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Shooter was apparently jealous of 2 acquainted with ex-girlfriend

Published: Monday, July 14 2014 8:35 a.m. MDT

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Logan, UT

What's up with all the shootings in Logan lately? Third one this summer. The first address given in this article is practically on campus. Wow.

Huntsville, UT

Guns don't kill people....

Richfield, UT

@ RaunchHand:

You got that one right. Guns don't kill people. It's the people who pull their triggers that do.
It's just like with cars. Cars don't kill people. It's the drunk drivers behind their steering wheels who do.

It doesn't take rocket science to make the proper assimilation... just common sense.

Say What?
Bountiful, UT

To Ranch hand

You're right, guns don't kill people.

Bullets do.

And knives, and bare hands and pillows and hammers etc etc.

Logan, UT

Can we please refrain from a pointless re-hashing of the gun control debate?

andrews afb, MD

Most rocks don't kill people either..just saying..

Kearns, UT

Ranch Hand, one of our best liberals brought it up.

I'd like to see the perpetrators psych profile from the Army. This is so sad. They need to dig into this and try to figure out why this happened.

Kuna, ID

god bless these young people.


Guns don't kill people. They just make it real easy. Hammers, rocks and knives also don't kill people. They just take a great deal more time, strength, skill and effort to complete the task. And they are much more difficult to use if there are multiple intended targets.

This is certainly a tragic event. Three lives taken and many more impacted in just a few seconds.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

Let's get real, if the guy comes in with a knife or rocks, the chance of survival is much higher. Not saying I'm against gun rights but we have to say we have a gun problem in our country.

Fairview, UT

My deepest sympathies go out to the families of all three. So much wasted potential and so much hurt.

Saying we have a gun problem equates to saying we have an automobile problem. Or an alcohol problem. When you put alcohol and driving together, the results are much more deadly than when you put guns and ammo together. The ratio of fatalities is likely much higher for the alcohol-automobile combination.
Actually, I agree that we have an alcohol problem. It kills many more than guns and ammo.
In this case, as in many such cases, we are just as likely to discover a symptom not frequently discussed: the constant emasculation of our young men by a feminized society that has gotten away from teaching things such as accountability, responsibility, respect, and honor. There is not a single, simple solution but perhaps this is where we should begin.

Bountiful, UT

Re Howard Beak

If someone wishes to murder, they will find a way. There were plenty of murders long before there were guns. Back then only the strong and the skillful could with high confidence defend themselves.

salt lake city, UT

@ Ranch Hand
Guns don't kill people. Same with ice cream, pork rinds or alcohol. In the wrong hands anything can be abused and deadly.


Guns don't kill people. Cocaine doesn't kill people. If someone wants to get cocaine, they will find a way. There were plenty of deaths long before cocaine. If you ban cocaine, people will still be able to get it. Just like banning guns.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT


Maybe we are murderous people in the U.S. because our murder rate is incredible. Or maybe the gun situation fits in there a bit. I wonder if those murders in Texas happen if a knife or rocks or Mrs. White in the study with a candlestick is involved. I'm sure the fact that he had a gun helped him subdue the family until the tragic decision to shoot them. Again, those murders don't happen with a knife. Facts are facts...

raleigh, NC

What has the killer being a guards person got to do with this story?

Draper, UT

Mr. Beal,

Your point that it's easier with a gun is legitimate, but to make the assumption that is doesn't happen with a knife is pure conjecture.

The real problem in our country is values. Do we really think we can feed a steady diet of violence through music, movies, TV and video games, have pornography available on demand 24/7, more and more children born out of wedlock, the family in decline where values should be taught and expect there will be no impact on society? It isn't the weapon, but the thoughts that proceed the use of the weapon.

God bless these families that were impacted. This is a terrible tragedy snuffing out young lives that could have been a great blessing to others for many years to come.

Centerville, UT


And perhaps had one of the two victims had a concealed weapon or at least a gun in the house, the outcome would have been different. There are a lot more defensive uses of a gun each year than murders - 10 times or more. If you only look at the detriments of gun ownership and not the benefits, you get a skewed picture.

Redlands, CA

Now can we talk about domestic violence? Now can we ask women to leave situations the first time they are uncomfortable and for men to not hurt or abuse women? Now can we ask women to not taunt and insult men until they lash out physically? Now can we remind both genders that jealousy isn't pretty?

sandy, ut


No doubt there are times when guns help defend people. I don't think it would have mattered here. A guy comes barging in the house with a rifle. You would barely have time to assess what is going on before he started shooting. And a handgun against a rifle is a poor bet. Yes, better then nothing, but odds are in this situation it wouldn't have mattered.

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