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Published: Thursday, July 24 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

What does it say about the state of today's GOP that Mitt is still the only person they've got who seems even remotely to be presidential material?

Burke, VA

"An astute businessman, he could nevertheless see beyond his own class and profession. He recognized, for example, that the world favors power and privilege as well as merit. Thus, he eschewed the easy association of wealth with virtue and recognized that not everyone pursues the former. He combined a mind for business with a passion for social justice."

Such a great essay. The statement quoted above, in a nutshell, describes what made George Romney so different from his son. Neither of them reach the highest office in the land but it's not hard to determine which one will leave the brightest star in future history books.

Karen R.
Houston, TX

My vote in 2012 had little to do with either Presidential candidate. My vote was against the Republican Party - or what passes for it these days. I worried that the extremists that have hijacked the party would see a win as further encouragement and I was so relieved when the rebuke came instead.

In the SSM debate, opponents speak of being bullied into silence. I think this is the case for moderate Republicans and conservative Democrats. Reason, pragmatism, service to the country rather than to one's ideology - they've been bullied into a corner and it is costing us.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

God Bless YOU Mary Barker, for yet another fantastic article!

This echoed my feeling precisely.
This was the Romney I could have fully supported!

It is also precisely why had high hopes of his Son Mitt, as Governor of Massachusetts,
but championed AGAINST him tooth and nail, when he flip-flopped 180 when he ran for President. What was that anyway?

Tea-Publican Mitt was the 100% polar opposite antithesis of his good Father -- GEORGE!

Murray, UT

The apple seems to have fallen from the tree, then picked up and tossed.


How do we foster people like George Romney?

It's next to impossible in our current political environment. Those willing to run for office have to endure all kinds of insults and abuse. Look what happened to Mitt, who happens to be a decent person. (If you don't know Mitt personally, you have no way of sorting through the garbage that is said about him.) We will never have candidates like George Romney until we all become more like George Romney.

That means raising children in a home with a mother and a father should be the rule rather than the exception - not in a broken home, an "alternative" home, or in a daycare center. That means we need to teach our children to fear God and obey his commandments, rather than to pick and choose which values are convenient and to ignore the rest. That means we should treat others with courtesy and respect, rather than with insults and incivility.

That we lack candidates of the caliber of George Romney is a symptom of a problem, not the root problem.


Mitt Romney wasn't a bad governor himself. If he had run on his record as governor instead of running away from it I would have voted for him myself. Under Mitt, Massachusetts became the first state to allow marriage equality. Mitt later campaigned on this fact with the Log Cabin Republicans (a republican LGBT group) and he received their endorsement in 2012. Mitt also passed the largest, most sweeping, and longest standing assault weapons ban in the country. Not to mention the fact that Obamacare was directly modeled on the health care plan Romney established in Massachusetts. Romney stated in his book that his plan should be used as a model for the nation, and had three advisers from the Romney staff work with President Obama to help build Obamacare.

liberal larry
salt lake City, utah

Excellent editorial.

It reminds me of the way Republicans used to be.

My conservative Republican father never saw a school bond he didn't vote for, he was a strict Catholic but believed in evolution, he viewed gays as a "live and let live" issue, and once after looking at all the houses on what used to be old growth forests he conceded, "maybe those environmentalists are on to something".

In other words he was thoughtful, open minded, and believed in the power of a well run government to help people.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

I too could've voted for George, and it's a tragedy that his truth-telling about Vietnam gave us Nixon instead.

What a contrast with Mitt, who believes that "47%" of us are irredeemably irresponsible, including, for example, my 91 year old mom who worked her heart out all her life and is now in her frailty getting a little help from Social Security and Medicare. In Mitt's book, that makes her an irresponsible moocher. That's why I could have gladly voted for the dad but NEVER for the son.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

It's been a few days so another Romney article was due.

Is he the other GOP candidate worth talking about? What about Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Rick Bush Perry, Sarah Palin, and Pastor Huckabee?

Oh, yes, I agree. Let's stick with Romney! He's a far better candidate than the other repubs!

Springville, UT

Good op-ed piece. So much more that could be said.


Who was Mitt?
Romney ran against all of that.

Mitt opposed same-sex marriage and anything akin to it. He said he favored civil rights for LGBT people, but didn't even believe in civil unions if they differed from marriage in name only.

MA Congress passed an assault weapons ban, Romney signed it. He then campaigned on other measures in the bill/law that extended gun rights and has stated repeatedly he doesn't believe we need more gun laws.

Romney opposed a national health care plan--even if it was based on Romneycare.

Joan Watson

The "apple does not fall far from the tree" The fact is, George Romney would not have become president of the U.S. because the majority would not have voted for him - just as the majority did not vote for his son, Mitt Romney. Perhaps future opines and editorials will bemoan the fact that good men and true, capable of great leadership and guidance, were not elected president

LOU Montana
Pueblo, CO

As smart as Mitt is he is being used by the Republican Party. Sure Mitt is a likeable guy and he may have a following but he has no down to earth experience. The Republicans are endorsing Mitt because he can afford to spend his own money on another Presidential run. If they can persuade him to do it they will save millions of dollars. I sure hope he does not get sucked into their ugly web.

Mitt don't be fooled by the Republican Party. They are using you!

Far East USA, SC

"It reminds me of the way Republicans used to be."

My sentiments exactly. Those were the days when I voted mostly Republican and was proud of it.

Today, when I occasionally vote GOP, I am too embarrassed to admit it.

I hope that the GOP of old returns some day. I will be there with open arms.

salt lake city, UT

Growing up in Michigan and meeting Gov. Romney on several occasions he seemed to be everything the author writes about. He was respected by all segments of those he governed and he did have the courage to take a stand within his own political party.
The election was Mitt's for the taking but he ran to right and cuddled with the right wing extremist (T-Party) and that sealed his fate. Outside of small segments of our society politicans like Cruz, Lee, and Palin have no mass appeal in our country.
One other note, Mitt was not a sucessful or popular one term Govenor. He left office with an approval rating in the mid 30's as he back tracked (Obama critics call these lies) on many commitments he made to the public. His Dad was always what he said he was and that's one trait his son never seemed to acquire.

UT Brit
London, England

Romney even stood up to pressure from the church. He seemed a man of integrity.

Mesquite, NV

As if to prove an old adage by being the exception that proves the rule Mitt is clearly the apple that fell a long long way from the tree.

Provo, UT

I believe in Mitt Romney's abilities to lead. When he became head of a bruised 2002 SLC Olympic committee he inherited a dysfunctional organization and he had to deal with the aftermath of 9/11 (2001). He did not demand a salary nor did he lead from behind. He was front and center and he inspired the league of Olympic volunteers--I was an Olympic volunteer. He and his team came up with creative ways to involve the Olympic volunteers, who, for the most part were busy students, fathers, mothers, and professional people with time constraints. I have read, that as governor of Massachusetts, neither Mitt nor his lieutenant governor commanded a salary. He lives to serve. He is transparent. He knows history (for example, what did Mitt say about Russia during the last presidential election debates that Obama soundly ridiculed, but that alas, has come to pass?) He is a family man. He is real and not perfect. But, he admits his imperfections. Mitt would not retreat to fund raising, golf, and vacations while the country (and the world) "burned."

Lindon, UT

Although I like Mitt, he is not his father. I do not think there is anyone quite like George Romney. An example of his kind, charitable heart: no matter where he was or what he was doing, he made sure that his wife, Lenore, received a rose each day of their married life. Being age 77 and in the twilight of my life, I consider him to be my hero and my own Dad a close second. Too bad Mitt is not more like his father, although he has some of his traits, but not enough, I'm afraid. Had he have been willing to do some of the things his father did, he would have won the presidency election in a landslide. Just my opinion, though.

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