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Published: Wednesday, July 23 2014 5:00 a.m. MDT

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Humble Pie
Provo, UT

I wish every home teacher in the church could read this article - spot on.

Richard G. Scott: "Serve faithfully in all Church callings, especially home teaching and visiting teaching assignments. Don’t be just a 15-minutes-a-month home or visiting teacher. Rather, reach out to each individual member of the family. Get to know them personally. Be a real friend. Through acts of kindness, show them how very much you care for each of them." Personal Strength through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, Oct. 2013 GC.

layton, UT

RE: Humble Pie,I wish every home teacher in the church could read this article .E.g.. “holy matrimony” involves three people — the husband, the wife and the LORD. True,

Ephesians 6:2,3. Honor your Father and Mother”[not mothers/polygamy],which is the first commandment with a promise. God distinguishes father and mother from all other persons on earth, chooses them and sets them next to Himself,occupying the highest place in our lives next to God.

The Apostles did not maintain any .O.T.pattern of polygamy and they and the early church condemmed it.


What if all the energy expended on visiting and giving the same lesson to people who regularly go to church and are giving the same lesson to another member were instead spent on actually visiting and helping the poor, the afflicted, the lonely and the infirm(regardless of their religion)? What a better place the world would become!

Omaha, NE

Good article.
One point, I wish the elder's quorum presidents would leave me teaching a family long enough to become this types of friends. Changes happen so often that you barely get to know the families well enough before suddenly you're moved.

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