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Published: Saturday, July 26 2014 2:25 p.m. MDT

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springville, UT

The best thing to him getting caught was that they made someone else drive his car home. If he had not been cited then he would have been driving drunk, which at the U gets swept under the rug as well. Remember the last U QB that was arrested for DUI. Whitt made that disappear really quick.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT

Interesting that this has now happened for star players for both Utah and byU.

Not very smart to be drinking in public Travis. Wait til you get home!


JoCo Ute
Grants Pass, OR

Re: Max. . . I missed the part of the article that listed Wilson's blood alcohol level. Looks like the charge is simply underage drinking, not DUI or Public Intoxication. If you have some inside information to support your claim that Wilson's blood alcohol level exceeded Utah's limit please feel free to share it.

Unlike BYU's Kyle Van Noy or Shiloah Teo's actual DUI charge Wilson's transgression looks more like BYU football players Brent Pollock or Brian McDonald's alcohol possession charges.

nananana batman
saint george, UT

What concert was it ?



You are quick to judge the U and how, in your words, "Whitt made that disappear really quick." What about Kyle Van Noy? He, too, was cited for this same offense. How is this different than Wilson's? Is it because Van Noy played at BYU and Wilson plays at Utah?

It's very interesting how the BYU faithful like you are quick to pounce on a Utah athlete who has made a poor decision, yet when it is a BYU athlete, your fan base hushes it up.

Typical hypocrisy from you guys.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

This is news?

Salt Lake City, UT

Who cares! This law is absurd and Utah is just about the only state where cops will actually give a Jr in college a citation for under age drinking. If a person is old enough to die for their country or go to college they should be old enough to buy a beer for heaven's sake.

The drinking age should be 18 or 19 and everyone knows it. Just as a frame of reference in Germany people can buy a beer when they are 14.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT


Big 12 call yet? Maybe that's why Jammal Williams was drinking - to try and forget that no conference thinks you are power conference quality.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

At least he wasn't drunk during the Holy War last year.
The opposing QB (or should we say RB that plays QB) had 30 incomplete passes in one game.

Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT

Maybe he will use the "I didn't know how old I was" excuse like Justin Thomas, a ute recruit from 2011 used after it was discovered he was too old for high school football(and after transcripts had been forged in attempt to try and play high school football his senior year).

Just an option


C'mon Travis. If you are gonna lead the team, you need to be smarter than that!

Lifelong Ute
Salt Lake City, UT

Kyle wont suspend him, so we'll be ok. Just don't get caught next time!

Magna, UT

@Max-was-right: How do you know if he was drunk? How do you know he had his car at the concert? How do you know what type of alcohol and how much he had swallowed? Making comments like you did without knowledge of the facts is disturbing to me.

Magna, UT

@Max-was-right: Your comment about Travis DUI is completely false. He was not arrested for DUI. Whitt has never "swept" anything under the rug as you claim. Whitt has always been truthful and forthright in dealing with his players.

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

Great reason to sit him a few games to see if a back up is an option.

I hate stupid actions...Travis, this was stupid..

Layton, UT

Queue the street celebrations and fireworks in happy valley! lol.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

This article really surprised me. Not that a Utah football player got slapped with an MIP, but rather that a veteran QB....was STILL under 21.


"The best thing to him getting caught was that they made someone else drive his car home."

I missed the part in the article that stated Travis even drove to the concert. How do you know he didn't ride up with somebody else?

East Coast Ute
Storrs, CT

batman, the only heinous criminal act is that it was a Tim McGraw concert.

Proud Ute

Just like your namesake you launch on a class-less tirade that only serves to make you look clueless and petty.
I'm sure you already wish you had that one back.


This shouldn't be a problem for Wilson, since the Ute "Core Values" are against DUIs, not drinking illegally. Although, getting caught does kind of go against the spirit of the Ute "Core Values."

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