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Published: Sunday, July 20 2014 10:40 p.m. MDT

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The Bubble, UT

Breaking news: "BYU still doesn't count as a P5 opponent."

Daily updates on this are not enough. We need at least three updates per day confirming the lack of status change.

Layton, UT

Spoiler Alert!: byu won't get mentioned at the PAC 12 and SEC media days either.

Provo, UT

...but they will be mentioned multiple times every day by Ute fans who have "moved on."


Elko, NV

Spoiler Alert! Don't expect much to be said about the Ute's at the Pac 12 media days either.


Why would BYU be mentioned in PAC12 media days? The PAC12 never dissed them like the ACC & SEC did, and the PAC12 obviously loves playing BYU with so many games on their schedule. Hate to say it but I laughed at WhoRtheUtes post. I'd worry more about the fact that Utah will hardly get any pub at the media days. I think that's unfortunate but probably accurate.

Hank Jr
Draper, UT

The ACC is a joke. I"m perplexed why the Cougs would even bother with them.

Condescending Wonka
Salt Lake City, Utah

You're right, Hank Jr. The ACC is such a joke that this year's national champions hailed from that conference.

Best wishes to byu finding room in a Power 5 conference. Time is running out.

Frisco, TX

In PAC12 news, Arizona AD stated last week that he considers BYU a power conference school.

American Fork, UT

"At least there shouldn't be a long rain delay like there was at Virginia last season."

Unless we have weather like we had for the the Texas game last year...

Salt Lake City, UT

DuckOuttaWater "The PAC12 never dissed them like the ACC & SEC did"
Some claim the PAC12 has religious bias. Is bias a dis?
The Big 10 is the only power conference which hasn't dissed BYU.

"Arizona AD stated last week that he considers BYU a power conference school."
Actions vs Words - He showed his respect by scheduling a 2 for 1.

Orem, UT


It's laughable how Utah fans have to twist the facts in order to help them sleep at night.

BYU scheduled a neutral-home-and-home with Arizona:

First game is in University of Phoenix Stadium - which is in close proximity to very large BYU fanbases in the Phoenix area, as well as Las Vegas, Southern California and Southern Utah - don't be too surprised to see at least half the crowd dressed in blue.

Phoenix, AZ


"Actions vs Words - He showed his respect by scheduling a 2 for 1"

And don't bother coming back with "Phoenix is basically a home game for tucson college. There is no love in Phoenix metro for the tame kitty's. There will be at least equal fans for BYU down here at that game. I being one of them.

Gilbert, AZ


Don't kid yourself. University of Phoenix Stadium is the home of Arizona Cardinals - any fan who thinks this will be a "home" game for Arizona is clueless about the fan dynamics in the Phoenix metro area.

This will be the equivalent of Utah playing BYU in Energy Solutions Arena and expecting to have "home court" advantage.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Stop the presses! BIG 12 media days begins today!!

Let the team coverage begin of the non-mention of BYU inclusion in the conference.

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Re: CougfanTX "In PAC12 news, Arizona AD stated last week that he considers BYU a power conference school."

He had to say something to try and justify the scheduling of three games with BYU.

Lindon, UT

To Sooner Ute:

I believe it is a 1 - 1 - 1

Salt Lake City, UT

At some point, following this new spate of articles decrying byu's plight to break into the P5, the Des News will have to hang a carrot out there extolling the virtues of independence to keep byu fans believing all is well in cougar nation. As damage control lights up in earnest, byu fans will emphatically state on these comment boards how much they relish independence.

That will continue until the next article comes out quoting a sports blogger in some obscure town in Lake Woebegone who mentions byu (or in the case of this article - does not mention byu). That will once refresh hope that independence will soon be a hiss and a byword in cougar nation as byu's move into their rightful place in the P5 is immanent.

After some unspecified period of time elapses with no change in byu's status, independence will once again reign supreme. And around and around we go.

The entertainment value of this circus is off the charts.

Go cougs!
Go Independence!!!
Go Power 5!!!!
Go Whatever the flavor of the day is tomorrow!!!!!

Lindon, UT

The Arizona AD didn't have to say anything, but went out of his way to do so. Maybe he didn't like what the ACC said! What do you think it means when a P5 conference schedules a 1-1-1 with the Cougars?

Murray, UT

Let's put to rest all this conference talk and BYU once and for all. This is not rocket science. The Presidents of the Universities in the conferences make these decisions not the AD's, coaches, fans or conference commissioners. There is a way to find out why BYU was not invited to join the PAC 12 and whether or not an invitation was extended to BYU by the Big 12 and if not why not. Dick Harmon or Gordon Monson ect. or someone like them need to file a freedom of information request with all the public schools in the PAC 12 and Big 12 and with the conference offices asking for all the communications, emails, text messages and written reports regarding conference membership in relation with BYU. Getting this information would provide major insight into how BYU is viewed by the University Presidents in the PAC 12 and Big 12 and why BYU was excluded from membership. It would certainly make for interesting reading and eliminate the need to read article after article about why BYU belongs in the P5.

Heber City, UT


"Spoiler Alert!: byu won't get mentioned at the PAC 12 and SEC media days either."

Yeah, and I don't think Texas or Ohio State or Michigan State or Oklahoma or Florida State will be mentioned at the Pac 12 and SEC media days either.

Guess why? They aren't Pac 12 or SEC members. Neither is BYU. Of course they won't be mentioned. It's not disrespect, it's focusing on conference members.

I seriously doubt the utes will get mentioned in the Big 12, Big 10, SEC, or ACC media days.

Heck, they probably won't get much mention in the Pac 12 media days except for when the utah players and coaches are being interviewed.

I don't remember Wyoming or New Mexico or UNLV getting talked about a whole lot at MWC media days in the past.

And utah is the Wyoming of the Pac 12. The team with annoying fans and a small stadium that nobody cares about.

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