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Published: Saturday, July 26 2014 11:40 p.m. MDT

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Omaha, NE

Just say it man,
"The Utah media is doing whatever it can to keep BYU relevant."

Wrong. The comments of Utah fans on sports articles referring to BYU or not is keeping BYU extremely relevant. If BYU was not relevant, Utah fans would never comment on their articles. The fact fans like you consistently comment mean this marriage is still alive and well. Anytime you refer to BYU in any post, you are still holding hands with BYU in this "marriage." You mentioned BYU four times in one post. That is holding on to BYU's "coat tails", as you put it.

Layton, UT

Yeah, It's like the wife(byu) clinging to her husband's(Utah) ankle pleading "don't leave me".

It's funny how the byu "fans" celebrate getting creamed by a mediocre Huskies team that had a depleted staff including an interim head coach.

Syracuse, UT

They have moved on but can not leave it alone. This is why no one in the PAC whatever or
Nationally will ever take the u seriously! Isn't that like when u are young, u play with baby toys and then u grow up, (according to them) then when they get with their friends, they try to act like the big boys, but keep reverting back to playing with the baby toys again?

If u have really grown up and are a big boy, then stop playing with rattles and dolls and go on the big boys sites and talk tough.

Sandy, UT

Chris B: "Who knows, maybe we(the Pac 12) would have even invited you."

Now here's an example of a fan who truly thinks he speaks for the PAC12. Obviously he only speaks for himself. As a PAC12 fan I would love having both BYU and Utah in the conference, and I know many others who feel the same way. Unfortunately college football doesn't listen to fans or even athletic departments (or does this guy also think PAC12 schools have accidentally scheduled so many games with BYU). Unfortunately administrators have the final say on who's included.

I was very supportive of Utah being invited when they were, but don't confuse that with not wanting BYU to be included also. In fact there are probably more BYU fans in the PAC12 footprint than Utah fans (actually that's a fact, nothing probable about it). So any Utah fan like this guy who believes PAC12 fans and athletic depts wouldn't be ok with BYU being included are probably deluding themselves.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Can we just call it what it is...........the ONLY reason Utah went to the Pac10 instead of BYU is BYU's religious affiliation. Everyone knows it! Athletic directors of the Pac10 love BYU. It's the presidents and their faculty. So be it. But to claim otherwise is nonsense.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Re: Eddie

no one in the PAC whatever or Nationally will ever take the u seriously!

What about Stanford?

When was the last time BYU beat a power conference team that won the conference?

At least the Utes have the guts to schedule teams. BYU lost to Utah and Virginia last year, but beat a bunch of patsies and so they made a bowl game. BYU was 2-5 vs power conference teams last year, and they didn't even play a conference champion or runner up.

Utah plays 10 power conference teams this year, College Gameday said Utah has the toughest schedule in the country in 2014.

BYU plays 3 power conference teams: Cal, Virginia (both were worst in conferences last year and didn't win a conference game), and Texas (a team who just suspended its 6 player this offseason).

Utes play the big boys, BYU is the team that is scared.

Layton, UT

The consensus on these boards is that only non-member byu "fans" can speak for the PAC 12.

Guess what, that's just ONE of the reasons why byu doesn't fit in, anywhere.

West Valley City, UT

Home game average attendance 2013: BYU=61,225. Utah=45,194. Yeah, pretty equal. BYU currently ranks 28th in the country. Good enough for 3rd in the Big 12 and 5th in the PAC12.

West Jordan, Utah

Brad Rock and or the Des News sure came with the headline to garner hits. Married for eternity? Now that is sweet.

White Salmon, WA

The comments on this message board are making his point for him.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ wazzup

Many of the PAC-12 schools had, or currently have, an active LDS member as the president of their school. Trying to play the victim just makes you look jealous and bitter. The fact is that BYU doesn't qualify academically. BYU's candidacy basically ended right there, and religion has nothing to do with it.

nananana batman
saint george, UT

all of these comments, are exactly what the article described. so lets continue with what Rock told us to do and talk trash on medicore accompolishments for our team....because its still better than your team.

Clearfield, UT

Chris B

Utah did deserve a "promotion" for their performance over the last few years' but so did Boise State who had an even better record and went to BCS games and has beaten UTah consistently over years. Utah was the poster child for equality, inclusivity judgement based on performance rather than discrimination based on conference. Utah was preaching against the BCS system, now you are preaching for exclusion and belittling teams that are in the same boat you were just barely in. The comments demeaning several quality teams as not in the same league as UofU is a bit out of touch with reality. Utah has a small separation from BYU lately, but it still has come down to the wire in all but two games since 2005. Like a workout partner that can currently bench press a max of 10 pounds more, that 10 pound advantage does not warrant not warrant hyperbolic and grandiose statements of superiority. Maybe moderate the superiority talk as the gap truly is not as big as you are perceive it to be. Also, when one "moves on" he is apatheic, people who post comments generally are not apathetic.

Nibley, UT

Nice article Rock, and spot on.

Farmington, Utah

Thank goodness not for eternity. Haven't heard or read any mention of football in heaven. Whew!

River Falls, WI

Re: ekute

"Yeah, It's like the wife(byu) clinging to her husband's(Utah) ankle pleading "don't leave me"."

I agree with your statement, disagree with the teams you slotted in. Judging by fan comments on these discussion boards it's Utah that simply can't let go. "Independent" is a lot like "divorced."

Re: Uncle Rico

"BYU was 2-5 vs power conference teams last year, and they didn't even play a conference champion or runner up."

Wrong. We played (and beat) Texas, runner up in the B12; Middle Tennessee (who we also beat), runner up in the C-USA; and Utah State (who we also beat), winner of MWC. We also played Wisconsin (3rd in B10), Notre Dame (top independent), Boise State (3rd in MWC).

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

We are big boys in a big boy confrence now even though we don't win very much.

Go Utes!

Sandy, UT

Until Utah's Mid Major Football program produces.........

-7 College Hall of Famers
-16 Consensus All-Americans
-A Heisman Trophy winner
-2 Outland Trophy winners
-7 Sammy Baugh Trophy winners
-A Maxwell Trophy winner
-A Legendary Hall of Fame Coach (who transformed College Football).
-A Doak Walker Trophy winner
-4 Davey O'Brian Trophy winners
(21 National Award Winners in all)....
-A Super Bowl MVP
-2 NFL MVP's
-A Unanimous National Championship
-23 Conference Championships
-A Big Time College Football Stadium and the fans to fill it... (min. 60k+ seats).
-Dominates the TV ratings in their own market.
-Has a National fan base which reaches beyond SL County.
-Plays every game on National TV.

....they will Eternally be looking up at BYU's Generational Legacy.

Only after the Doormat Utes can match BYU's aforementioned accomplishments, then and only then, can the Red Tailed Chicken Hawks even begin to be compared to BYU.

BYU has Tradition, a National Brand and an actual Legacy. (ASK the suits at ESPN).
Posing Wannabees ....Do Not!

Sandy, UT


You said BYU wouldn't qualify academically in the Pac?

Wrong again...

BYU would rank 5th or 6th Academically in the Pac.
Utah brings up the rear.

USNWR rankings

BYU #62

Utah #121

Basic math got you stumped?

Idaho Falls, ID

I'll bet BYU wins more games this year than Utah does.

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