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Published: Friday, July 18 2014 3:15 p.m. MDT

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Rhetoric from both sides of this issue aside, this is a good decision by the SCOTUS.

SSM will fuundamentally alter society in ways we are just beginning to see in states like MA, where it has been legal for a while. Some changes are good; some not.

I am glad the SCOTUS is taking a more cautious approach to this issue than some of the federal judges.

Frozen Fractals
Salt Lake City, UT

The court isn't trying to decide if same-sex marriage is Constitutional, it's trying to decide if Amendment 3 is unconstitutional. Since the verdict striking down Amendment 3 was stayed, however, it's currently law (hence no more same-sex marriages being performed). That means it'd trigger the second clause of Amendment 3 since same-sex couples don't fall under the first so I would consider the stay on this to be the correct decision.

American Fork, UT

That's too bad. It will come about, of course, but the courts are all being cautious and if they can pass it off, they do.

Orem, UT

RedWings... what are some of the negative changes in MA?

Provo, UT

Judge Shelby must have known Utah would appeal his decision, so if anyone is to blame for the 1300+ marriages currently in limbo, it’s him for not granting a stay in the first place to prevent the marriages from happening. Governor Herbert promises to recognize those marriages when they are good and legal, but the case isn’t settled yet, so everyone just needs to be patient until the end. The Supreme Court made the right choice today.

Phoenix, AZ

The stay is a good idea. Means less marriages that have to be undone when SCOTUS rules against SSM. If they ever get a round tewit.

Salt Lake City, Utah

So-called "same sex marriage" is ultimately a policy issue not a legal or Constitutional question. As such it should be the people who decide it not a bunch of appointed judges!

Kearns, UT

This, by no means, is any indication of what SCOTUS will say in regards to Amendment 3. Personally, I don't think the higher courts will take on the appeal because there still has not been conflicting ruling in any of the lower courts. Today, as a matter of fact, the tenth circuit ruled Oklahoma's law banning same sex marriage to be unconstitutional. SCOTUS has no compelling reason to take up this case, so I believe the tenth circuit's rulings will stand. Then, the courts will also tell the state that is has to legally recognize the marriages that have been performed.

The Wraith
Kaysville, UT

Well I'm sure glad the Mad Max level of chaos that would have unfolded in Utah without this emergency stay has been avoided.

I have a few genuine questions for anyone who thinks same sex marriage will "fundamentally alter society". I've asked these questions a few times but so far no one has had the courage (or I suspect the facts) to answer.

How exactly will same sex marriage fundamentally alter society?
If it in fact does this then why is it that in societies where same sex marriage is legal and has been for years has this fundamental alteration not occurred?
OR if it has occurred what are the signs of this fundamental alteration?

I would love to see a detailed list that answers those questions with actual evidence from the nations and even U.S. States where same sex marriage is legal. I say actual evidence because I've seen some reports about the chaos in Mass. but not a single one of the points of evidence listed in these reports is backed up by actual fact. I eagerly await your list.

Br. Jones
East Coast, MD

A reasonable decision by the court, even though the families who brought the case will have a bit longer to wait for things to resolve.

university place, WA

As I continue to read through the comments on all the articles related to SSM and the State of Utah, I gotta wonder why the State spent good money to hire high-powered lawyers from out of state to plead their case when they have so many home-grown, local legal and constitutional scholars to hand-pick from? My guess is the AG and Governor are not reading these comments.

San Mateo, CA

Sotomayor has made a wise decision granting Utah's motion so that there can be no doubt as to the fairness of hearing Utah's appeals. Although I don't believe that Utah has a forceful case, due to their recent February ruling in favor of alternative marriages (polygamy), I believe Sotomayor needed to allow them this chance so they will not have the ability to re-appeal following a nation-wide decision.

Bountiful, UT

Not an unexpected ruling, but it's telling that Sotomayor (apparently) queried the rest of the justices before issuing this stay, ie, "are you guys sure we want to take on this issue?"

Assuming the SCOTUS hears an appeal, presumably next year, it will likely be another 5-4 decision, either way, which is probably appropriate, considering how divided our nation is on this - and many other - issues.

"The Wraith" asks a pertinent question - how exactly will SSM adversely affect society? My sister-in-law and her partner of 27 years got married in late December, and I've yet to detect any impact on my marriage, in any way. Actually, their marriage has had a calming, stabilizing effect, if anything, for *them*.

Regardless, in 20 years we'll be having to answer to younger generations about why the State of Utah was opposed to people getting married.

We've seen this movie before, folks.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Repubs have used up all their Supreme Court victories on citizens united and hobby lobby.

Now we get to win gay marriage.

I don't want to hear any repub complain. You folks told us to deal with the Supreme Court decisions that we didn't like. Now you must learn to deal with the Supreme Court decisions that you won't like!


GREAT decision by the Supreme Court. Hopefully they'll take up this case eventually and help protect the definition of marriage for future generations.

Maryville, MO

This is a correct decision now lets hope that the 5-4 continues to be correct otherwise society will pay for the error of the lower courts.

Berryville, VA

@ the wraith

All the answers arent prevalent in how SSM will shape society.

There are plenty of places where SSM is legal. If marriage is so important to them why dont they just go move to a place where it is legal and encouraged instead of trying to force a whole state to do something that they don't believe is right?

And don't start down the whole civil rights / slavery issue. LGBT arent slaves they have been treated badly but I think a lot of the public has been a lot kinder to them in recent times.

Sure there have been a few businesses that wont photograph their weddings or make them a wedding cake but I havent been hearing about hate crimes and such that were associated with the actual civil rights movement.

Kearns, UT

"If marriage is so important to them why dont they just go move to a place where it is legal and encouraged instead of trying to force a whole state to do something that they don't believe is right?"

Because even with some of the flaws in this state, a lot of us actually like living here. We also want to make this place a safer and better environment for all of its residents. It's not the American way to expect people to move to a different state in order to enjoy basic human rights.

Also, believe me when I tell you that the LGBT community still experience poor treatment. I have been assaulted while jogging in my neighborhood and had slurs painted on my car window within the past year.

This fight is important because it's long overdue for everyone in our communities to be treated with dignity and respect, feel safe, and enjoy strong and healthy family bonds.

Phoenix, AZ

"@Mr. Bean and @WTZ Is there something in Arizona that is affecting your all or nothing thinking about marriage? You think marriage equality should be applied to siblings, family generation? You may as well throw in animals just to spice it up a bit. :>)"

I don't know Bean or WTZ...

Marriage equality should apply to all who wish to marry. And that would include... well, that would include all who wish to marry.

"Why not think a little harder and you may see that marriage equality is for adults..."

I know sibs who are adults. At least, they look to be adults.

"...that are not related..."

We're all related. Have you not heard of the Garden of Eden's Adam and Steve?

"...and who are able to think such as reading, writing, and answering questions at the marriage license bureaus."

The adult sibs that I know can read, write and answer questions... Questions such as: "What's happenin' dude?"

"I assume they have some in Arizona. :>)"

They do.

Steve C. Warren

The people who oppose the legalization of same-sex marriage by and large are the same people who are anti-immigrant, who supported the war in Iraq until the bitter end, who won't allow their states to accept much-needed Medicaid, who can't find anything wrong with anything Israel does and who want to sabotage the Affordable Care Act in spite of evidence that it's working. In other words, these people are messing up the world.

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