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Published: Wednesday, July 23 2014 12:45 p.m. MDT

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So, out of 12 teams Utah is picked to finish 10th, I honestly believe Utah is better than that and will do better.

Go Utes!

Salt Lake City, UT

This is the year the Utes surprise a few teams and make some noise in the Pac-12.

Go Utes!

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Whitt should put some stock into that number, it shows the perception of the team by those who cover football. It's a bad sign for the year to come. I truly feel badly for the Utes and their fanbase, it's tough to endure poor season after poor season.

St. George, UT

Not surprising. The Utes should have stayed in the MWC where they were somewhat of a national novelty, and were a big dog (along with the Cougars). Now they're simply a team who seems to have gotten themselves in over their heads, and searching for an identity. Good luck to coach Whittingham, and to the Utes in general.


Nothing surprising about media predictions. Utes 5th and my Ducks 1st in the North. Here's hoping Utah has a breakout year and surprises the naysayers this season. Remember, no one predicted Auburn to win the SEC and go to the national championship last year either. Anything is possible.


Orange County, CA

Getting to six wins in the regular season will be a challenge this year. The only sure bet is the opening game. After that it's going to be tough sledding.

Idaho State at home = W.
Fresno State at home = a must W.
Michigan at Ann Arbor = a likely loss, but could we replicate 2008?
UCLA at the Rose Bowl = likely loss.
OSU at Corvallis = a must W, but it's been a tough place for us to play.
USC at home = a must W, but USC is coming back.
ASU at Tempe = a likely loss, and ASU has had our number since the Frank Kush days.
Oregon at home = loss.
Stanford in Palo Alto = loss.
Arizona at home = a must W.
Colorado at Boulder = a must W.

The only sure bet is the opening game. After that, if we beat Fresno and gain some confidence maybe Andy Phillips can channel his inner Louie Sakota for an upset at Michigan. If that happens we might be able to pull some other upsets. But six wins and a bowl win would be a major accomplishment and KW would deserve to keep his job.

Orange County, CA


Are you prognosticating that we should procrastinate this season?

Cedar Hills, UT

Cougar fan here... I for one will be cheering the Utes on to victory, each week and I really hope other Cougar fans will join me. It would be a great year to send a message to the nay-sayers that Utah is on the way back, and that the pre-season poll was nothing but motivation for a team that has a lot of talent and promise. Football in this state is much better with the Aggs, Utes and Cougs picking up wins when they aren't expected to win. Go Utes! Show 'em why you are better than that number.

And Go Cougars!

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Flyer

I've heard lot of Cougar fans say that Utah should have stayed in the MWC. I don't understand that, because Utah had already hit the ceiling, twice, in that conference. There was nothing left to prove. Now Utah is on to bigger and better things and has an opportunity to grow it's entire athletics program.

The whole mind set can be summarized as motivation to avoid failure vs. motivation to achieve success. In other words, playing not to lose vs. playing to win. Right now, Utah is playing to win even though it's the tougher road.

Salt Lake City, UT


I enjoy your posts and welcome your fresh point of view.

Best of luck to the Ducks this year...the likely Pac-12 Champ IMO. It will be fun to welcome the Ducks in SLC!

Go Pac-12!!

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Johnny Triumph "Whitt should put some stock into that number, it shows the perception of the team by those who cover football. It's a bad sign for the year to come. I truly feel badly for the Utes and their fanbase, it's tough to endure poor season after poor season."

You are the one who is putting too much stock into a number. For the most part these writers miss more than they correctly predict. However, either way, it's just something to occupy the time before the season starts.

However, don't feel bad, or anything, for Ute fans. BYU fans have been more distressed over the adjustment to the big time than most Ute fans. The last three years have been a true thrill for me as a Ute fan, despite win-loss records. Our team earned their way into the big time and if it takes longer to start winning more and get into bowl games then that's ok. We are part of a very elite 65 university group and that bothers a lot of those on the outside looking in.

Salt Lake City, UT

I am a big time BYU fan but it is time to put the rivalry talk aside for a moment.

There is no way that Utah does not make it to a bowl game this year. Travis Wilson is the most underrated quarterback that I know of. He has had a year to learn and recover from his injury and I believe will have a great year.

Utah always has a good defense and I think most teams in the PAC12 are going to overlook them, especially early on. Enjoy your season Ute fans it is going to be better than the "experts" are predicting.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I agree with Natester in believing the Utes are better than the media are predicting and I hope they are able to show it on the field. I believe the coaching issues have been resolved and I hope the injury bug doesn't rise up again. If those two issues are behind the team, they should be able to surprise some folks.

Richfield, UT

Even though I'm a hardcore BYU fan, I do support any and all of our in-state teams whenever they play out of state teams. So in that respect, I'm like Natester in hoping Utah exceeds media predictions this season.

With their very tough schedule (SOS) this year, to finish with a winning record would say a lot and built momentum for years to come. It would also help recruiting immensely to get back to bowl games and the national exposure they generate.

Here's to hoping our entire in-state college football programs have exceptional seasons this year. It's fun to support and pull for more than just one football team. And it would be great if the state of Utah could eventually become known for it's overall competitive football programs on a year-to-year basis.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

@Stringer - They don't always get it right but usually the media is pretty close. And I'm not putting any stock into the number, I couldn't care much less about the state of Utah football than I do.

As for the U earning its way into the big time I'd disagree since most of the talk of PAC inclusion (or BYU's exclusion) centers around the academics side of things. As @TwoForFlinching unwittingly said the U hit the ceiling of the MWC/WAC only twice, that hardly counts as earning anything. I'm sure you'd assert BYU's National Championship season was unwarranted and a fluke, BYU fans plus many others would say the same thing about the U's short run of success.

If losing to PAC opponents is more thrilling than BCS busting was then I'm happy for the U fanbase. But I'll bet that losing will get old soon. Otherwise you're on track to accept mediocrity for years to come.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

@StringBell - amusing also that you assume my comment makes me a BYU fan. Just as you hope the media predictions prove incorrect your assumption of my affiliation is.

South Jordan, UT

I'm pretty confused. This article is telling me that one of the voters picked Stanford to win the PAC 12, but nobody picked them to win the Northern Division? How does that work?

Richfield, UT

Two For Flinching and Stinger Bell...

At this point, there haven't been any BYU fans dissing the Utes on this post. None. So why are you trying to bring BYU into this discussion in a negative way and get the negative banter going again? For once, can't you just let such things go and concentrate on what this article is all about... the Utes and their upcoming season?

It's pathetic in a sad sort of way that Stinger Bell (known for his anti-BYU bias) is trying to speak for Y fans regarding how they feel. I'm a typical BYU fan. My friends and I haven't been distressed at all over big-time adjustments. BYU has been independent for several years and there are currently no changes going on. We play several nationally known programs each season and usually win a few, as well as lose a few.
It's ironic that people like Stinger Bell seem to be more distressed at trying to determine how BYU fans feel than those fans themselves are.

Again, let it go and let this article be as it was intended... all about Utah and no other local teams.


My Perspective: thank you for the kind words. I look forward to watching my Ducks invade SLC also, though I'm a little nervous that if we win the PAC12 we will surely lose in Salt Lake (see Stanford). Lol

Layton, UT


Thanks for the encouragement. Don't overlook us on 11/08/14. See: Stanford @ RES last year.

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