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Published: Thursday, July 17 2014 8:05 a.m. MDT

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Kings Court
Alpine, UT

How about not letting your kid have a computer in their bedroom in the first place. The same thing with television. Is it really that difficult to raise your kids people? Parents need to start parenting their kids, not trying to be friends with them.

Beaverton, OR

Kings Court is right on. You wouldn't give your child a pet rattlesnake, then wring your hands about how hard it is to keep him/her from being bit.

Murray, UT

The concern should be less about the content of the internet and more about the value of setting time aside for particular activities. We are raising a generation that will be unable to postpone any sort of gratification and miss out on the fulfillment of engaging in pursuits that are often time-consuming or boring, missing out on the long term reward. With social sites and new content available 24/7, an escape from reality is just a swipe away and parental concern about time frames of use and particular sites is misguided. Just as teaching a man to fish is better than giving him a fish, teaching teenagers the importance of time-value and structure is better than scolding them for certain behaviors.

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