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Published: Tuesday, July 15 2014 5:00 a.m. MDT

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Michael Hunt
Murray, UT

This is hardly worthy of print, maybe a dull journal entry or something.

Sainte Genevieve, MO

I found the article an interesting peak behind the scenes of what it takes to get on the Shark Tank and the decisions one has to make. Thanks for sharing.

Cedar Rapids, IA

Re: Michael Hunt

Really? I thought it interesting. It was of sufficient interest a comment was merited from you. My family doesn't live and die by any particular TV program, but even the mildly curious should find the usually hidden behind the scenes requirements interesting.

But that's just me.

Archer of Paradise
Oklahoma City, OK

Nice article. I enjoy reading a good "journal entry" from time to time.

Richard Larson
Galt, CA

Well that was a fascinating
story/article of nothing....


Liberal Ted; dead on!

Aurelius maximus
Berryville, VA

This is a good information for entrepreneurs like myself that are interested as you were in knowing the requirements to go on shark tank.


American Fork, UT

I like 'dragons' den', the cbc canadian version of this show, a lot better. It features two of the 'sharks' (Yes, two of them are canadian!) and features a bit more fun with the banter between the 'dragons'.
Kevin O'Leary has written a couple good books on personal finances, too. Lesson one: get your kids out of the basement.

Yello Rose
Rio Rancho, NM

I enjoy watching "Shark Tank" Can learn a lot from them in their suggestions. I rally enjoyed hearing of your experience and all required to even get there. I did not know of all the hoops you go thru to be approved. Also l loved your last line there which says to all of us "Never give Up" Good luck as you continue on in your pursuit!


That's interesting Jason. I've heard from other people applying for Amazing Race, Biggest Loser, etc., that you basically sign your life away for months. But it would be fun to see you on there - I'm a fan too!

Mark C
Gilbert, SC

It's called "Integrity." Thanks for hold true.

terra nova
Park City, UT

Shark Tank is not what it seems to be. The so-called "deals" they do on the show end up being pulled back more often than not. Many participants made and deal and report, "they never contacted me again after the show."

It is just entertainment. Good decision not to participate.

Sterling Allan
Ephraim, UT

It seems to me you gave up too easily. Rather than play the game their way, you could have at least said: "I'm not willing to disclose all the information you are requesting, both because I don't have the time, and because of confidentiality agreements that prevent it. Here is what I'm willing to disclose. I think it gives you plenty of material for your vetting purposes. If you are okay with this, then we can move ahead. If not, then I guess I'll not be appearing on your show."

I would think that the exposure you could get by going on that show would be very beneficial you your purposes.

yazoo dude
West Jordan, UT

Having gone in front of and associated at numerous times with "Vulture Capitalists", I cannot stand to watch Shark Tank. I've had a long, successful career in business and these types serve an important role, however most of them have horrible egos and think they know everything about anything. What I learned over 25 years in business is that (tongue in cheek) the more money you make, the more brain cells you grow and, if you have a PhD in a technical field, you're not only an expert in that particular field, but in business as well.

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