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Published: Thursday, July 17 2014 11:15 p.m. MDT

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Not Much of a Fan

Need a shooting coach!

Saint Louis, MO

Seen for eleven and 3 of 4 in three point still looks good for Rodney Hood. He looks like the real deal. Exum looks very raw. Even this early, it looks like Exum should be sent to play in Europe.

Henderson, NV

We HAD a shooting coach. His name was Jeff Hornacek. He took his talents to Phoenix. Not sure if we will ever find one as talented as him. Which explains why Phoenix got sooooo much better so fast.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Europe? Exum may be raw but he will be playing in the NBA this year and have an impact on the team. He is going to be an elite player within 5 years. Hood and Exum are two of the best players in this years draft. Both will have a positive impact on the Jazz in the coming season. Either Lindsey is smart or lucky,but either way, he had a great draft.

Captain L
Provo, UT

I really like what I saw in Motum, I hope he gets a chance to make the team in the fall. I would like to see the Jazz sit Burke and start Exum at the point in this last game. Gobert has looked good, but still needs more strength and work.

Captain L
Provo, UT

CJMiles: Good to see your positive comments, I agree.

Sturgis, MS

Game is tied less than two minutes to go. Burke turns the ball over and misses every shot taken after that except one miss by Exum and a dunk by Gobert.

Jazz need trade the all rookie point guard for a point guard.

The play by play indicates the defense went south also. Hopefully Jazz will sign Motee or whatever his name is.

Roosevelt, UT

The Jazz had a shooting coach and while Hornacek was here Sloan would never hire him because he knew that often great players are not good coaches ie, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan.

While Hornacek was the shooting coach the Jazz were 27th to 30th in the league in shots made. Corbin hired him as a friend when he was new to head coaching, turns out he was a terrible shooting coach. As a head coach he seems to be doing better.

TheJazz have shooting issues for sure and they tried to address them by hiring the new sf from Toronto, paying him twice what he made last year. He is a glorified Korver who can hit the shot but took defense lessons from Al Jefferson and Korver who could not defend a jr high player.

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