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Published: Saturday, July 26 2014 9:25 a.m. MDT

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Glendora, CA

I predict a 3 loss season, and another off-the-wall bowl appearance. Yawn.

Omaha, NE

The O-line should be very good this year. I think Phil Steele has it as one of his top lines this year of any team. Imagine how good the offense can be if they stay healthy and Taysom is healthy. Boy will this offense be good. If they can manage to not have a horrible game like Houston when Houston had something like 7 sacks they will be in great shape. Still, I worry how good they will be vs. any good defense.

hi, UT

While eyes tend to follow the ball, BYU offense will go as the O-line goes. Period.

Las Vegas, NV

Kearsley played really dirty last year, many cheap shots, and was out of control. Hope he doesn't become the next Rafael Arujo.

Provo, UT


"Kearsley played really dirty last year, many cheap shots, and was out of control...."

Ya there are cheap shots and dirty plays, but it's that type of play that any offense needs from their line. A sense of "craziness" helps propel any team. I for one love a crazy O-line.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


With the weak SOS the Y will be facing this year, I don't see how they could lose more than 2.

UC Baller
Salt Lake City, UT

Re irrelevant

A little crazy... That's HS mentality. All D1 linemen have a mean streak. And as a former lineman all want to own the guy across from them at the D1 level. They just need to be smart and know when to do it not cost us drive ending penalties like last year. But out of control flag yielding "craziness" doesn't propel any team. Execution does.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

Gonna be rediculously good.

They may all earn "All Independant First Team."

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

morpunkt, three losses is a safe prediction. Two losses is possible. One loss is probable. Undefeated? You see your visions, I'll see mine. Either way, I doubt either of us will be yawning over the cougar football season.


This years schedule is really set up to give BYU a shot at a 10 win season, if not better. The games BYU should win are Conn, VA, NV, Middle TN, UNLV, Savannah State and CA. That's 7 games they should win. Houston is likely a win because it's played here. But, the games that BYU needs to win for any kind of respect are against TX, Utah St., Central Florida and Boise St. BYU has a really good shot at beating any of those teams, but, Texas will be out for revenge. Utah St. has a rivalry thing going and has the talent to beat BYU. Boise St, on the other hand, I think BYU beats them again as well as Central Florida.

Navel Vet has a point about this years schedule being weak. Even if BYU does go undefeated, which isn't likely, they aren't going to be considered for any really good bowl games. They really need to find a way to drop the Savannah States and Mid Tn's of the world and replace them with at least top tier mid-major teams. But, being independent means you take who you can get.

Magna, UT

With the Great schedule and an improved O-Line, I am looking for a successful 8-4 Season this year.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

A couple comments shed doubt on our 2014 bowl situation. We are going to play an AAC team in the inaugural Miami Beach Bowl before Christmas this year.

Go BYU. 11-2.

Salt Lake City, UT

I think Kanuch played O-line in HS when he was Mr. Football in Utah. Maybe the strongest lineman to every come out of Utah. I think BYU will score a lot, but I am not sure how good the defense will be.

Boy of Fall
Spanish Fork, UT

@bench bronco always puts together a good defense im not worried about that. i just wanna see good execution with the offense and byu should be fine. possibly go undefeated. go cougs!

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