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Published: Tuesday, July 22 2014 6:05 p.m. MDT

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Murray, UT

The numbers are dropping because of the heat. It always drops in July and August, but rebounds in September.

Obama's administration has the power to return them to their own country. The 2008 law was written with an opt out for "exceptional circumstances".

This mess is proof that amnesty and rewarding bad behavior only increases it in the future. Obama's waivers have caused this mess.

Mcallen, TX

Many states are simply dead weight. Texas supplies much of the income for the federal government, and is carrying much of the burden.

Manufacturing, oil, farming, tourism, and seaports make Texas a very valuable state.

Not securing the border will eventually take its toll, and Texas will become another California, or New York. Bankrupt!

Our country will likely collapse.

Why is our commander not protecting the border?

Saint George, UT

Obama doesn't care about our borders so long as the United States of America is destroyed and he raises enough money to buy a Democratic senate, for the last two years of his term in office.

Mainly Me
Werribee, 00


Right on! This is a manufactured crisis, not something that popped out of the blue. Obama is killing this nation.

Jazz Bass Man
Wellsville, Utah

Obama caused this mess with his DACA, and through his push for amnesty for illegals - what the crooked politicians call "immigration reform". These illegals, many of whom are already recruited by the gangs and cartels, believe they can stay, because the democrats have been announcing amnesty to the world. Otherwise they wouldn't be poring over the border right now by the thousands. The whole thing stinks of corruption between the Obama regime, the chamber of commerce, and the corrupt mexican government that is herding them through mexico.

Obama has no intention of sending any of them back, or reinforcing the border. He WANTS this country to be overrun with illegals from mexico, because he knows they all will become democrat voters. Democrats dependent upon government entitlements that is.

South Jordan, UT

Thank you, Governor Herbert! We need to see some significant action and common sense by more Governors. These children will indeed impact our already overcrowded school systems and cause a real burden by overwhelming the classrooms with many non-English speaking children. The diseases they bring is still another issue. It could be devastating.

My heart goes out to these children, but we need to close and secure our southern border. We cannot continue to allow children, young adults, mothers, and gang members to flow freely into our country. Action needs to be taken now! We can see that it is not going to happen in the Obama administration, so the states are going to have to step up!

Seldom Seen Smith
Orcutt, CA

Article 4 Section for of the U.S. Constitution: The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union ... shall protect each of them against Invasion.

Marriage is meaningless, the constitution is meaningless. It's not all that surprising that it's coming to an end, but how fast.


This die was cast years ago. I remember seeing immigrant farm labor camps before Obama was even in school. Nobody did anything to stem the tide because after all, the only thing better than cheap labor is slave labor. WE have created this mess and WE, meaning all of us will have to put away our "blinders on" partisanship and arrive at a solution. All this blame game malarkey is just political grandstanding!

Alpine, UT

What Obama and many liberals seem to keep forgetting is that the border has to be controlled and sealed off before any consideration of immigration reform can even be considered... and not the other way around.

No objective person wants new laws until we find out what effect actually living by and adhering to existing immigration laws will have and do. So far, the federal government has utterly failed to do that.

If the feds can't enforce existing laws, why should anyone believe they would do any better with new laws? Actions speak louder than words, Mr Obama.


The Churches have known this was going on for years, but did nothing. How do we love our neighbor by rewarding his breaking the law of Moses? Isn't that encouraging more law breaking?

If we really want to stop the problem, we need to go to the source. Countries need to be told that we are not giving amnesty, business needs to follow the laws, Churches need to tell people to come here legally, and business to clean up their act. And those here illegally must return and come back legally.

If we don't do this, we are not showing compassion to the people here illegally, citizens that have lost jobs, had their identity stolen, and the taxpayer who is subsidizing the cheap illegal labor.

Murray, UT

The business community that hires people here illegally need to be fined to pay for these people to be sent home (they are not all children) to their country.

For $5,000-10,000 dollars to be brought here, they can hire a lawyer and come here legally.

Kaysville, UT

My daughter was a volunteer in Catholic orphanages in a Latin American country where every night people left little babies on their door steps. The people that leave their children for someone else to care for doesn't sound good if they are wanting us to pay, also. We are a nation and state of volunteers, with time, energy and money. We give voluntarily for good causes. If drug Lords are involved in human trafficking, of adults and children, it is not for a good cause. The root cause is not for kindness and good will. These drug lords will do anything for a Gadianton purpose. Our country has enough problems at the highest to the lowest. We set precedence and the courts rule that we accept that as law because people didn't object. The President didn't want a photo op at the border when he could have used that to get his $4B request for some of his other projects he pushes without Congress' and our nation's peoples backing.

Rule of law has been eclipsed by the reign or two of presidents. We used to think Presidents help established policy with the vote of the Congress.

Kings Court
Alpine, UT

I hope that Governor Herbert realizes that returning these minors quickly is impossible (unless from Canada or Mexico) due to a child trafficking laws signed by President Bush in 2008 and passed by a Democrat Congress. This law requires that these immigrant children go through the court process (which takes time) and that President Obama recently asked for money from Congress to expedite the court process which Republicans balked at. I'm all for sending these children back to their countries, but c'mon Republicans, you've got to do your part if you want this to happen. Quit playing political games for once and do your part. I'm a Republican and I can even admit when my own party seems more bent on making Obama look bad than doing what is required in governing this country.

clearfield, UT

Obama could have solved this simply by using his phone and pen to send the guard to the border, give executive order to the Border Patrol about stopping this, and by phoning Mexico, and the other central American countries sending these kids up here. A few threats would have done it. Clearly he does not want this to stop. This is a part of the bigger long term picture Obama and liberals have of trying to rid America of its white, western culture, English speaking, European ancestry roots. If this kind of immigration from Latin culture is allowed to continue, it won't be long before Spanish is the domenent language and our country will be bi-lingual, then Spanish will be voted in as the national language.

salt lake city, utah

So the border is completely sealed. You have soldiers standing shoulder to shoulder across the whole southern border. Now what? Young children walk up to the soldiers, hungry, and alone. Do you physically push them back over and over until they just turn around and walk back?

If you care for them in any way you are perpetuating the problem right? Or do you give them a sandwich and march them right to a plane and send them home..to where they say they're from. Oh wait that's against the law. Well let's change the law. Oh I forgot we can't do that Obama asked us to.

So again, the border is soldiers shoulder to shoulder, now what?

Ivins, UT

Bush tried to pass sensible immigration reform in 2006. His efforts failed because of his own party. The Senate has passed an immigration reform bill. Boehner refuses to bring it up for possible passage in the House. The Senate bill does not offer amnesty. Make an effort to learn what the bill is about before prattling on. Expand your news sources from Fox news and Limbaugh, etc. You might learn something.

New to Utah

Obama caused the problem by his executive orders which gave the green light for these illegals to enter the US. Rather than address the problem he has scheduled 6 fundraisers this week alone which shows how completely political every decision is? The 2008 law has a provision that could be used to stop this invasion but Obama won't use it. The Democrats, the chamber of commerce and others who benefit either politically or with cheap labor are causing this.Obama's extreme partisanship and unconstitutional actions makes compromise virtually impossible. Thanks Gov Herbert for signing the document and showing some leadership.

Springville, UT

If the Gov was really serious and not just playing a political game (note the Governors who co-signed the letter, they are all high profile right-wingers), he would focus the lobbying on the Republican House which has refused to vote on the bill passed by the Senate some time ago. It is the Republican House that refuses to give the President more authority and funding, saying that he has enough authority (after complaining about the "imperial President".). The GOP is the cause of the lack of progress. Yet they hypocritically complain and offer no substantive solutions.

Saint Louis, MO

These are all OTMs (Other than Mexicans). This is important because of their legal rights. Mexican nationals can be immediately deported. The average time for hearings is 564 days. Until that time, the individuals are released into the general population pending the disposition of the hearing. Without a doubt, these individual who are mostly from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador will be allowed to stay in this country because of the supposed violent conditions from whence they came. This is the same feeling afforded those from Bosnia who came in the thousands but as family units. There is a mountain of monetary aid given. The U.S. cannot solve all of the problems of the world by bringing them to the U.S. With children as young as 6 or 7, there is a great deal of compassion needed. John Kennedy would have activated the Organization of American States. This is a humanitarian crisis to be sure. However, it is also one of security. The president is keeping his cards "close to the vest" over the nature of his true agenda. What is greatly disconcerting is the fact of the involvement of the drug cartels in moving these children.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

So if I'm reading correctly, Conservative believe that if a child show's up on their doorstep hungry, sick and tired, the "Right" thing to do is, turn them back to the desert, call them invaders to ease your mind. Lets ignore a huge problem by say, building a wall so you can't see the problem, or maybe to keep them off your porch.
Of course many illegals will arrive by plane or boat or other border, but at least it isn't those filthy poor kids from South America, who's countries we've messed up, since we were able to.

Christian Conservative Values allude me.

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