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Published: Friday, July 18 2014 1:30 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Being such a conservative state, it leads not only to a good business environment which helps job growth and it also means more qualified and hard working people. This is no surprise.

In related news, the labor participation rate is the lowest its been in the US in 30 years.

Well barack?

Farmington, UT

Is it mere coincidence that 4 of the 5 states with the lowest unemployment are conservative and three of the four with the highest are liberal (based on the last presidential election map)?

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Of course it is. We've been following the liberal democrat model for economic growth and prosperity.

Oh wait a minute....not bad for a red, conservative state. The left will come back and claim higher taxes attract job creators. In fact, when I took business classes, every lecture ended that the best way to make money is to pay higher taxes and pay the employees more than they're worth. LOL!

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Unemployment among minorities, especially among blacks and Hispanics have only increased under barracks regime. Is this an accident? Maybe it is Bush's fault. Or maybe it's the Republicans or ATMS's that is causing this. Maybe it's racism. After all under White presidents minorities enjoyed lower unemployment than under barack. Wait a minute, that wouldn't be racism then....

Wake up people. It's the left wing, liberal ideology of high taxes, social nanny state, cradle to grave, give government your labor and money and they'll redistribute it out equitably mentality that has gotten us into this awful hole.

With this current regime, I'm ashamed to be associated with those that voted for it. But, as with a wayword child you work with them. Help them understand the errors of their ways. And welcome them back with open arms as they begin to see the light and leave the awful darkness that they were led to as lemmings.

Cedar Hills, UT

The two best US states are Texas and Utah both led by GOP governors. Guess who has the worst unemplyment and which party their gov's are. Pretty easy. Bottom line - conservative principles lift everyone while liberal ideology sinks the ship. Numbers never lie.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT


The largest employers of the state are taxpayer funded.

Shut down Hill, then let's see what our unemployment rate would be!

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

That's because wages are 50% of the rest of the country.
Like China, and Bangladesh.

Employers can hire 2 for the price of 1.

Meanwhile le's NOT forget who the top Employers are in the state --

The Federal Government,
The STATE Government.

Dr. Thom
Long Beach, CA

The Beehive State may remain among the best state in the country to find a job but that depends greatly on the job and the industry. For academics looking for a FT teaching, tensur-track position, not so much.

Taylorsville, UT

How can we call undocumented illegal aliens looting and pilfering this state of taxes and welfare food stamps good for the economy? Its terrible for the economy and this unemployment is a lie since they don't count any jobs or illegal aliens in jobs that are not reported to the department of workforce services. These jobs for illegal are underground word of mouth jobs not available to the tax payers and honest citizens of the state.

With such low unemployment then how come all the income tax and sales taxes and medicare and medicaid is so under funded? If so many people are employed how come there is no tax revenues increases? Its not that they don't get any wages, they just aren't reported wages.

How can they explain low unemployment with a stagnant economy and tax revenue loss representing a 30% unemployment? The numbers are as fake as Obama and lie upon lie.

I have no problem with federal jobs, their incomes and taxes are collected and paid and the jobs don't require any state funds at all. All 50,000 federal workers are citizens and registered workers to vote in the tea party movement.

Kings Court
Alpine, UT

Does anyone find it strange that when unemployment is high, it is the opposing political party's fault but when unemployment is low, we give credit to our own party preference? Are all human beings so easily manipulated by politics that they lose any modicum of common sense?

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

The Utah economy like all other states is still being restrained by red tape and high taxes of the present administration. Nevertheless the job situation is much better here than some states. And I don't think the poor suffer more in such a climate.

Sandy, UT

Lies, darn lies and statistics. Yes, the federal government is the largest single employer in Utah. About 35000 Utahn's work for federal agencies in a state where the Feds own 65% of the land). That means about 1 in 90 Utahns work for the Feds. Hardly the deciding factor in unemployment. The fact that Utah has a large percentage of smaller employers helps. When a big company struggles it can take down the local economy. In Utah you have hundreds of small businesses struggling, but hundreds more growing. You can always get double the Salary by moving to San Francisco. Of course a house will cost you $1.Mil so everything extra you make will go to your mortgage.

Sandy, UT

A low unemployment rate doesn't mean the jobs are high paying good jobs. I can make a lot more money in Portland, Washington or California than I could ever make in Utah. Of course there are people here who think $16 is making it.

Everett, 00

But how can that be?
Republicans keep telling us that Obama is the worst President ever!

Dave T in Ogden
Ogden, UT

Though our unemployment rate is not that of zero. Is it that the unemployed have large gaps of no employment, they have no marketable jobs skills or that they cannot pass a background check? Who will hire them?
As we are a Christian nation, there ought to be programs that reach out to those who are not part of the employed. There ought to be many open revolving doors for the unemployed do go through to get into the job market.
They ought to greatly expand new jobs training programs. If they are spending money on welfare, food stamps, subsidize lunches anyway, they could fully subsidize wages for employers to hire them until that employee obtain the skills they need. Other schooling could also be subsidized at 100 percent initially. Then with time, a steady decline in the total subsidized wages would go to zero, when that employee becomes completely self-sufficient. Give a man a fish....teach a man how to fish.
A strong nation depends on having strong families, thus the head of households should especially be encouraged to enter these jobs training programs. Learning new skills is the best way to reduce social ills...Then we all win.

Salt Lake City, UT

Jobs are available in Utah for those who want to work, show up on time, aren't on drugs and will take a shower and dress reasonably. Felons are a problem. Not everyone, either individuals or businesses, is will to take a chance hiring them. Forgiving their past crimes is easy, but different than forgetting them.

Bountiful, UT

Utah is blessed to have a fairly good government, whose governance is often rated highest in the nation among the other states. Given that government is of the people, this speaks well for the people of the state too. These two facts together explains why our economy is fairly good, and better than most.

Orem, UT

While the Utah economy is doing better than many other states, there are still lots of problems so we shouldn't feel comfortable at all. Things can turn sour in a hurry.

We need more full-time, higher paying jobs and we need people to gain the skills necessary to fill them.

I agree with Dave T. in Ogden that we need to tie government assistance programs to behaviors that will lift recipients out of poverty. In order to collect unemployment, welfare, food stamps, or other government "safety-net" payments you should have to do something for them (besides just breathe) if you are able.

School, work programs, and community service are great ways to get skills and develop solid work habits. Government assistance needs to be a short-term thing that people actually try to avoid. Help those who need help, but expect them to put forth whatever effort they are capable of giving.

Everett, 00

In a State were a Master's Degree equals $15 an hour,
that's not much to be crowing about....

Newport Beach, CA

Airnaut, in a state where you can earn $15 an hour and still buy a house in a decent, safe area, that's a heckuva lot to be crowing about.

Now in SoCal, where a house in the graffiti district costs you $300K, not so much.

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