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Published: Thursday, July 24 2014 8:10 p.m. MDT

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Omaha, NE

Yet another conference to openly talk about BYU at their media days. Like it or not, the plan for exposure is working big time, especially when it is being talked about in nearly every conference media day coverage, and BYU doesn't even belong to any of those conferences!

Layton, UT

I love BYU football and will do no matter who they play. I think 60+ K fans feel the same way along with hundreds of thousands of fans world wide. BYU is out recruiting other neighboring schools to the north right now and will continue to do so as long as the SLC school continues to get beaten. It is no fun to be in the PAC 12 and not have a winning program. Best of luck to you.

Hayden, ID

Of course they love scheduling games with BYU. Its the only way they can get on world wide TV.

International Cougar Fan
Tacoma, WA

If the utes could learn how to win enough games during the season, then they might be able to go to bowl game. But if that is too hard then at least they can read and comment on BYU news articles for consolation.

Draper, UT

These are the types of mid major out of conference games you schedule as a P5 member to guarantee wins. Just ask Utah.

American Fork, UT

Des news, thank you for asking the question. It is important for BYU fans to know where they stand relative to the power 5 conferences. I am not sure why the UTE fans are so vitriolic in their response to anything BYU. We can have our favorite teams but we should be cheering for ALL the teams in the state. The better all of our teams do, the higher profile we have as a state. Everyone benefits. Yes as it looks in the pre-season, Utah has a tougher schedule and BYU will get more wins..blah..blah...blah. Let's just enjoy the season and cheer for all of our teams. Good Luck, UTAH, BYU, UTAH STATE, and WEBER STATE!

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

The PAC12 now becomes the latest p5 conference to express its disinterest in BYU as a conference member/partner.

Not sure how BYU (and its media contingent) thinks that crashing the PAC12 media day enhances their standing with the conference.

Scott is a gracious man, but did you hear what he said BYU?

In the nicest way possible he said, while they may schedule some games, the conference is not interested in BYU.

As for scheduling agreements... Why should any of the p5 conferences need a scheduling agreement with BYU? BYU needs the games more than the conferences and when needed BYU will always be available.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I like the rivalry with BYU and I like that they play other Pac 12 teams regularly. I agree with Larry Scott that it makes sense. I wish the Ute's move to the Pac 12 hadn't caused an interruption in the annual rivalry game. Colorado isn't our rival and likely won't ever be, no matter how much the Pac 12 would like that to happen. BYU is our rival and always will be as long as we are playing them in sports. Keep in mind, we play them in many other sports besides football. Football is just the highest profile contest in the rivalry.

What I don't like is the hatred and animosity expressed by so many fans on both sides. We can be rivals and still be civil. We don't have to wish for the total demise of the other program.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

"If we stopped playing them we would push them so far into irrelevance their program would be over."

Yeah, and Utah fans have to come to BYU articles to have their voices heard. I know this isn't necessarily just a BYU article, but we all know (although many Ute fans are in denial) that much of BYU football articles are full of Ute "fans" whose only purpose is to trash talk BYU. Sounds like relevance to me. Utah articles have some trash talk from BYU fans, but not as much and Ute fans are usually the first to mention BYU.

@I Still Can't Say It

"Sure, some PAC-12 teams are willing to schedule 2 home games for 1 in Provo with BYU but that's it."

To which PAC-12 teams are you referring? Of all of BYU's future PAC games, the only 2-1 I'm seeing is USC. Arizona has a 1-1-1, but everybody else has a 1-1 series scheduled.

Salt Lake City, UT

Sanguine observation Commissioner Scott. BYU is a great opponent with a loyal following. Collegiate sports is benefitting from your enlightened perspective.

Salmon, ID

The constant talk of BYU scheduling has grown old, but the constant obsession by Utah fans with BYU is still priceless.

Vancouver, WA

In the few years that I've lived in the northwest, BYU has played Washington, WSU and Oregon St. twice. And while living in the state of Washington and working in the state of Oregon, I've never heard such negativity toward BYU or their fans. It looks like Ute fans are isolated in their weird perspective of an otherwise respected opponent.

Sandy, UT

@ Two for and Chris B.

Here is your reality...Deal with it!

From the Arizona Daily Star...

"I have no complaints about Dish. The Nov. 22 BYU vs. Savannah State game is available to me. There will be more people at that BYU game than at the Nov. 29 Utah vs. Colorado “rivalry game” in the Pac-12. This is the fourth year Utah and CU have been in the Pac-12. I’m still struggling to learn what exactly they did to merit inclusion to the league and what, if anything, they’ve added".

From USA Today...

"Utah hasn't ceded control of the division to Arizona State, USC and UCLA; the Utes never owned it, nor made even a halfhearted run at the Rose Bowl during the program's three seasons in the Pac-12. The Utes simply came, saw and were conquered, quickly becoming to the South Division's elite what California and Washington State have been to the North".

BYU is a Legacy School with a National Brand, which plays on the Major Networks.....
U...are not!

Phoenix, AZ

Wow, 12 of the first 18 posts are Utah fans talking smack. I'm sorry, but conclusion is, Utah just can't live without BYU. Utah must have BYU something in order to live. The only thing Utah can hang it's hat on is Utah getting up for their bowl game against BYU and add one random fluke win (Stanford). With all bragging, Utah still doesn't get to a bowl game. I'd be more embarrassed about that than losing to Utah for four years. Most every team trips and stumbles. Stanford last year, ASU, Oregon, they all do it. Great teams regroup and still make it to a bowl game. Others just have their fans post on their rival's (although some are in denial) news articles.

This is why Utah will never do well in the PAC-12. They just can't get over BYU.

Colorado Springs, CO

I still thing a scheduling agreement could be reached with both the PAC 12 and Big 12. Personnaly I would rather see that then BYU joining a conferance. It does not have to be 5 games like ND has with the ACC. If it was only 3 with each conferance and then another 3 with the AAC BYU would have 9 games lined up. Play 1 PAC 12, Big 12, and AAC school in Novemeber, 1 each in September (end Aug), and 1 each in Oct. That gives BYU 9 games. Play Boise St, USU, and one other Big 5 school and BYU would have a schedule that looks as good as any P5 school every year.

If the PAC 12 and Big 12 each only gave BYU 2 games a year it could still work very well. Work with the AAC to play 4-5 schools each year, and BYU would be at 8-9 games. Add BSU and USU and they are at 10-11 games already. Add 1-2 more P5 teams from another conferance or 1 P5 team and another MWC/CUSA team and they still have a respectable schedule. Indy is not so bad.

Surfers Paradise, AU

Duke thinks the ACC schedule is brutal. Kansas also thinks the B12 schedule is brutal, and guess what, Vandy thinks the SEC schedule is brutal too. See the pattern?

The doormats of the respective conferences think their conference schedule is brutal just like the U fan. Thats the elitist mentality at its finest and it's in full force on the hill.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

As long as the Cougars remain independent there will continue to be many stories about scheduling and conference alignments.

As long as the Utes remain in the PAC 12 there will continue to be stories about new coaching staff, a new emphasis for speeding up the offense and the plan to make a bowl game to end the current drought.


Have to agree with the Ute fans on this one. It's ridiculous to try to make conference media days about BYU; it's simply not the right time or place for it. What I disagree on, however, is that it's any better to be a perennial P5 doormat than "one of the better mid majors." Every P5 conference has at least one or two football programs that aren't as good as BYU's even in a down year. Everyone with a shred of intellectual honesty knows that it isn't the quality of football, or BYU's not being a "top tier" research university, that impedes its chances of getting in a P5 conference. It's the fact that BYU is a church university that actually tries to enforce a student code of conduct. It's also the biggest reason for Ute fans' animosity.

Phoenix, AZ

Hey Bluto, thanks for the articles. Found and read them both! Here's another one from the USA Today article that I think is telling of the Utah football team.

"But there were wins left on the field: Oregon State, a 51-48 overtime loss despite 539 yards of total offense, the program's top mark against a Football Bowl Subdivision foe since 2010; UCLA, a 34-27 loss given away with six turnovers; Arizona State, a 19-7 lead turned 20-19 defeat thanks to a hideous fourth quarter; and even Washington State, a game Utah entered knowing the result would determine its postseason hopes. Good teams pull these out – Utah used to pull these out."

Good teams pull these out (i.e. ASU), Utah used to pull these out...meaning Utah USED to be a good team.

Elko, NV

Finally an article about the Ute's conference. Too bad not too much talk about the Utes. Everyone is talking about the Cougs from Coast to Coast.

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