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Published: Sunday, July 20 2014 9:05 a.m. MDT

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Kings Court
Alpine, UT

Let's put everything on the ballot and not even have city councilmen. After all this is a Democracy, not a Republic.

Herriman, UT

It always amazes me when I hear elected officials talk about areas of education that they don't have a clue about. I Always ask myself "don't these elected officials realize that the people can vote in or out their elected school board members?" If there are suspected abuses then they can be replaced, just like council members can be removed and replaced by their constituents. All these council members want to do is grind their own axes and what better place to do it but towards public education, your local whipping boy.

Paul B.
South Jordan, UT

As I was marching in an Army ceremonial parade, a soldier's mother watching the parade was heard to say "Look! Every soldier in that entire brigade is out of step - except my boy!" I believe her name was Newton.

Sometimes the greatest skill in politics is the art of compromise - and recognizing that despite your ego and self-confidence, you are not always the sharpest knife in the drawer. We can all learn from the experience and knowledge of others; it sounds like a certain city councilman hasn't yet gained that understanding.

Independent Thinker
West Jordan, UT

I'm glad to see greater participation in deliberations regarding how the Jordan School District functions. However, I don't understand the hand-wringing and angst that has gone on. It is highly unlikely any split-off would occur. I can't imagine that South Jordan would see any advantage to joining with Canyons, and going it on their own simply wouldn't be approved by voters. After Canyons broke away, the Legislature changed state Code so that any future formulation of a new school district would have to be voted on by voters in the entire existing district. Voters in the other 4 cities of JSD would overwhelmingly turn down such a proposal. Let's get over this unnecessary hubbub, and continue to focus on how to improve education for current and future students in the JSD.

Salt Lake City, UT

A little like the guy that wants to divide up Calif. in 6 states. Financially it doesn't make any sense to divide South and West Jordan anymore than it did to divide off Draper from it all. It is not cost effective to just keep subdividing up a place until you have quadrupled all the costs to run it all. Stupid idea.

Monsieur le prof
Sandy, UT

Obviously the South Jordan people didn't learn from the Canyons District split debacle. I haven't heard one valid reason for a split. The expense would be incredible and the benefits negligible.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

Like the Canyon split, this seems to all about the "richies" wanting their way...

Bluffdale, UT

The benefit to the community would be a lower unemployment rate. Think of all those six figure duplicated directors and deputy directors and assistant directors earning big bucks. Where is your sense of bureaucracy?

Lehi, UT

I watched that same parade and heard the same mother. If something is already cost effective why change it. Putting it on the ballot is also a bad idea unless, of course, as a Councilman you are unable to make decisions since that was what the people elected you to do.

West Jordan, UT

The Talk of the efffects of the Canyons split was painful at first, but look, everyone survived. Utah is dead last when it comes to funding for students and the class sizes are too big. If changes are going to be made, some teachers and staff could lose their jobs. If funding gets cut because of a split then it is the students who suffer the most, especially students in the special needs programs. Those who want the split need to pay a visit to schools such as Kauri Sue Hamilton to see the sacrifices the teachers and staff make for these severely disabled youth so that they can gain an education.

jj dexter
South jordan, Ut

I keep seeing comments about the people of South Jordan who want to split. Even as Howard Beal said "the Richies" wanting their way. First of all not everyone in SJ is rich, not by a long way, and second the people of SJ don't want this. Three city counsel members who have bad feelings towards the school board members are try to play games with our kids lives. By a massive majority the citizens do not want this. please don't compare us to the people in Draper.

County Resident
Kearns, UT

Just remember...Canyons district pays a tax for the Canyons District and pay for their part of the former Jordan District bonds. It's not cheaper. Common sense suggests that lower taxes are by broadening the base. Now as one district, if Bingham High needs to be rebuilt, it is shouldered by all residents in the district. If Bingham High needs to get rebuilt in a SJ District, it is on the shoulders of just the SJ residents. It is easy math.

salt lake, UT

The Canyons split benefited the East side. THey got their schools and then when most of the growth was on the WEST side they opt out. WE need fewer school districts to eliminate duplication of administration.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

jj dexter:

I will concede that not everyone in SJ is rich and perhaps a majority of citizens might not even want the split. But let's also face the reality. I would imagine that all that ARE pro-split are the wealthy citizens of South Jordan. Like the citizens of Canyons, they feel "maligned" and are tired of "carrying" the rest of the Jordan district because they are wealthy. Somebody out there needs to tell me my analysis is wrong. This is nothing but a bunch of wealthier South Jordan residents wanting their own district...

South Jordan, UT

I'm not sure who offended Chuck Newton, but it is time for this ridiculous political theater to stop. I am not sure if the district split will ever make it to the ballot, but Mr. Newton will certainly be on the ballot again. And wasting our money and time is certainly not the way to get himself re-elected.

Utah, UT

a District split is what is needed in the Alpine School District. LEHI toward the west should be their own district. That's where the growth is and ASD is very slow in responding to the needs of those cities even though a lot of money comes from these areas. There is so much growth in Lehi/Saratoga Springs/Eagle Mountain/Traverse Mountain/Suncrest that it is just too big for ASD and all the waste they are notorious for. Big businesses now contribute to the tax base of these cities - it's time ASD.

Chuck E. Racer
Lehi, UT

The best thing would be to simply put a limit on how big a district can get, like say 10,000 students (which is still more than twice the average size of districts). Then the state board would be charged with seeing that the local district drew the lines for a division that would be best, rather than cities being involved at all. BUT we really need to divide up these huge districts into community-sized districts!

Kearns, UT

If I lived in South Jordan, Newton would lose his next election for sure. A classic example of someone getting power, as he supposes, and then exercises unrighteous dominion. This guy needs to be voted off of the city council. If some such idiotic idea passes, South Jordan deserves the higher taxes that will come with it. I wouldn't want to be a teacher in the new district.

South Jordan, Utah

I attend City Council and my JSD Board and Town Hall meetings on a regular basis. There are two sides to everything with ELECTED officials trying to please their constituents. At these meetings, I have seen City officials, Developers and JSD Board members pointing fingers at each other for hours because there was no communication about some new building project. What's even more humorous is that then they all start back paddling denying that they didn't tell the other party what was going on. Mr. Newton wants to scrutinize with good reason because SJ has been burned. JSD has new Board members in Susan Pulsipher and Kayleen Whitelock, who DO represent SJ well and have been doing a GREAT job re-establishing the JSD's credibility. Mayor Alvord is also new and open minded. I have 4 children at 4 different schools, two of which are not in South Jordan. Emotions aside, where would you house all the kids? A split is not cost effective, but more collaboration is the answer! Can't we all just work smarter not harder, people!

South Jordan, UT

I have a tough time believing an entity that requires a major threat (such as SJ leaving the district) to start responding to the cities needs. Why would I believe that it won't happen again once the threat is lifted. In addition, my limited experiences with the current school board, like with most large, inflexible organizations have been disappointing. They essentially nodded politely and told me to go away.

By contract, I've lived out east where most school districts are composed of a single city. The local control and responsiveness ensures that the district is looking out for the best interests of the children in the community. Board members are parents in the community, so normal citizens can personally know board members and the parents know that their input is being considered. I'm a huge fan of bringing governance to the local level, as much as reasonable. Limiting the school district to a single city is such a significant benefit that if the financial considerations are even close, I would support it.

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