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Published: Wednesday, July 23 2014 3:45 p.m. MDT

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Murray, UT

If I break the law, I expect to pay for it, according to the laws of the land. So treating others, like I would expect to be treated, would be my expectation. Treating my neighbor as I am treated would mean enforcing the laws. That is true love of all mankind.

The children are a diversion. In a report by ICE, they state that two out of three children are coming here with parents or a guardian, or being reunited with family. With 400,000 being checked at the border, how many were not seen or counted?

salt lake city, UT

The first thing that is needed is debate and passage of legislation. Any objective person reading the news knows the GOP refuses to do that for political reasons. We elect people to address our problems, and pass legislation, not be career politicans. Yes there is blame all around but we'll solve nothing until the issue is debated and legislation crafted to address the issue.
Stop playing the Benghazi claim and other political shananigans congressman, and force your party to address the crisis at our border and pass legislation. We want leadership, not loitering on the public dime.

American Fork, UT

Children are enduring horrific risk, brutal abuse, and finally rejection for their own good. I don't think there's more than one side of cruelty.


It's not Democrat nor is it Republican, both share the blame. However this border surge is all on Obama, his waivers, and not enforcing our current laws.

It's a waste of time passing new laws, when the old ones are not enforced.

The Republican house has passed more immigration laws this year, than the Democrats. Most are of the enforcement variety. Senator Harry Reid never allowed them on the Senate floor.

Obama needs to stop blaming the Republicans for everything he does wrong.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

It should be noted that the Wilberforce bill is being misapplied by the Obama administration for political purposes. Human trafficking is NOT the same thing as human smuggling. I have zero respect for politicians who use children as pawns to advance their agenda.
The children should be flown back to their home country and put in the custody of their respective governments.
Let's stop encouraging people to send their children here in hopes of permisos.

Rigby, ID

I would like find out how to "foster" some of these kids until this mess gets sorted out, or until their hearings come up, or something! I believe there are enough us who are willing and able to take these kids in temporarily to stop the warehousing. Ideas anyone, on who to contact about this?

Brer Rabbit
Spanish Fork, UT

If you want to increase bad behavior all that you have to do is reward it. The Obama Administration's prosecutorial discretion policies and the DACA amnesty for illegal children brought to the U.S. by illegal parents has convinced those in Central America that they will be legalized when they arrive, which has turned out to be true.

How many immigrants legal or otherwise should be accepted each year? One million, ten million twenty million, more? as long as jobs and benefits are better here than where they came from the border will be impossible to enforce. The best and most efficient place to help these people is in their own country, because it takes a lot more resources here to provide for them. Not everyone living a substandard life can come to America, a limit has to be set.

The number of poor South of the border that are just as poor as those presently arriving is probably nearly a half a billion.

Provo, UT

If the children are treated so poor, why do we keep passing amnesty (or in Obama's case waivers) and encouraging more to come here illegally.

Mcallen, TX

Immigrants are coming because of corrupt government in their home country.

Unfortunately, they development a corrupt government once here.

LOU Montana
Pueblo, CO

I love this shift in consciousness, during the Bush years Republicans had open arms for illegal immigrants and Liberals were viewed as the tyrants who wanted to send them back. Bush offered illegals the Fast Track to Citizenship as a tool to gain votes from the Hispanic community. This created the mass flood of illegals during the G.W. Bush years. When the country became flooded with illegals it was Bush who went on TV and said "I don't understand what the problem is? They (illegal immigrants) are just doing jobs Americans don't want." The William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008 was G. W. Bush's last humanitarian bill as he was leaving office. This too was indorsed by Republicans.

Republicans had all this love and money to support illegal aliens. They employed them and bragged about what good workers they are and how little they asked in return. Now all this has changed? People in Utah went nuts hiring these people and now they have changed their minds? I am glad they finally have awaken to realize the mess they have created!

Now, stop blaming Obama and help clean up YOUR mess!

Phoenix, AZ

"The first thing that is needed is debate and passage of legislation."

We already have legislation. Why would anyone think that more legislation would stop illegal immigration. The way to stop illegal immigration is to... stop illegal immigration. Stop it at the border. Turn illegals back. And if they persist, a few shots fired in the air might dissuade them.

Further, we need to get the people out of office who refuse to enforce our immigration laws. And who would that be? Try Barack Hussein Obama. He is head of the Executive Branch of government. And it tells him, in the US Constitution to 'take car that the laws are faithfully executed.' He is not doing that. He needs to be removed. I think it's called impeachment.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

What is so cruel about reuniting children with their families?

What is cruel about honoring the law?

Why should the GOP house pass more legislation? harry won’t allow a vote on it and BO would not faithfully execute it if harry DID miraculously allow a vote. BO is not now enforcing the law. Why pass ANOTHER more he will ignore?

Dems using these children for political gain is the lowest form of child abuse and cruelty

LOU Montana
HAHAHAHA! What a funny piece of fiction! BO’s attitude of amnesty is drawing them here.

Stop blaming the GOP and clean up BO’s mess.


We need comprehensive immigration reform, that is, reform of our battered 1965-model immigration system. The current Congress is unable to pass anything of significance, not even for highways, let alone refugees. Piece-meal bills like Rep. Jason Chaffetz's recent "Asylum Act" are akin to replacing four bald tires with one new one (that veers to the right). Let's see some real profiles in courage in Washington. Work with the president to pass comprehensive immigration reform.


@Worf: You're from the Rio Grande Valley ostensibly, but neglect to mention any of the valiant work of humanitarian aid from Sacred Heart & St. John's churches in McAllen, for example. In what is obviously a serious humanitarian and refugee situation (RAICES legal aid in San Antonio has processed over 1,000 asylum requests recently) your focus is solely to make an unsupported political claim. At least it's not re: Benghazi.

Salt Lake City, UT

So quick to judge Obama, George Bush wrote the bill that allows these children a trial.. Mr. Obama is enforcing the law as it is written.

More to the point, these children are native Americans. The border is one of white man's engineering, we Natives have never had a need for it. The danger these children flee from are born from this nation, the nation that craves the drugs. If this nation had a handle on the enormous drug abuse things might be better for the entire world.

As I see it, the biggest problem these children face in this nation, is racism. You may say you're not.. but your actions and words are what is the truth. And you call yourself a follower of Christ?

We welcomed and fed your people when they fled over and over from Europe. You should respect and treat native peoples from this land in that same man.


Bush's Wilberforce bill was written to stop human trafficking. Like other laws, Obama has chosen to play the dictator and use the law for his own political parties gain.

His deferred action (DACA) has caused this. Biden went to Central America middle of June to tell them it did not apply to new arrivals. The number of children coming here has increased from 6,000 to 90,000 since his "amnesty"

Proof that amnesty is not the answer to illegal immigration. Only enforcement will force people to obey the laws of the land.

Dr. Thom
Long Beach, CA

Just returned from El Paso on an Army contract and here is the solution: 1) after illegally crossing the border, everyone is held at a central location (Ft. Bliss or Ft. Hood), then flown to Mexico City on a commercial flight, let off the plane and the plane comes home empty. No passport, no visa, no entry. If discovered a second time (since we have photographed and finger printed them previously), they are then flown to a Central American country to be named later. Every time they show up at the border, they get flown further and further south until they finally are dropped off in Antarctica. Trust me, the word will get around VERY fast that this is not the way to legally immigrate to the United States.

And we charge Mexico for all expenses since they are the one who have let this illegal trafficking and travel happen in their country and we do this my eliminating any foreign aid to Mexico until all expenses are paid for.

Casa Grande, AZ

Why do I never hear anyone condemning the employers that break the law by hiring illegaly, avoiding taxes and advertising in Mexico for job applicants?


People have complained about the business owners. E-verify should be mandatory, and pull their business license on the third offense. It was part of the 1986 reform that was never enforced.

Sandy, UT

Patty-cake, patty-cake. And when anyone points out the extreme violations perpetrated by the Obama administration, the liberals ALWAYS and IMMEDIATELY respond by redirecting the subject to George W. Bush. I for one never held Bush up as some great paradigm of either leadership nor conservatism, but I'm afraid we went from the proverbial frying pan directly into the fire. The Obama administration has partnered up with the government of Mexico to subvert and hijack our immigration laws, and further enhance the ongoing invasion of this homeland. Other liberals and the cheap-labor lobby have assisted in the effort, but there's no excuse for the insanity we're seeing now, nor the subsequent prevarication that attempts to justify it.

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