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Published: Friday, July 18 2014 8:20 a.m. MDT

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Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Coach Mendenhall has a good record of helping young men find their way. Hope he can do it again.


Utah never offered. However, they desperately need some LB depth. Since he is already in Utah, maybe the Utes should take a look at him.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Sometimes kids don't want to change. Coach Mendenhall can only help the ones who want the help.


I'm sorry to see this kid go. It would be great to see him work with Coach Mendenhall and come back to the program, but if that's not possible I hope he has success wherever he ends up.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Sometimes kids don't want to change. Coach Mendenhall can only help the ones who want the help.


You are assuming the kid is the problem. What exactly did this kid do? Commit a sin or commit a crime? Crime then yes, he needs help. Sin? Then maybe BYU just isn't the place for him.

Holladay, UT


"Utah didn't offer because they aren't good enough to land this caliber LB."

Says a fan of a team that has lost to Utah 4 years in a row.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Hope he rebounds from whatever led to the change. Go Cougars!

And once again ChrisB is making this about the Utes...

Woods Cross, UT

Rather than send the normal spitballs back and forth, how about stepping back a moment and realize this is a form of significant human tragedy.

This young man just lost a scholarship opportunity and will be explaining the situation to whatever team he may now seek to join. And this was not just a game or two suspension, but gone from school, and he'd only been on campus a few weeks. Had to be a pretty big Ooops.

Not much fun, & not much to gloat about.

--- There seem to be an inordinate number of difficulties popping up in Provo recently between Busby, Langi, and now this.... And not the best PR to have this announcement come out seemingly as a leak with Bronko on 'vacation' and 'not available for comment'.

--- Beyond the continuing horrendously bad PR tactics, sorry to hear There's Trouble In River City. I'm sure most of the Blue Crew readership would say it's time to resolve these distractions, reset the bowling pins, and get ready to play some football.

Sad to say Sione, it's time to move on. Best of luck on your new pathway.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

I'm sure the Honor Code was not hidden from him before he signed. So obviously, he already decided once that BYU, Honor Code and all, was the place for him.

No need to theorize what the issue is, and hopefully it won't get splayed in public for all to gossip about.

I just hope he can take the long view of the situation and can work it through. Best of luck to him in the future.

Gilbert, AZ


"By the way good job on the new 1 for 2 agreement with Arizona, a team BYU fans laugh at for their lack or success in a big boy conference."

LOL at your spin:

It's a 1-1-1 agreement.

One neutral site game, one game in Provo, and one game in Tucson.

University of Phoenix Stadium, where the Fiesta Bowl is played, is in close proximity to a huge BYU fan base. Don't be too surprised to see half the stadium filled with BYU fans.

btw, Arizona has been far more successful in the PAC than the Utes have been; and BYU fans don't laugh at Arizona, they simply point out the fact that Arizona has been in the PAC 30 years and is still looking for their first Rose Bowl.

Back Talk
Federal Way, WA

Speculation, Speculation, Speculation.

Another cultural problem that I wish we could overcome.

He will be fine where ever he ends up.

Baltimore, MD


"What exactly did this kid do?"

It's none of your business what the kid did and certainly none of your business to decide under what conditions he may or may not return to BYU.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

That's unfortunate, but the kid new the rules going in. I hope things work out for him.

Baltimore, MD


You've obviously misread the tea leaves.

This isn't a PR issue.

It's about a young man deciding his priorities and determining whether his priorities match the standards of BYU or any other institution of high learning he would like to attend.

What you with your BYU-hating spin claim is a "form of significant human tragedy", may instead be a life-changing event for positive growth - see KVN.

Highland, UT


How is the Langi transfer a "difficulty" or a "PR problem" for BYU? Seems to me to be a "difficulty", if not outright embarrassment, for the univeristy of utah and a huge PR issue for them as well. You know someone leaving your school and basically saying it is because of all the bad influences there seems to be more of a "PR problem" for the school the kid is running away from as fast as he possibly can than the one he is going to. lol

Provo, UT


I appreciate the sentiment regarding Sione and agree that we shouldn't pile on the kid. I wish him all the best, and I hope that he's able to get everything sorted out and enroll back into BYU in the future.

However, I'm not sure where you're coming from regarding BYU difficulties and bad PR. I think it's been a great off-season for BYU. The Busby situation was completely overblown and left a lot of the local media with egg on their face after they speculated there could be "$250,000 in benefits", "safe houses", and this was a "systemic issue that stretched back to Lavell's days and the BYU administration had to know about it" when, in fact, it turned out to be extremely minor in nature.

The Langi situation was great for BYU. A high-profile recruit who transferred from a "P5" program because he wanted to live a higher standard that is enforced at BYU.

And this Takitaki situation, while unfortunate, just reinforces that BYU enforces the Honor Code and is not hypocritical with regards to that or its athletes.

Pretty good for a BYU fan.

Provo, UT

I loved the comment above that "If this kid committed serious sins, then he shouldn't go to BYU. Utah is the better place for him!" said, apparently without any sense of irony, by a Ute fan. As if it is a source of pride that your football team doesn't have moral standards or something.

Something to be real proud of, Utes! "This guy can't live the basic honor code at BYU to a degree that they kicked him out after two weeks? Sounds like a great pickup for us!"

I hope that this is actually a KVN situation all over again, though. I'd rather this kid never plays sports if he can focus on getting his life in order. That's more important, in the grand scheme of things.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

DrUte, to add to what truecoug1 said...

Who's to say that Takitaki won't stick it out and still play at BYU? It's happened before. Completely up to him, take advantage of other schollie offers now or work his way back into BYU and rejoin the football squad. The easiest road would be to play for another university immediately. Just saying that there's more than one option.

Go Takitaki/BYU!

Las Vegas, NV

Wishing the best for this kid. Hopefully he will grow from this and land on his feet. Too bad there is so much speculation from all sides as to what he did.

Football can't get here soon enough!!

Salt Lake City, UT


What? Bad PR? Takitaki didn't hold up his end of the deal, how is that BYU's PR issue? Or have you never heard of the honor code? How is Langi BYU's PR issue? utes wanted the Busby situation to be death and destruction but it just made all the haters look entirely foolish by their overreaction, fueled by their hate.

Your veiled and fabricated empathy couched as anything genuine is disturbing at least and an arrogant attempt at manipulation to express concern. Your perceptions do not add up to your assertions of tragedy and sorrow.

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