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Published: Saturday, July 26 2014 6:55 p.m. MDT

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Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

No National Champ has ever played a weaker schedule and weaker bowl opponent. Not BYU's fault; but absolutley true. These two facts really upset BYU fans and they will never ever admit to them. The subject rally needs a rest though; it's been discussed over, and over, and over....

East Coast Ute
Storrs, CT

A very good team. I've been friends for several years with Kelly Smith, a RB/WR on that team. We've had good fun ribbing each other with the rivalry when we can, and while no one can convince me that BYU was the BEST football team in 1984, they earned everything they achieved, so I applaud them.

Park City, UT



you're not playing by Uteology's rules that only quotes and "statistics" that support his crimson colored view of world are allowed.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT

Spokane Ute

"No National Champ has ever played a weaker schedule and weaker bowl opponent. Not BYU's fault; but absolutley true."

You obviously don't know much about college football history, because there are numerous national champions from the early days of college football history that played much weaker schedules, and many champions that didn't even play in a bowl.

Bottom line, while other contenders were losing to multiple loss opponents, BYU managed to beat every team on their schedule, and in the process, convinced the majority of poll voters that BYU was more deserving of being selected national champion than any other team.

I know that you're desperate for BYU fans to "apologize" for BYU's schedule, but the truth is, BYU fans have no reason to apologize or "admit" to anything that was out of BYU's control.

If you were really honest about the whole thing, you'd admit that Utah was extremely lucky that they played all of their toughest regular season opponents at home, and even then, were lucky to pull off upsets versus OSU and TCU.

Anaheim, CA

Spokane Ute

"These two facts really upset BYU fans and they will never ever admit to them."

What makes you think BYU fans are "upset" and what makes you think they should "admit" to anything?

Did BYU fans vote on the AP and Coaches polls?

Are BYU fans responsible for Washington, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Florida losing to multiple loss teams?

The truth is, BYU did more to deserve the 1984 National Championship than any other team.

Unfortunately for U, that can't be said of Utah for 2004 or 2008.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Marked it down

Name a team who has only played one team with a winnng record? Name a team, who won the National Championship by beating a 6-6 team. You better fuel up your time machine because you will have to go back to the days of leather helmets; if you can even name one then. Don't skirt the questions, back them up with statistics and facts.


My discussion with fans like your self over the past few weeks lead me to that conclusion. Never, ever answer my questions, just skirt the issue. Washington was more deserving in 1984. They played a much tougher schedule and a top ranked bowl opponent. Just accept the gimmie Deep Blue, no need to get all upset. BYU would have got throttled by Ohio State or Washington that year, just like Hawaii got thumped by Georgia a few years later.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

In 1984 Washington beat 6 teams with a winning record. They beat Michigan, at Michigan 20-11. They knocked off #2 Oklahoma 28-17 in their bowl game. Mean while BYU beat one team with a winning record, beat unranked, 6-5 Michigan, 24-17 in San Diego. Yep BYU won it by default. Again, not their fault but absolutely true. I don't know why that is so hard to accept?

Gilbert, AZ

Spokane Ute

"Name a team who has only played one team with a winnng record?"

Get back to us when you've demonstrated that you have even the tiniest clue about BYU's 1984 schedule.

BYU played more regular season opponents with winning records in 1984, than Utah did in 2004.

That's a verifiable FACT!

Anaheim, CA

Spokane Ute

Sorry to burst your crimson bubble, but Washington LOST to a team that finished with 3 losses and then ran away from their invitation to play #1-ranked BYU for a chance at a national championship.

Your biased speculation doesn't prove anything.

And, the only one who seems to be getting "upset" here, is U, who can't admit that your personal opinion is meaningless when compared to the opinions of the majority of experts who selected BYU as the most deserving team to be named 1984 national champion.

St Louis, MO

If this; if that; disputed this; disputed that. Blah blah blah.

The method of crowning a college football champ has always been deeply flawed, and is only now becoming even close to reasonable. Yes, BYU's schedule in '84 was lousy. Yes, things fell into place perfectly that season to open up a gap for them to slip into the #1 spot. Yes, plenty of people don't believe they were the best team that year. Everyone knows this. The implication that BYU fans are oblivious to these facts is silly.

To paraphrase Bill Parcells, you are what your record (and ranking) says you are. If Utah had been the ones to run the table in '84, Ute fans would be saying exactly the same things Y fans have been for 30 years. Don't think the system worked? Well, it's different now, but that title belongs to the Y.

I moved to STL in 2006, when the Cardinals won their first WS in a quarter century. Were they the best team in the big leagues that year? No way . . they were probably 6th or worse. Does that devalue the title? Not a bit.

Orem, UT


"Utah in 2008 finished AP #2 with 16 first place votes (highest ranked mid-major during BCS era and since 1984)."

Nice try, but as any knowledgeable college football fan knows, the AP doesn't award the Crystal Football National Championship Trophy. That trophy is awarded to the team that finishes #1 in the Coaches poll, where the Utes have never finished higher than #4.


"Alex Smith finished #4 in the 2004 Heisman voting:"

Marc Wilson (3rd in 1979), Jim McMahon (3rd in 1981), Steve Young (3rd in 1983), Robbie Bosco (3rd in 1984 and 1985), and Ty Detmer (3rd in 1991, the year after he won it), all finished higher than Alex Smith.

Salt Lake City, UT


Steve Young actually finished #2 in 1983, but your point is well taken; the best of the best in Utah football history are only 2nd (or 4th) best compared to BYU.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Name a team who has only played one team with a winnng[sic] record?"

It's amazing that a fan who pretends to be such an "expert" about BYU 1984, is so clueless about BYU's actual record.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, UT


"They're stating a fact that the 1984 team would not have even sniffed a national championship in the current era. Just like Utah (2004, 2008) and TCU (2009, 2010)."

A personal opinion is NOT a fact, no matter how desperately you want it to be.


Actually, it is a fact not an opinion. Did you even check the fact? Here's how to check that fact:

* Take BYU's 1984 #96 SOS
* Put it into the BCS computer rankings formula

If you do that you'll find that they won't be ranked in the top 3 under the BCS system.

Just like 2003 AP/Coaches #1 USC team which was only ranked #3 BCS with a #17 SOS, thus missing out on the BCS title game.

* 1984 BYU and 2003 USC both #1 AP/Coaches polls
* 2003 USC with #17 SOS ranks BCS #3 by computers
* 1984 BYU with #96 SOS ranks BCS #? by computers

Please let us know what you find.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


BYU was the only undefeated team in 1984, and, BYU had developed enough national cachet in the five years preceding 1984 to prove that BYU's undefeated season wasn't just a fluke.


It was a fluke, considering TCU and Boise State also build "more impressive" multi-year resumes under the BCS system. But neither were ranked as high as the "one-off" 2008 Utah team.

BYU 5 years prior to 1983 #1 13-0: #13, #12, #13, UR, #7
TCU 5 years prior to 2010 #2 13-0: #11, #22, UR, #7, #6

So TCU was in the top 7 two straight years but still didn't make the NC game in 2010 at 12-0, and all that with 2010 TCU SOS #76 beat 2 ranked teams (1984 BYU SOS #96 beat no raked teams).

East Salt Lake City, Utah


"Alex Smith finished #4 in the 2004 Heisman voting:"

Marc Wilson (3rd in 1979), Jim McMahon (3rd in 1981), Steve Young (3rd in 1983), Robbie Bosco (3rd in 1984 and 1985), and Ty Detmer (3rd in 1991, the year after he won it), all finished higher than Alex Smith.


Yes you proved Edwards and Chow were hall-of-fame coaches that produced great talent. So what? Today you can't even produce QBs good enough to play in the CFL.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Here's some of the stuff you forgot to quote from the article:

"UCLA's football team does not take much pride in the role it has played in Brigham Young's winning streak, the longest in major college football...

All of that considered, the thing that amazes UCLA Coach Terry Donahue is that some folks still shrug off BYU as a second-class power...

BYU's games today against UCLA and next Saturday against Washington should tell a lot, but Coach LaVell Edwards maintains that his team has nothing to prove...

Asked if it bothered him [Edwards] to have to answer the charge constantly he said: "No, not really. It's there. There's nothing I can do about it."

Source: Bruins Try to Give BYU Unlisted Number
September 07, 1985 (TRACY DODDS - LA Times)

After that article, BYU the defending national champion went on not only lose to a good UCLA team at home but a horrible UTEP team 16-23 which was UTEP's ONLY win of the season, THIRD over a D1 team in 3 years.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

According to Florida fans: " Florida’s First “National Title"

Who was Jeff Sagarin’s 1984 “National Champion”?

The Florida Gators, that is who.

And it wasn’t only Jeff Sagarin. In 1984, the 9-1-1 Gator team was deemed to be “National Champions” by 21 of the 47 rating entities, more than any other college, and one more, in fact, than the “recognized” champion, BYU.

Besides Sagarin, the Massy Ratings (also currently used by the BCS), the New York Times, the Sporting News, and 17 other entities put the Gators number 1.

So, if the current BCS was in place, we would have likely ranked 1st in computer polls, and the AP had us 3rd that year.

Sandy, UT

There are Four "Officially Sanctioned Polls" by the NCAA, to crown College Football's National Champion..

-Coaches...Waterford Crystal Ball
-NFF.......MacArthur Bowl
-FWAA......Grantland Rice Trophy

BYU was the "Unanimous National Champion" in 1984.

There are only 19 programs in D-1 football history which have been voted #1 in every "Officially Sanctioned Poll", in the same year. See BYU.

The contrived controversy of '84, only existed in the heads of Bryant Gumbel, Barry Switzer and Jealous Ute Fans. Those with a vote, saw things quite differently.

BYU was undefeated in 24 straight games over 2 seasons. Among those 24 wins was a victory over Pac-10 Champ UCLA in '83, a team which, btw, defeated #1 ranked Illinois, in the '83 Rose Bowl.

History will always show, that in 1984..."Nobody Beat Anybody, That Beat BYU!
Sixteen players from that team, signed professional contracts.

And contrary to what "Envious" Ute fans may think, BYU's "Generational Legacy", has continued beyond 1984.....

Hall of Famers, Consensus All-Americans, Heisman, Outland, O'Brian, Baugh, Walker and Maxwell trophies as well as Super Bowl and NFL MVP's, has enhanced BYU's Legacy and Brand.

Match that...Ute Fan!

Provo, UT

The other team refused to play. Their own fault

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