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Published: Monday, July 21 2014 3:35 p.m. MDT

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Roosevelt, UT

Cavs sign Wiggins and the Jazz get Booker?

6'8" interior toughness? Wonder if he is as tough as 6'8" Millsap?

And Trevor scores half what Millsap did

thank you Dennis Lindsay

Houston, TX

Millsap is getting 9.5M a year, almost double Booker's salary too, so I guess it is a fair deal?

Logan, UT

And Millsap has been playing at least 3 times as many minutes per game as Booker. Therefore, Booker has been giving a better per-minute production than Millsap does. And at less than half the money Millsap is getting, it appears the Jazz are getting a pretty good deal.

Everything Lindsay is building up to seems impressive to me. He's doing it quietly with solid players... the same way the Spurs did with their mostly second-round and overlooked picks.

It's sad that some fans expect each acquisition to be a proven All-Star. But it's easier to create great players than pay the kind of money the market is currently demanding for them. Besides, how many All-Stars left good teams to sign with rebuilding teams? Almost never is that done.

This guy, Booker, has the right skills and mindset to succeed. Kudos to the Jazz for doing their homework and adding another piece to the puzzle.

Utah Valley Guy
Springville, UT

@Copacetic - couldn't agree more.

Don't you love how so many commenters criticize Lindsay, AS IF:
1) they have more insight than a proven full-time NBA professional GM, and
2) Lindsay is always acting alone without ever consulting with the rest of Jazz management and coaches?

At least we can read their comments for a daily does of laughs...

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