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Published: Saturday, July 26 2014 6:55 p.m. MDT

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Gilbert, AZ

Look it up:

The Definitive List of Actual - no you know what - College Football National Champions

1989: Miami.
1988: Notre Dame.
1987: Miami.
1986: Penn State.
1985: Oklahoma.
1984: BYU.
1983: Miami. Nebraska was the wire-to-wire No. 1 until the final minute of the Orange Bowl, when the Huskers failed on a two-point conversion and lost to Miami 31-30.
1982: Penn State. Nebraska finished with an identical 11-1 record but lost the head-to-head in September.
1981: Clemson.
1980: Georgia.


Spokane Ute
"Weakest Regular season every[sic] played by a National Champion

How would you know?

You don't even know how many opponents in the Top 25 or with winning records that BYU played.

As far a bowls go, do you know how many national champions never played in a bowl?

Did you know that the final polls used to be taken before any bowls were played?

Did you know that Notre Dame didn't even accept bowl invitations for years?

Didn't think so.

Rose Bowl call yet?
Salt Lake City, UT

Spokane Ute

"It must be so painful to know, that even when Utah is playing poorly. No bowl game the last 2 years, powerful BYU still can't beat them."

Disappointing, but hardly painful.

What's really painful, as clearly demonstrated by the angst we constantly see on these blogs, is Utah fans, after pulling out another lucky win over BYU, sitting at home on the couch during bowl week, watching BYU play in their 9th straight bowl game, a feat that matches Utah's longest bowl streak ever, and a bowl streak that will soon be surpassed, for the 2nd time, by BYU in 2014.

No playoff for U
Salt Lake City, UT


"Utah does have infinitely better access to the college football playoff..."

Don't kid yourself.

A team that can't even qualify for a bowl, has absolutely no chance at being invited to the playoffs.

Alpine, UT


The Utes have been sitting at the kiddie table since they the moved to the PAC, and from the way things are trending, 4-5, 3-6, 2-7, it's crystal clear to anyone not wearing crimson goggles, that the kiddie table is being pushed farther and farther away from the big kids' table.

Face it, the only reason the Utes were invited to the PAC was to provide a convenient punching bag for the big kids of the conference so they could have a championship game at the end of the season.

The thought that anybody actually expected U to be competitive is laughable.

Baltimore, MD


"supposed" national championship?

There isn't an official major list anywhere - AP, Coaches, NCAA - that doesn't list BYU as THE 1984 National Champion.

Feel free to drop by BYU's Legacy Hall of Fame anytime to see firsthand the Crystall Football National Championship Trophy, emblamatic of major college football's highest achievement.

Then take a trip up to SLC and peruse Utah's hall of fame closet for a similar trophy.

Prepare to be disappointed.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Talkin sports, but not answering questions.

You seem to be getting upset. How would I know? because no other National Champion beat one team with a winning record to get to the title game. For the 1,000th time; name another. The only team they beat with a winning record was Air Force; which is the only ranked team they beat if you carry the poll out to 25 teams. Back then they only ranked the top 20. Therfore, they didn't beat a ranked team; thanks for the clarification. Again,I continue for you to name another team that beat a 6-6 team to win the NC? It looks like you are trying to go back before bowls were played, yet you still haven't answered my questions. Don't get all bent out of shape; take a deep breath and answer the questions.

Rose Bowl

You can call it angst, in my mind it's merely a debate in which I back up my position with stats and facts.


So what does that say for BYU losing 4 in a row to Utah? Double laughable?

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

@Talkin Sports

That's an awesome list of National Champions. Can you pick out the only one from the list, that only beat one team with a winning record, didn't beat a single ranked team, and beat a team with 5 loses, yes 5 loses, going into the bowl game? Take your time; I know it's a tough one.

Baltimore, MD

Spokane Ute

"because no other National Champion beat one team with a winning record to get to the title game."

You obviously don't even know "the facts" because BYU beat more than one team with a winning record, in fact, BYU beat more regular season opponents with winning records in 1984 than Utah beat in 2004.

You'll notice from the list, that there wasn't a single caveat added to the list for 1984, simply:

The Definitive List of Actual College Football National Champions

1984: BYU.

The AP, Coaches, and NCAA lists are similar - no asterisks, no qualifiers, just

Major College Football National Champions

1984: BYU.

We know that it hurts and causes a great deal of angst on the hill, but BYU's national championship was just as legitimate as any national championship won before or since, and is so recognized by all of the official major college football organizations.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Spokane Ute

Losing four in a row, simply means that Utah got lucky in winning 3 of 3 extremely close games.

Overall, 9 straight bowl games versus 2 straight bowl less, losing seasons, says that, just like the 80's, BYU has once again become Utah's bowl game.

Sandy, UT

Spokane Ute

"The only team they beat with a winning record was Air Force; which is the only ranked team they beat if you carry the poll out to 25 teams."

Obviously, you need a little help with your math skills:

In 1984, BYU beat Tulsa(6-5) 38-15 at home, and Hawaii(7-4) 18-13, Air Force(8-4) 30-25, and Utah(6-5-1) 24-14 all on the road.

1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4 regular season opponents with winning records, including Top 25 Air Force and arch-rival Utah, that BYU beat in 1984.

By comparison, Utah only beat 3 regular seasons opponents with winning records in 2004, none with better than a 7-5 record.

I hope that helps to clear up your confusion.

Palo Alto, CA

spokane ute

"That's an awesome list of National Champions."

It is!

Unfortunately for you, try as you might, you'll never be able to erase BYU from that list, nor will you ever be able to find a similar list from a major source that includes Utah.

Now tell us about your amazing 1944 NCAA championship season in which you only beat TWO college teams - Idaho State and Colorado College - during the entire regular season.

Orem, UT

Spokane Ute

To illustrate just how bogus all of your BYU bashing has been, from 1900 to 1974, there were 48 college football national champions that not only didn't play a team better than 6-6 in a bowl, they didn't even play in a bowl.

Those championship teams included Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Auburn, UCLA, Michigan State, Michigan, Ohio State, Minnesota, Pittsburgh and USC.

Get back to us when you have a more convincing argument.

Lincoln City, OR

Ask any Sports Editor east of the Mississippi who is the more storied Football program out of Utah (in fact out of the Mountain Region) and 90% will say BYU... Whether the uteville fans want to admit that or not it doesn't matter...History speaks for itself...

The utes think that they are a big bad force in college football because of the conference that they belong to (and won't even admit that they were a very weak alternative to their Conference's real desires)... BYU however, knows and understands that it isn't what your Conference Partners do that makes you formidable or great, it's what your own team does and what your own team accomplishes..

Lincoln City, OR

By the way, this was a great article... Thanks.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ No playoff for U

Missing a bowl game for two seasons doesn't mean a team won't be able to qualify for prestigious bowls in the future. How many years did UW miss bowls before they finally put it together? Their program is looking solid right now. Utah's past is not a prophecy for the future.

Also, IF Utah wins the PAC-12 they will have access to the playoffs. If BYU goes undefeated, they won't have access to the playoffs. That is the bottom line.

Park City, UT


"Also, IF Utah wins the PAC-12 they will have access to the playoffs."


With 5 power conferences, plus Notre Dame, plus possibly two teams from the SEC, plus possibly a mid-major, it's a given, that one or two P5 champions will be left out of the playoffs every season - even IF the Utes win the PAC 12, they could still be left on the outside looking in at the playoffs.

Orem, UT


"If BYU goes undefeated, they won't have access to the playoffs."

Says who?

The selection committee is going to invite the top 4 teams; what makes you so certain that an undefeated or even one loss BYU couldn't be one of the top 4 teams?

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

So when you have a position, and back it up with statistics and facts it's labeled as "BYU bashing"? I would say the same thing, regardless of the school. The fact of the matter is that only BYU can claim the NC with the weakest schedule and weakest bowl opponent. If I clarify by stating in the last 50 years does that help? It wasn't there fault, but it's a fact and that's the way it played out. Now some are going back to 1900 to counter my position/claim. Good grief! Everyone has got excited and angry, yet no one has provided another National Champion to counter my claim. Why not? Because there isn't one. The subject has grown old and tiresome. We can simply agree to disagee. This season needs to start already. Everyone keep the forum in perspective, respect others opinion (my self included), and have a good day Guys!

Miami, FL

LOL the envy of Ute fans...!! Spin Spin Spin!!

The fact is, nobody forced the AP and UPI/Coaches to vote for BYU. There have been plenty of split national champs throughout history, especially recent history - which was the main cause of the Bowl Alliance/BCS system.

Regarding @Uteology, maybe your googling skills could also lead you to the fact the 9-1-1 Florida Gators were on PROBATION that year, their Head Coach was fired, their SEC title vacated, and they did NOT play in a Bowl Game. Even then the voters could have made them #1, but Florida finished #3 AP and #7 Coaches. And that is why computers don't determine Champions.

PAC man
Anaheim, CA

Spokane Ute

You're already proven how unreliable your "facts" are.

Spokane Ute: "The only team they beat with a winning record was Air Force; which is the only ranked team they beat if you carry the poll out to 25 teams."

backpacn: “In 1984, BYU beat Tulsa(6-5) 38-15 at home, and Hawaii(7-4) 18-13, Air Force(8-4) 30-25, and Utah(6-5-1) 24-14, all on the road.”

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