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Published: Thursday, July 24 2014 8:10 p.m. MDT

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Tomahawk Red
San Francisco, CA

Salt Lake City, UT
"As for Pac-12 expansion, Scott said there are no plans to do so at the moment, nor in the foreseeable future."

Why is it that a Des News reporter just can't help but ask this question when Scott is available to speak with Utah press?


No kidding.

I'll bet Scott rolls his eyes everytime a reporter from Utah asks that question. It's nice to be wanted, but after a while it's like "come on, give it up."

It's also embarrassing for BYU and its fans.

Tomahawk Red
San Francisco, CA

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

We are circled (as opposed to other OOC teams or even PAC teams) on the Utes' schedule per Dres.


Some fans are so clueless.

Like this guy, who has the audacity to pretend that Utah is just another game for BYU. Acting like his players don't get giddy with excitement every time they play us. Like they don't act like it's the "super bowl" or something.

Nope. It's "just another game" for them, while it's the most "important game of the year" for us.

Listen to me, loud and clear.

What. A. Joke.

Maybe if BYU did act like the Utah game meant something you'd actually be able to pull out a victory for once. Instead, now you're starting to get full recruiting cycles that don't even know what it feels like to beat Utah.

Four in a row.
9 of 12


Alpine Blue
Alpine, UT

RE: Trouble

"And while living in the state of Washington and working in the state of Oregon, I've never heard such negativity toward BYU or their fans. It looks like Ute fans are isolated in their weird perspective of an otherwise respected opponent."

I've struggled to understand this as well and have concluded that for the great majority of our most beloved anti-BYU trolls (I won't mention any names-but all know who they are), it is somehow or another related to the predominate religion in the region.

Houston, TX

All BYU can do is winning games. Winning alot of games.

Tomahawk Red
San Francisco, CA

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

Stanford is a 2-for 2, extremely likely to turn into a 2-for-1 or a 2-and-done.

2020 @ Stanford
2022 @ Stanford
2023 @ BYU
2025 @ BYU

You've got to ask the question... why does Stanford insist on having their home portion right up front? If they had the full intention of going to Provo twice, why not do it the traditional way... @Stanford @BYU @Stanford @BYU... or @BYU @Stan @Stan @BYU?

Only answer is, Stanford may not intend to play the entire series. Why would Holmoe accept this arrangement?

Arizona also gets their two home games first... in 2016, 2018... before finally going to Provo in 2020.

ASU gets their home game first (20). Cal gets their home game first (14). We'll see if they go to Provo three years later.

Guess where the first UCLA game (15) will be?

Wazzu moved their 2013 game w/BYU waaaay down the line (19).

Notre Dame has given you two road games, still owes you two home games... but isn't anywhere on the sched.

It's nice that you're scheduling these teams, but is no one looking at these odd arrangements?

Tomahawk Red
San Francisco, CA

Salmon, ID
The constant talk of BYU scheduling has grown old, but the constant obsession by Utah fans with BYU is still priceless.


So is your regular gratitude for not being in a P5... because you're afraid of being chopped to bits by real opponents every week.


Tomahawk Red
San Francisco, CA

Vancouver, WA

I've never heard such negativity toward BYU or their fans. It looks like Ute fans are isolated in their weird perspective of an otherwise respected opponent.


Or it could be that you're just ignorant. What do ya think?

Let's go ask how much Michigan fans love the Buckeyes... or Auburn fans love the Tide... or USC fans love the Bruins.

Your attempt to speak for all of college football is laughable.

But your narrow minded view of the game is hardly a surprise.

Tomahawk Red
San Francisco, CA

Sandy, UT

Ha ha ha!

That was not a quote from the Arizona Daily Star.

And BYU can't even sell out games versus Texas and Boise State. What makes you think ANYONE will show up for Savannah State?


Enid, OK

Article title: "Pac-12 commissioner 'delighted' that his conference's teams are scheduling BYU"


Better not let Utah's fans know this.

They mistakenly think BYU couldn't beat half the junior high teams in the valley.

Go Cougars!

Tomahawk Red
San Francisco, CA

North Salt Lake, UT
According to analysis by CBS Sports, Utah's "Conference of Champions!!" athletic program was ranked a lofty 84 overall. But cheer up Ute fans: Washington State and Colorado were ranked even lower, so you're not the most pathetic in the PAC-12. Yet.


Not sure why this is such a surprise to you. The rankings are based on the current state of the programs.

Yes, right now Utah State is better.

Yes, right now Boise State is better.

So you're surprised... why?

Phoenix, AZ

"Consider that when you think of 9 of the last 12, 4 in a row and 54-10. OUCH!"

This is the only argument Utah fans have. It's a broken record and looks desperate when Ute fans are boasting their wins over a team they say is irrelevant in the next breath.


"Pandering for opinions and desperately fishing for compliments."

I didn't know USA Today would be considered 'desperately fishing' since it's a national newspaper.

2 fer

"Arizona St. didn't qualify for a bowl for three straight seasons spanning from 2008-2010."

Yeah, Erickson was running the show then. Got rid of him and then what happened? Where is Erickson now and how is that team doing?

"ASU has a rich tradition of what? They have less conf. title, less overall wins, worse bowl record, less BCS bowl appearances/wins than Utah does."

Yeah, cause ASU was playing PAC-10 teams since 1978. We won a rose bowl game playing powers like USC, UCLA, and Washington (at the time). Utah made it to a BCS game playing Wyoming, UNLV, and other weak opponents that Utah fans now deride.

Tomahawk Red
San Francisco, CA

Sandy, UT

You are the very definition of denial and delusion.

"Where will Utah win a Conference Championship, in any sport, in the next 10 years?
The U is an embarrassment."

Gymnastics 2014.

"BYU is begging for nothing. Their Brand sustains them. They don't need to ride others coattails to survive."

Tell that to your head football coach, who is publicly begging to get into the Big 12 in the Texas press.



Ann Arbor, MI

"Glad to see the conference commissioner make an unbiased statement concerning games with BYU"

LOL. Couple of thoughts:

1.What else could he say? I hate it but we had no other choice? He knew he was talking to the DNews/byu/mormon media

2. I'm sure he was only asked this question by the Dnews so it's not like it was a talking point in his opening address.

Frozen Fractals
Salt Lake City, UT

"And while living in the state of Washington and working in the state of Oregon, I've never heard such negativity toward BYU or their fans. It looks like Ute fans are isolated in their weird perspective of an otherwise respected opponent."

What do Oregon and Oregon State think of each other? Why would you expect a different rivalry to function differently?

Tomahawk Red
San Francisco, CA

Columbus, OH
Utah has gained its identify and relevance thanks to BYU and needs BYU in order to maintain it.


Right. BYU was the reason we won those two BCS trophies.


The arrogance is clinical. And supremely pathetic.

Central, UT


Poor man, the internet makes research and invalid claims easy to refute, Utah had shared conference championships in 1912 and 1919. First outright championship 1922. That is a very long history indeed. Utah State 1921. BYU....wait for it....1965, so you are correct about the 50 years comment it was the wrong school though.

There was an article a few years ago that had a ranking of football teams for college over the last 100 years, BYU 80-something. Google it.

Good luck to you sir.

Surf is Up
Miami, FL

@utahcountyute "...think of 9 of the last 12..."

Why do you find the need to start your tally only in the last 12 games? We all know why, which makes us chuckle whilst U guys attempt to smother BYU's continued relevance. As if you really could.

Why not step your W/L stats into the common era? Why? Because, within the common era there are those embarrassing, huge voids of time where U lost to BYU for almost an entire decade before winning a fluke here and there. And that doesn't mesh well with the myth you are trying to sell does it?

Springville, utah


Will you be able to watch the homecoming "game" where you live or are you coming to Provo?

Bountiful, UT

"What I don't like is the hatred and animosity expressed by so many fans on both sides. We can be rivals and still be civil. We don't have to wish for the total demise of the other program."

Well said Mormon Ute

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ CougarSunDevil

"Yeah, cause ASU was playing PAC-10 teams since 1978. We won a rose bowl game playing powers like USC, UCLA, and Washington (at the time). "

Hold on. Are you admitting that playing a full schedule in the PAC-12 is considerably more difficult than playing a schedule full of mid-majors? Because if you are, I agree with you 100%, and will add that ASU's Rose Bowl season was indeed very impressive.

@ Surf is Up

The "common era" dates back to Biblical time. There were indeed very long droughts in the rivalry in that time, but as it stands the record in the time frame you selected is 57-34-4 in favor of Utah. If you were trying to include the 70s and 80s, perhaps you can explain what makes games played 35 years ago relevant to the rivalry today?

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