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Published: Monday, July 21 2014 6:50 p.m. MDT

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"Bruins have added Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Fresno State, San Diego State, Rutgers, LSU and Michigan through 2023"

I know the title of the article said beefing up UCLA's schedule, but I had to laugh when I saw Rutgers! I know they are a P5 school but they must be very near if not the bottom of all P5 schools. Sports Illustrated listed the odds of 51 teams winning the national championship in the coming season and Rutgers was 1000/1 (BYU was the only Utah school and was 150/1).

Salt Lake City, UT

And now it's time to let cougar-ville know that everything is ok. Cue Dick Harmon...

"One can probably remember those couple of weeks this past spring when ACC and SEC commissioners told reporters those league’s wouldn’t recommend BYU as a non-conference game to fill out schedules...And the Pac-12 is more than willing to work with the Cougars and their independent scheduling needs."

Dick, the SEC and ACC didn't say they wouldn't play byu, they said that a game with byu doesn't satisfy their new requirement of an out of conference P5 team. Thus, byu is labeled as a mid-major by the SEC and ACC.

As for the Pac-12, each team in that elite conference already plays 9 P5 teams and are free to schedule any mid-major they want (including byu). The Pac-12 hardly cares about byu's "independent scheduling needs." How can you write something like this after unabashedly proclaiming the Pac-10 schools to be bigots?

Salt Lake City, UT

"The reaction in Utah was predictable. Some Cougar fans got their undies tangled running to their minivans. Some radio talking heads jacked it up as a sign BYU was now and forever definitely a Power 5 conference outsider and it was the end of the world."

Of course, the local media had no responsibility in the condition you describe. Sheesh!

"In the meantime, Holmoe was puzzled. What was the big deal? He still talks contracts with SEC and ACC folks as an independent contractor."

Really? Holmoe has never attempted to schedule them before...not with any regularity, at least. Further, if it wasn't important, why did Holmoe make the effort to meet with them? Holmoe's goal, as reported by you, was to get the ACC and SEC to recognize byu as a P5 team. Epic failure. And now you claim that Holmoe didn't understand why there was concern.

All you have done here is take a different perspective on the stories you have already written and attempted to pass it off as a new development. Nothing has changed here, Dick. Your cougs are not a part of the Big12, the Pac-12, or any other conference.

Salt Lake City, UT


"The Pac-12 presidents and chancellors may never include BYU because of “cultural differences...”

If by "cultural differences" you mean...
-Not a research institution
-No medical school
-byu's paper thin portfolio of graduate and PhD programs

You are correct.

On the other hand, if you are still pushing the "bigot" refrain...shame on you.


Perhaps at some point the Pac 12 will admit that picking Colorado was a mistake. Perhaps Colorado gets kicked out and BYU replaces them? Seems that BYU is a much better fit for the PAC 12.....


Yay!!! Another moral victory for BYU. They were mentioned in an article BEFORE Oklahoma, LSU, AND Michigan. It doesn't get much better than that!

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

The PAC 12 won't let us in their conference because we would win it.

Every year.

Bountiful, UT

"BYU has scheduled at least 19 games with Pac-12 teams through 2025, and that doesn’t included games expected to be under contract with Utah"

So does that mean the Pac12 is a lower tier p5 conference since they have no problem scheduling games with BYU? Apparently then this means there's a separation or class system within the p5 structure and the Pac12 is in the bottom half behind the SEC, ACC, etc?

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Is the rumor that the Utes used their influence to get BYU all those games? That was certainly nice of them.

Highland, UT

If articles like this cause you such angst noperspective then why do you read them? Glutton for punishment is all I can deduce. lol

The Jimmer
Okemos, MI

You left off the best part of the article:

"Of course, this only helps the Bruins if they win these games. UCLA’s last visit to Provo (2008) resulted in a 59-0 loss."

Bountiful, UT

"On the other hand, if you are still pushing the "bigot" refrain...shame on you."


Wow, half the posts on this BYU article are you. Interesting...

As for your comment, has that issue disappeared all of a sudden or something? Did it magically disappear or go away? Are the California schools all chummy now with the Mormon Church?

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Mr. Harmon,

What a writer! You say, "Pac-12 presidents may struggle with BYU because they can’t share a pre-game cocktail," My thoughts of you cannot be expressed because of the censorship issues. Why not tell it like it is? The resentment of BYU by some PAC-12 schools lies in the social issues of the sponsoring institution ie. Prop 8, academic freedom, etc. As far as a "cocktail", I know at the BYU hospitality room at the Holiday Bowl such drinks were not visible but were available upon request (At least that is what one professional who provided services to the BYU team said.)


I wish BYU and my Ducks would schedule some games. That'd be fun.

ManInTheMiddle, please tell me you're kidding right. Colorado is an AAU school with a Big 12 championship and a national championship. BYU will never be in the PAC12 because they aren't AAU or tier 1 in research and because they are religious and won't play on Sundays.

My Perspective, some good points, but if you don't think BYU's culture hurts their chances for inclusion, you're truly naive. Just as BYU will never be in the PAC12, no religious school ever will regardless of research status. Sad but true.

Little Pete
South Jordan, UT

The Utes have moved on to greener pastures! We are going to win the Rose Bowl this year hands down!

Go Pac 12!

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Pac-12 presidents may struggle with BYU because they can’t share a pre-game cocktail,"

Pay attention any conference or whatever considering BYU. This is typical of the type of coverage and mindset associated with BYU! The fans are spoon fed this and they soak it up!

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU shouldn't care if the ACC and SEC would count the game as mid-major. So what? Schedule them anyway! It counts as a P5 game on BYU's schedule. The worst thing is to repeat the lie that the ACC and SEC won't schedule BYU at all.

Layton, UT

On one hand..."It's great to travel all over the country, exposure, different stadiums! blah blah blah.

On the other hand...The PAC 12 is a natural fit because it's so close.

The spin never stops. lol.

West Jordan, Utah

Wow, another independence works article on scheduling. Wake up call, check BYU's schedule the last three years, and this year, the fourth in independence? It's extremely weak.

On average, BYU has three legit games each year. It's not that much different from the MWC days for Utah and BYU right?. Wrong, the games outside those three games are far down in quality from even the Mountain West. Since independence, BYU has played or will play; Idaho, Idaho State, Middle Tennessee State, Savannah State, New Mexico State, San Jose State, Weber State, Tulsa, Utep, Nevada, UNLV, Connecticut, and so on. Some of those games were even bowl opponents. Plus outside a few good games, the middle tier opponents aren't noticeable names either (UCF Knights, Hawaii, San Diego State, Houston ect..) Now look at the other BCS type opponents. Outside of Texas, Wisconsin and Notre Dame (independent), the rest are bottom feeder conference teams; Ole Miss, Oregon State, Georgia Tech, Washington State, Virginia, and California. But we also have Utah and TCU who now have losing records in BCS conferences yet beat BYU most every year in the MWC.

BYU does have Boise State (now minus Chris Petersen).

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Pac-12 presidents may struggle with BYU because they can’t share a pre-game cocktail,

Enough is enough! Let's get to the bottom of this. PAC-12 media days are this Wednesday and Thursday. There will be national media coverage and every school will be represented. Let's see the Deseret News and/or Salt Lake Tribune ask each school. Point blank... "Is the President of your university one who struggles with BYU because your president can't share a pre-game cocktail?" Don't let them quibble or be evasive... great journalism can probe to the bottom and get the answer and hold those president accountable.

That's assuming the Deseret News will cover this event. It would mean their sports writers may not be able to write their daily Fredette watch report.. or how this may be the year for a former or current ball player.. or any of the other articles meant only to keep BYU in the news regardless of how noteworthy the subject might be.

If you guys won't do it... maybe the associated press should press for the answer.

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