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Published: Wednesday, July 16 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Eugene, OR

Wow, I'm impressed that you guys printed this. This comment board sure is going to be fun...

Tuffy Parker
Salem, UT

As president, Jimmy Carter was a kind and warm person - perhaps one of the most genuine men to ever serve in that office. However, being a good guy did not prevent him from being one of the worst presidents ever until now.

By many accounts President Obamba is a wonderful person but under his administration constitutional law is routinely circumvented, abandoning the DOMA opened the floodgates for the current same-sex marriage fiasco, the ACA mandates availability of what many consider to be abortion pills, our national defense is at its weakest in decades and our foreign policy is in shambles. Add to that Benghazi, IRS targeting and the Taliban for Bergdahl swap to help define his time in office. I have a hard time understanding what any Mormon or other concerned citizen can celebrate about this administration.

I'm happy to applaud President Obama as a husband, father and man of faith but cannot, in good conscience, find much to approve in his presidential leadership.

Salt Lake City, UT

I have nothing against President Obama the person. He seems to actually be a decent person, I feel. I do not approve of his policies however. This article is clearly wriitten by someone who is skewing what the approval poll was asking. The poll did not ask "Is Barack Obama a good man?" It instead asked "Do you approve of President Obama?" I can very easily answer yes to the first question and still say no to the second.

Crisco B
Salt Lake City, UT

Did President O save some Mormons money with Obama Care? Perhaps. But he cost thousands of others higher insurance premiums, so go fish. We cannot say he saved people money without also pointing out that he cost others money.

Cougar Blue 1
Henderson , NV

This can not be a serious article right? I know this is an opinion piece, but wow!! You would have thought Jay Carney wrote this. Sadly the Obama machine has infiltrated DN.

across the sea
Topeno, Finland

a dear friend is in a Utah hospital...without insurance...dual brain surgeries...about to loose her home...the bill is over a million...
Affordable healthcare is a joke abd so is affordable insurance, because it is based on the most ineffective money making health "service" in the world (most expensive per capita -even with 50 mil less- and non insured.)
...another friend with severe diabetes told me the day he got his new "affordable" insurance bill that he now pays 3600 USD more.
if Obama would care about families...he would stay at Camp David for Christmas. instead of flying back and forth to Hawaii (hundreds of spoiled christmases to his staff, security, Air Force etc...
Sad to say, but Obama only cares for his mandate.
That is why I dislike his presidency.

Salt Lake City, UT

Okay, Obama is a nice guy, that has nothing to do with his job performance.

Under his presidency the National debt has increased by almost $7 trillion. Many Americans are still unemployed, while he and his family take vacations around the world, costing taxpayers roughly $44 million so far. He has spent over a half year of his time in office playing golf. His speeches show him to be an arrogant person, I, I, I...

Troop withdrawal from Iraq is more due to Iraq Government than Obama's doing. Afghanistan is not yet over. Had it not been for public outcry, Obama would have US troops fighting in Syria now. They're still working on that. For a Nobel Peace Prize recipient Obama is quite the war monger.

Most LDS revere the Constitution as a sacred document, Obama has overreached the authority granted the president in the Constitution.

Obamacare is a way to collect revenue for a financially broke government. It is affordable for some, because it is subsidized by taxpayers.

He promised transparency and has presided over the most secretive administration.

Voted for Obama in 2008. Could not vote for him in 2012. He was not true to his promises.

Murray, UT

I don't like the direction he has taken the country. I did not vote for a father or preacher. His invitation was to promote his agenda in immigration. I think his actions as President lost him 20% of his support. When you factor in Romney, we are the same as Protestants.

Maybe he needs to lead instead of dictate.

Thornbury, Vic

Thank you for the incite into the President's life.

Honolulu, HI

Fantastic article, I applaud the DN, give them three cheers: hip hip hurray, hip hip hurray, hip hip hurray!!! Okay then, now it's time to turn words into action. Support Obama, support the President including: Obamacare, marriage equality, gun control, foreign policy in the Middle East, immigration reform, on and on and on.

Daniel Ben
Herndon, VA

It would be more correct to say that President Obama pulled our troops out of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The wars rage on.

He is a family man who does not understand the true meaning of family. He promotes the "alternative lifestyle" which, if practiced by too many, would eradicate families. I, for one, will be happy when this democratically-elected dictator is no longer president.......unless he is replaced by Hillary. I'm not sure who is worse.


On the opposite side: 1. He has record setting spending deficits. We cannot sustain the current deficit spending. The church doesn't believe in that. 2. His views on same gender marriage is in conflict with A Proclamation to the World. 3. The help to the military is contradicted by the out of proportion sequestration burden the military has had to bear. 4. Should we include tobacco, alcohol, and cannabis use?

Ogden, UT

This is one of the weakest articles I have ever read. Come on DN you can do better.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

Amen Brother, Amen!

Now -- Que the Obama haters, in 3...2...1...

Burke, VA

Thank you Professor Davis, for this thoughtful assessment that I hope all members of my church will consider regarding their president. It's interesting that our current president, as you describe, has all the qualities of character - family values - that everyone was clamoring for just two decades ago and yet people seem to look past those qualities when making their judgments. In his time in office the economy has turned from hemorrhaging 900,000 jobs a month to now growing 150,000 per month and the stock market has more than doubled in size. We were able to capture and kill our number one enemy and our troops are coming home from a decade long csmpaign on foreign soil - all good things.

I don't expect everyone to embrace everything he has done as being perfect. Certainly he is not. And I know there are sharp differences in where we all want the country to go but the things you describe are worth considering as we make our overall judgement of the man.

John Kateel
Salt Lake City, UT

This is a very thoughtful opinion piece. Even though I am not LDS, I believe that the nuclear family is the center of the world's social structure. President Barack Obama is a great father, husband, and President in my eyes. His willingness to reform healthcare is the main reason I voted for him twice. Now we have improving prenatal and postnatal care for babies and expectant mothers and families that may no longer go bankrupt for medical reasons. President Obama is now fighting for gay and transgender families. His AG is fighting for their rights to get married and adopt kids. I was also ignorant of the struggles that gays and lesbians faced in their daily lives until I took the time to know them personally. My wife and I are now allies in their cause. I have seen how successfully a gay couple has raised their adopted son and now their adopted daughter. What a beautiful thing to see in this world. Their smiles and laughter from being loved by such caring parents. Thank you President Obama for all you do.

South Jordan, UT

The three reasons you posted here are not sufficient for voting for a person for the highest office in the land. I personally know hundreds of men who are good fathers, friendly to the LDS church, and are devout in their religious practices. But none of them would make a good president. My issues with Obama stem from his policies, his penchant for blaming others (he and his supporters have wandered far from "the buck stops here" philosophy of Truman), and his general incompetence.

He might have made a great president some day but he just wasn't prepared to be president yet. His victories were an artifact of a celebrity mentality among young voters and a racist mentality among minority voters. I wish he had been up to the job. His premature grasp for the presidency has, I'm afraid, diminished the legacy he could have had if he had been more patient and waited until he was a little more seasoned before seeking the highest position in the land.

Far East USA, SC

"This suggests that Utahns’ disapproval goes beyond the job Obama is doing to the person himself."

Ya Think?

The seething hatred for Obama from many of those on the right is palpable and is very evident in some of the comments in this newspaper.

I find it sad that people (left and right) cannot differentiate the person from various politics that you disagree with.

As the article points out, Obama is a fairly likeable person and a good father and husband.
It's too bad that even staunchly "Christian" people become so un-"Christlike" when politics are involved.

Murray, UT

You have got to be kidding with this article. This President is destroying the country and dismantling all the institutions we hold dear. He is destroying religious freedom or at least trying to.( see Hobby Lobby case)As a state Senator he voted three times in favor of a law that would allow a doctor to find a live baby who survived an abortion and murder it. You want us to support this? He represents a philosophy that feels America needs to be "fundamentally transformed" into a nation none of us would recognize. His "family values" you claim he represents by being " a good father" and his "christian values" are more likely based on political expediency than anything else. He tramples on the constitution almost daily. His administration is involved in more scandals than we can even count anymore and is clearly involved in covering them up any way they can. That is why Church members don't support him, not because he defeated Mitt Romney in the election. An election by the way that was rife with voter fraud and IRS intimidation on the part of his campaign.

salt lake city, utah

Thanks Mr. Davis your article proved a catalyst to show just how uninformed the opposition to the President is.

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