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Published: Thursday, July 24 2014 8:10 p.m. MDT

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Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ CougarSunDevil

I've seen the schedule mocking, and BYU probably doesn't deserve as much friction on the subject as they do. Especially last year; BYU put together a quality schedule. However, as a Ute fan it becomes frustrating having to defend against jeers of Utah going bowl-less, without any recognition that Utah is playing great teams week after week. With the rotating door that has become the OC position at the U, and our inability to keep QB's healthy, there are a couple explanations for why Utah has stumbled. But one of the most valid explanations for why Utah has missed bowls two years in a row is due to the huge jump in SOS. Utah improved as a team from 2012 to 2013, but that wasn't represented in the W/L column because the conference as a whole also took a big step forward.

Anyway, good luck to the Cougars. They have a chance to do something special this season. Not as much luck to the Sun Devils; here's to hoping Utah ends it's drought against ASU.

Sandy, UT


ASU has been to two Rose Bowls...something "U" will never achieve.
As for Top 25 finishes, College Hall of Famers, Consensus All-Americans, they (ASU), like BYU, Trump "U" by multiples of factors.

And as we have told you shortsighted Ute fans before.......
Tradition, Legacy and National Brands are attained over "Generations" and not with only 6 good years in 50. And certainly not by being your Conference Doormat..

One man appropriately positioning his team, is another mans begging.
What bothers "U", is that BYU got more press at the Pac-12 meetings than did "U".
Why? Because BYU is more interesting.

Major Networks know full well that BYU and ASU are National Brands...not "U"!
Check your local listings...

BYU has been awarded every major piece of hardware which College Football has to offer.....Utah ??...crickets!

Sandy, UT


Your obsession with minutia is hilarious.
You guys all said that the Pac would never play BYU, let alone in November.

Now, your Commissioner shows BYU the respect they've earned over generations and "U" fans are melting down?

Face it... Your Mask of False Bravado has been lifted and even your peers within your Conference would rather play and beat BYU than U, as it would boost their SOS more than a win over the doormat Utes.

@ Two-Fur

NO...The Modern Era of College Football is considered by all experts to have begun in 1950, when 2 polls determined the "Mythical National Championship". So therefore, your wins against Kearns Rotary, The National Guard, High School Teams and the like, in 8 game seasons, are not given much weight.

Are "U" now admitting that all of Utah's glory years were done against so called "mid-majors" which you love to besmirch?

Utah is at the bottom of the barrel of the phony caste system called the P-5. Even now there are at least 10 teams outside the P-5 rated higher than U. Among the 60+ P-5 teams rated higher than "U".

76 teams played in Bowl Games the last 2 years. And U?

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Bluto

Never? Careful with such definite statements. It wasn't too long ago that BYU fans would have said Utah would "never" join the PAC, especially before BYU did.

Only mid-majors count "top 25" finishes. You think tOSU or Texas fans keep track of things like that? Also, ASU has 18 consensus All-Americans, and Utah has 16. Clearly the two programs aren't worlds apart.

BYU did not get more press than Utah at PAC-12 media day. The only media agency on the planet that even mentioned BYU after PAC-12 media day was the DNews.

Keep pounding your chest about BYU being a national brand; you're outside looking in

Army has every award too, so what? They're still independent and irrelevant too.

The modern era is not 1950. The game has changed significantly since then. Also, the modern era doesn't pre-date the NFL. Also, the time in question was the "common era"

I like mid-majors, and yes Utah's glory years came while they were a mid-majors. Hopefully the program keeps growing.

It's not a phony caste system. It is a very real caste system, and BYU is on the very bottom.

pocatello, ID

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

"BYU is begging for nothing. Their Brand sustains them. They don't need to ride others coattails to survive."

No so Bluto. The Y IS begging. They're begging for Power 5 status when they're not too busy begging for a Big 12 invitation. And that's because their brand is NOT sustaining them. And furthermore, they DO need others coattails to ride in order to survive. But unfortunately for you, Utah's coattails weren't long enough to drag you any further than we'd already had while we were in the MWC. There's a big difference between "not needing" anyone's coattails to ride, from "not having" anyone's coattails to ride.


Bluto's post is an insult to Idaho St., Idaho, New Mexico St, and the rest. BYU has to ride their coattails to fill out it's schedule.

I have also heard how the MWC road on BYUs coattails from fans here. Anyone aware of any MWC school asking BYU to come back? Nope.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

wyoming cougar:

"If you want to discuss revenue sharing from bowl games then don't forget about a few decades where you never went bowling but shared in the pie from all of BYU's bowl games."

Yes the Y brought some money to the WAC with their bowl games...

...but overall, throughout the entire history of the U and Y being members of the same league, Utah brought more with ours.

Mesa, AZ

"Just because one of the games is in Arizona doesn't mean that it is a home game for Arizona."

I was born and raised in Phoenix and Phoenix Metro and the fact of the matter is ua receives the vast majority of their students from Phoenix Metro and the vast majority of these students return to Phoenix Metro, once they're done w/their schooling. They don't remain in tucson. ua's alumni base is enormous in Phoenix Metro and ua fans in tucson have merely a short drive up the I-10 to Glendale for this game.

Make no mistake about it, this is unequivocally in fact merely another home game for ua. Furthermore, not all Lds in Phoenix Metro are byu fans and the number of those that are and will actually attend this game won't even remotely touch ua's number. This is irrefutable fact.

Salt Lake City, UT

Cosmo's Cousin
Holladay, UT

"BYU has more tradition and history than 95% of the teams in the P5 conferences, especially little old Utah. Heismans, national championships, Top 25 finishes, an international fan base, BYU TV, an HD truck, and various other awards.

The only reason BYU doesn't get an invite into a P5 conference is because it would make all the schools in those conferences jealous and feel threatened. BYU is as good as it gets in college football and everyone knows it."

Yeah, that's it...you nailed it. That's why byu can't get into a conference...all those schools in those big bad conferences are jealous. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Las Vegas, NV

BYU fans will read this article and think sugar plums are dancing in their heads with positivity because Commissioner Scott smiled and spoke positively when he discussed BYU. But read each word carefully, things were clearly stated. BYU will not be invited to be part of a power five conference. Power conferences are not going to expand. Plans are already made for the future and a new division of athletics. Provo is Uninvited, cue Alanis Morrisette song. Sure the PAC-12 will play BYU here and there, it's an opponent that is beatable. BYU only has itself to blame. The pompous thumping of chests over a very twisted never to be allowed to occur again accomplishment over 30 years ago has elapsed on the impressive scale. It's time for Provo to take a hard look at itself, step out of the box, and see how BYU is viewed. It's not pretty. Relationships with former teams from the WAC and MWC are horrible and well known. The no-play on Sunday rule and the discriminating stances on social issues are very damaging. Rise and shout, your about to be permanently left out, couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch!

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Yeah, cause ASU was playing PAC-10 teams since 1978. We won a rose bowl game playing powers like USC, UCLA, and Washington (at the time). Utah made it to a BCS game playing Wyoming, UNLV, and other weak opponents that Utah fans now deride.



1986 #4 ASU (10-1-1 Rose Bowl) beat #8 MI, #14 UCLA, and #16 Washington. They tied (3-7-1) Washington State at home and lost to #11 Arizona on the road.

2008 #2 Utah (13-0 Sugar Bowl) beat EVERYONE including #6 Alabama, #7 TCU, #18 Oregon State, #25 BYU.

Crestucky, FL

My Perspective clarified rsther nicely how BYU can not expect an invitation to join any conference anytime soon. That's why it is imperative we soundly thrash each one of them on the field of play, everytime we get the chance! Blow outs comes first to mind!

South Jordan, UT

I don't care what BYU is doing. Scheduling them is fun as it gets most PAC 12 teams a win.

My wish for BYU is that the Big 12 gives them a shot. The reason I want them to get a shot is so they can be humbled with 3 to 4 wins per year.

Woods Cross, UT

Wouldn't waste too much time on those folks living in The Blue Bubble.

Who did what even last year is history. History doesn't get you to post season.

Question is: What's happening today.

Personally I'm looking forward to see the results of the roster & coaching changes at the U, as Coach Whitt expressed during the recent media days.

BYU? Good luck with independence. You wanted it, you got it. Now live with it.

From what the various P5 conferences are saying, there are no current plans to add anyone anywhere, and if they did it would be a nationwide competition for those one or two schools who might come on board somewhere.

Nation wide.

So no need to try to "convert" the Blue Bubble to the U. Let them revel in their Independence, the I Wannabe Notre Dame thing.

Blue Folks: No need to worry about the U. We're doing just fine, enjoying P5 dollars, P5 opportunities, and working our side of the street against a level of competition BYU may never experience in this millennium.

Red Folks: It's time for football. Time to Get Your Red On!!

Go Utes!!!!

Eagle Mountain, UT

107 comments already all towards BYU. That's awesome!

Columbus, OH

@ My Perspective and others:

As far as the Utes gaining and maintaining their identity through the Cougars, I meant their sports identity. In the 70s and 80s, BYU owned the Utes. In the 90s and up until a bit ago, it has been more balanced. Lately, the Utes have owned the Cougars. And in the very early years, the Utes completely dominated. BYU and Utah really have each other to thank, at least in a great part, for the success and national attention they get. It is a fun, fun rivalry. I apologize for putting the Utes down. I guess I was a little annoyed with some of the comments being flung around.

I am a die-hard Cougar fan but I think that Utah is a good school with strengths where BYU is weak (and vice versa). Utah has done great things on the national stage and I hope they prosper in the PAC-12. That way, when BYU beats them (hopefully within the next 10 years), the victory will be that much better! All the best.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Greg Hansen's (Utah State alum) from the Arizona Daily Star is clearly still bitter about BYU not getting an invite.

"The Pac-10 can use a bump in glamour, and especially one at the bank, but I don't see how Colorado or Utah can help either. I'm aware of the negative variables and politics about adding BYU, but the Cougars have a history, a brand and a presence that neither Utah nor Colorado can touch." -- Greg Hansen: Colorado, possibly Utah won't help Pac-10 much

His spin is only important to BYU fans:

"Opinion by Greg Hansen : Cats should thank BYU for exposure"

"Opinion by Greg Hansen: Hatred of BYU stings for native of Beehive State"

"Greg Hansen column: Game day at BYU is a unique experience."

"Greg Hansen column: Gooch keeps going and going for BYU."

"Greg Hansen column: There's no question: Tuitama better than counterpart at QB-factory BYU."

"Greg Hansen column: BYU always competes with the big boys."

Sandy, UT

I just have to say that, while entertaining, it's sad that this rivalry seems so hate-filled and personal. It doesn't have to be that way, and it isn't that way in other rivalries (at least it isn't with Oregon & OSU). To both fanbases: It's football, not life. Neither one of you have been relevant or shown any real success in the last few years. Seeing some Ute fans' comments makes me wish Utah wasn't in the PAC12 (and I never said or thought that before). Seeing some BYU fans' comments makes me understand why no one wants to invite you.

Dial it down people, it's embarrassing. Entertaining, but embarrassing. To all commentators, no one cares what you did a half century ago or even 5 years ago. Ever heard the phrase, "what have you done for me lately"? Both fanbases here need to familiarize themselves with that phrase because the answer in your cases is nothing. And I've never read so much hatred and vitriol about nothing in my life. I loved this rivalry growing up as a kid here. It's sad what it has been reduced to.

salt lake city, UT


It's hilarious that you think you speak for the whole pac 12

Blue Cougar
Oak Harbor, WA

Personally, I'm happy to see a break from the Utah-BYU rivalry; too many people take it waaaay too seriously. It's a GAME! It's supposed to be FUN! When it stops being fun it should no longer be played.

Sandy, UT

sportsfanforlife: "It's hilarious that you think you speak for the whole pac 12".

Please explain anywhere in my comments where I suggested that's what I think. Was it this: "Seeing some Ute fans' comments makes ME wish Utah wasn't in the PAC12" (capitals added, for obvious reasons). If it isn't obvious let me explain. The above quote is MY opinion, not suggestive that I think anyone else in the PAC12 feels that way.

Or was it this: "BYU fans' comments makes ME understand why no one wants to invite you". Has BYU been invited or welcomed with open arms and I haven't seen or read about it? So that quote is MY opinion about a veritable fact. Again where was this projecting my voice on, or as being that of the PAC12?

Wow! Like I said....

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