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Published: Saturday, July 26 2014 11:40 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


No, we divorced them. Our choice not theirs. We got a much better offer than staying with byU. byu has not done what is necessary the last decade while conferences have been shifting to warrant an invite. We did.

The moment the Pac 12 called - our relationship with byu was forever terminated. Sure, we're still neighbors geographically. But so are Tennessee and Middle Tennesse state, one of byu's new rivals.

The power conferences are gaining more power and money and frankly we don't care if that hurts the mid majors. This is a business, and we wont apologize for moving ahead of byu or usu or Wyoming or the other mid majors.

Every school is where they should be with what they have done in terms of academics and football success.

If byu had 2 undefeated seasons, 2 BCS bowl wins including a huge beatdown over Alambama in the past decade, byu would be in a power conference.

Who knows, maybe we(the Pac 12) would have even invited you.

But they didn't.

So they're not.

And the door has closed.

Goodbye byu. You and usu will always have each others as mid majors friends

West Jordan, UT

Both schools are similarly connected in that neither is relevant any more because neither is consistently beating quality opponents.

Outside of the Beehive state, Utah is regarded as a Big 5 doormat, and BYU is an unwanted outsider. This would change if each program would start winning again....against quality competition. Because neither is doing that, both fan bases have to make noise about silly things like membership (or not) and ESPN media exposure.

Despite not being in the same conference, I do t see much of a difference as long as the quality wins aren't there.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Army has a great football tradition too.

I wonder why the big boy conferences don't want them either?

Draper, UT

Hey Rock, Nice try. Reaching, reaching, missed! You wish.

Riley Mendenhall
Provo, UT

The Utes definitely wear the pants in this relationship.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

It should be obvious by now that life in the NCAA isn't fair. Those who are demanding that it be fair are destined to lead lives of quiet desperation. The four team playoff system will proven to be unfair, but at least it will make sense for Utah and BYU to play against each other on a regular basis. Unfortunately, playing Utah State will not make as much sense anymore - and that's really unfair and unfortunate.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

In the fourth division were, naturally, Utah and BYU, as inseparable as peanut butter and jelly. Also in the fourth cluster were Boise State, Louisville, Missouri, Oklahoma State, TCU, Texas Tech, Virginia Tech and West Virginia.


Sounds about right.

Just don't tell Bluto he'll have aneurysm. In his head, BYU is a legacy program, with a national... correction, world-wide brand.

Omaha, NE

This title makes me cringe. I would never want to be married to anything "Utah". The only red I own is part of a Nebraska shirt that is all black with some red on the sides. I cannot get myself to see anything red in my wardrobe, while Ute fans are stuck with blue jeans and can never not have blue in their wardrobe. If you supposedly think this is an eternal unit, are the two teams going through a 3 year divorce right now then?

Nasty or not, it's horrible the rivalry is taking a break. Same with Texas - Texas A&M. The unkindness is part of a rivalry and I don't envy teams like Nebraska who have no true rival. Like each other or not, both sides like to play each other and see how the other does. We cringe when the other is doing well and love it when they fall.

In our lifetime, NOTHING was as awesome as seeing BYU totally crush Utah year after year after year, something current Ute fans have seen only occasionally since 2000 started. The ups and downs and table-turning is what makes it so fun.


"married for eternity"

Sometimes divorce is a good option!

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

I quit reading in the second paragraph...

Who is more successful? (BYU, lately).... We've beaten the 4 straight? How are they more successful? Their goofy fans read this and start to repeat it...

Please explain? Loosing to Virginia (last in a basketball conference and beating a Texas team that had declined so bad that they fired their dear head coach)?

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

BYU ignored when the same thing happened to Jamal Williams a few months ago.
I would imagine Utah will talk with Wilson, but no punishment.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Utah and BYU are still considered in the same class."
This is why I get a laugh out of Cougar fans calling the Utes a doormat. If BYU is called to the P5 level, doormat is their fate.

The vanity of "we belong" blinds them to cost of being included. Losing records? Less television exposure? They'd take it all just to be able to say "They included us!"

I Still Can't Say It
Holladay, UT

The Utah media is doing whatever it can to keep BYU relevant. With BYU fading fast into college football purgatory, BYU and its media are trying to hang on tight to Utah's P5 coat tails.

Eventually though, when the real football conferences do break away, BYU's descent into irrelevancy will be complete.

Provo, UT

Chris B
Laughing at 2 Undefeated seasons. But do you have a banner that says "National Champs" or Heisman Winner or Superbowl MVP? Please do enjoy the Pac 10 + 2.

stevan madrigal
murray, UT

RE: Striker
"The campus is our World".

hi, UT

To paraphrase "White Men Can't Jump":
Sometimes when you win, you really lose;
Sometimes when you lose, you really win.
Sometimes when you win or lose, you really tie.

Looks to me those most anxiuos about BYU/UofU athletics are: (in order) 1. local sports writers, 2. Utah fans, and 3. BYU fans.

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

Black Diamond...

National Chumps...1984...disputed....gas was $1.01 per gallon
Heisman...1990...legit...gas was $1.16

24 years ago...

Springville, UT

Chris B , you are quite the jokester ! College national champs , heisman trophy winner , outland trophy winner , Davey obrien winner etc...... Much less a national player of the year award ! Be honest now , which program is really the most storied and relevant ! No wonder you are always so pissed off at the Brigham young cougars in all your comments ! We really do appreciate you following our cougars more than most byu fans do !

Heber City, UT

@Chris B

If utah has divorced BYU and doesn't care about them at all, how come you post on BYU articles all the time?

And how come there are plenty of ute fans who do the same?

Your statement that you have divorced BYU is hilarious and false.

Also, does anyone else think it's interesting that BYU and Boise State are the 2 non-P5's in the list and 23 P5's couldn't even make the list?

ute fans, the ACC, the SEC, etc. say that BYU is not a P5 level program.

As I've said many times before, all of that is political. The P5 is trying to separate themselves from the non-P5, so naturally they won't include a non-P5 team in their scheduling rules no matter how good they are. I know Notre Dame is technically not in the P5, but they are essentially a half-ACC member and have always had a seat at the BCS/Playoff table.

It shocks me that so many ute fans still can't understand this concept. It's all political, and has nothing to do with BYU's ability.

Eagle Mountain, UT

@ Hey Baby

"I quit reading in the second paragraph...

Who is more successful? (BYU, lately).... We've beaten the 4 straight? How are they more successful? Their goofy fans read this and start to repeat it..."

Read the article again. It says Utah has the advantage on the rivalry (lately). BYU is more successful (lately) because they are playing bowl games. The only bowl games Utah plays in is chip and dip bowl at my house for bowl season.

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