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Published: Tuesday, July 22 2014 10:40 p.m. MDT

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Central, UT


Yes they did and now that you have electricity and maybe radio you can keep up on current events.

South Jordan, Utah

2004 was clearly better. 2008 barely got by Michigan and TCU, teams that were clearly better than the Utes. However, Utah found a way to win for which I give them credit.

2004 was in my opinion the best team Utah has ever fielded.

Louisville, KY

2004 was the better team, 2008 was the better season.

Mike W
Syracuse, UT

@ hoosier87 - wow, a church-owned newspaper writes more about the Cougars??? What a shock - though I do miss the nearly daily updates on Ezekial Ansah at Lions camp last year.

It's really too bad the NCAA couldn't get '04 Utah vs '04 Auburn to at least give them one high end opponent. The horrific schedule reminds me of the '84 BYU season (although at least Utah blew away their poor opponents instead of squeaking past them). I pick the '08 team, more NFL talent, tougher schedule.

Tomahawk Red
San Francisco, CA

American Fork, UT

Good. I'm glad you feel good with the current state of things.

I'm glad you got 'scoreboard' on your D-News articles.

I'm glad you got your ESPN/2/U contract.

I'm glad you got your satisfaction knowing BYU has a larger fanbase.

Because that's all there is.

You don't have a conference. You don't have anything to play for. You don't have any P5 invites. You don't have any respect with the ACC/SEC. You don't have any decent November home games. You don't have sellout crowds at LES. You don't have Playoff or BCS-level bowl access.

And you certainly don't have any bragging rights whatsoever against Utah. Pac 12, four in a row, 9 of 12, 54-10.

But I'm glad you got your D-News puff pieces.


Tomahawk Red
San Francisco, CA

Central, UT

Don't be too hard on 65TossPowerTrap. He's still really, really, really grateful that BYU's not in a P5... as his team would be taken to the woodshed week in and week out.


Santa Monica, CA

I think the 04 squad was ever so slightly better, but the 08 team had the better bcs Bowl win. Alabama was a terrific team and they were out to grind the Utes noses in the dirt. During the coin toss, a Bama team captain informed Sly Slyvester that he was simply going to kill him. The 08 Utes not only went out and beat might Alabama---they beat them up and beat them in every way imaginable. If this ends up being the greatest Ute victory of my lifetime? I'll take it in half a heartbeat. Thank you to both of these two squads for opening the door to the Conference of Champions and bringing big time college football to the state of Utah!

high school fan
Huntington, UT

If being a BCS bowl buster is the ticket to a better league then Boise State should have been invited. The question I worry about is the coach fired after another season without a bowl game. Although the Utes are making strides in getting better, so are the other teams.

Big J
Bountiful, UT

The 2008 team was better overall (more pro players too). Four teams on the 2008 schedule were better than any on the 2004 schedule. It is a shame the 2004 team was never tested. The 2004 teams “O” was better. The 2008 “O” would have shown better if they just would have ran the 2 minute “O” all game. Brian Johnson was a master at running it. It was his true canvas.

I loved both teams. What they accomplished was far more difficult than any other accomplishment of any other Football team residing in the great state of Utah. That includes the distant memory of 1984 by a large margin. The 2008 team was also better than any other BCS bustin team, including, by a hair, the Rose Bowl winning TCU team that was also an awesome team!

Go Utes!

Salt Lake City, Utah

The 2004 team was more impressive from a domination standpoint, but didn't play anybody.

The 2008 team was more impressive from a beating ranked teams standpoint, although that team also struggled against a couple of really bad teams.

Unfortunately, neither team impressed the poll voters enough to earn a final #1 ranking, which is, or should be, the primary goal.

Salt Lake City, Utah

"Don't be too hard on 65TossPowerTrap. He's still really, really, really grateful that BYU's not in a P5... as his team would be taken to the woodshed week in and week out."

Utah fans continue to use console themselves with that line of thinking, although Bronco's and Kyle's records versus PAC 12 teams suggests otherwise:

Bronco 9-9(50%)
Kyle 13-21(38%)

With a 50% record in PAC 12 play, plus a gimme game against a Big Sky team, Bronco would have lead the Cougars to 3 bowl games in his first three seasons in the PAC 12, plus BYU would have beaten 10-loss Colorado to win the gift-wrapped PAC 12 South in 2011.

Samurai Jake
Salt Lake City, UT


Don't kid self. Bronco never lead cougars to 3 bowl games in first three seasons in PAC 12, in any reality or utah county fantasy. Maybe drink too much brigham tea. Bronco record is not consecutive PAC 12 game. Big difference. Drink mugicha, wheat only. Help think little more clearly in future comment. Banzai!

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