one old man,

In your opinion, and you are certainly entitled to it. I am also entitled to mine.

Centerville, UT

You would think the vicious ideas spawned in the first part of the twentieth century would go away. Margaret Sanger and here followers felt the poor and undesirables should be placed in interment camps, they should be sterilized to prevent the poor and undesirables from breading. Cared for by the elite progressives. This was the concept of the Third Reich, they just wanted to control the population. This was Wilson force sterilization policies. This was the plan of planned parenthood, genocide of a race.

Eli Tesecular PhD “as I am, is a highly educated University professor trying to pound the reality of global (including Utah) doom into heads full of mush” like a true progressive elitist, knows that he has to eradicate the poor and racially inferior from the earth to provide the garden of Eden for the Elites.

This guy is only moments away from reestablishing the final solution to save the air, the water, the planet. Eugenics is alive and well here in Salt Lake City. Got to eliminate all that mush headedness.

Bountiful, UT

@high school fan,

I am pretty certain your “head is not full of mush” (nor is mine since I also have a college degree). But as for Professor Tesecular, it appears from his arrogance in his response to you, that just maybe the good Professor could be slightly educated beyond his intelligence.

He really did not answer your question. It was a “put-down,” pure and simple.

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