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Published: Monday, July 14 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The American people know nothing about history, which they demonstrate when asked their opinion on historical matters.

The Reader
Layton, UT

The recent poll suggesting Obama was the worse president is worthless. That poll could have been taken of almost every president sometime during their term or terms. Give it 20 years and then a more definitive poll can be taken. Polls all depend on how the questions were asked. With all the negativity the republicans are spewing out right now and the gullibility of our population it is not surprising that the results are what they are. FOX news is probably the most biased of all the news organizations. The truth is not in them.

Bountiful, UT

The father of a close friend of mine was in Eisenhower's cabinet, who described Eisenhower as aloof, uninterested, unwilling to make decisions, "a successful military general who was a terrible president".

Lincoln dithered and was very indecisive while the southern states seceded from the union, until a Union general named Benjamin Butler repeatedly queried Lincoln about what to do with escaped slaves who wanted sanctuary in a union fort.

Unable to get a response from Lincoln, Butler invented the term "contraband" and gave refuge to the slaves because he feared they would be used against his men if/when hostilities broke out. Lincoln eventually acknowledged the Civil War was about slavery, and the rest is history.

Being president is a very, very tough job. Reagan may have been so successful because - as we learned in hindsight - he really wasn't fully "there".

Springville, UT

I concur that public opinion polls are a miserable way to measure effectiveness. I suspect that the example of Truman will also apply to Obama. Obama faced the second worst economic disaster in over 100 years, inherited, like FDR, from a Republican, hyper-business friendly administration that did poorly in handling excesses. Foreign policy, two wars, was also unprecedented. But one thing no prior President faced, as far as I know, was the opposition party irrationally swearing to ensure the defeat of the incoming President, perhaps the only promise that the Republicans have kept the past 5 1/2 years. Never have I seen a political party subvert the interests of the nation as I've seen with the GOP. In the past, I've supported people in both parties. But the past few years has put me solidly in the camp of the anti-GOP. And they are only getting worse. In the end, history will judge Obama well due to the mess he faced, despite the hyper-partisan screaming we are hearing now.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Jimmy Carter should be very grateful to Barack Obama for taking over his spot in the rankings.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

I think Obama will be remembered as a great president.

He surmounted overwhelming odds from his childhood. He piloted us out of the worst economic disaster (Republican-caused) in nearly century. He extricated us from stupid, wasteful, disgraceful wars (Republican-caused). He presided over a historic rise in market values after the market collapsed (Republican-caused). He is making affordable, modern health care for all a reality (unlike Republicans, who have done exactly nothing to make that happen). And he has done all this in the face of horrendous, racist, mean-spirited opposition from the worst of the worst in this country.

I admire him and I think future generations will, too.

salt lake city, UT

Excellent insight by Senator Bennett. Outside of talk radio and Fox News the recent poll holds little relevance. It just served as raw meat for the anti-Obama crowd to feast on.

Sugar City, ID

Presidents during my lifetime:

Roosevelt—Adulterer; imprisoned thousands of innocent Japanese Americans; Yalta disaster.

Eisenhower—Nuclear tests in Nevada that sickened and killed thousands of citizens. But the interstate was a great idea. Also, got us out of Korea.

Kennedy—Adulterer; committed troops to Viet Nam. Playboy president.

Johnson—Adulterer; Viet Nam.

Nixon—Watergate cover-up cost him the presidency. But in other ways he wasn't too bad.

Ford—Pardoning Nixon was wise but it cost him the presidency.


Reagan—“Tear down this wall;” wouldn’t buckle to Russian pressure. Probably best president in my life time.

Bush I—Knew how to get out of a war. Not much vision.

Clinton—Adulterer; liar. Who knows how much damage was done to the general character of the American people especially our youth because of his awful example.

Bush II—Inept. Republican house and senate but did nothing about gay marriage or abortion. Iraq quagmire. Economic disaster.

Obama—Liar; Obamacare mess; Benghazi cover-up; provided guns to criminals; border is now a conduit; horrible cross-party relationships; arrogant; still blames his mistakes on others.

No wonder our country is a mess.

Cedar Hills, UT

History will be even less kind to Obama than the present polls.
His administration:
*Ran guns to Mexican cartels
*Used the power of the IRS to suppress political opponent groups
*Abandoned Americans, including an Ambassador, to die at the hands of militant terrorists in Benghazi and then blamed the attack on a video when he knew it wasn't true.
*Pushed socialized medicine on Americans when the majority of Americans never wanted it, and also lied blatantly to Americans about being able to keep their doctor
*Used the NSA to spy on Americans at unprecedented levels.
*Created a "kill list" of people targeted to be killed by the government.
Had he been a Republican instead of the media's darling, he'd have been impeached and run out of office in disgrace long ago.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

Senator Bennett's thesis is accurate.

Kent C. DeForrest
Provo, UT

I suspect that 20 to 30 years down the road, when the ongoing Republican tantrum is largely forgotten, history will be kind to Obama. That he was able to push health-care reform through despite an opposition party sworn to destroy him, and that his policies helped stabilize an economy in free-fall will rate high. So will his efforts to get us out of two idiotic wars.

A comment on Reagan. He was a fine actor, but his abysmal understanding of economics has saddled us with the mess we now enjoy. Supply-side economics was and is a disaster, but the GOP can't seem to find an alternative. They keep beating the same dead horse. Last Friday, for instance, the House passed a bill that would cut taxes on corporations to the tune of $287 billion, with no offset at all. Their theory? This will induce corporations to create jobs. Really? Corporations are already sitting on piles of cash. They don't hire because there is insufficient demand. No amount of supply-side subsidy will fix this.

Lew Scannon
Provo, UT


Please turn off Faux News and conservative talk radio. It's obviously affecting your perception of reality.

Sandy, UT

"The American people know nothing about history..." when they disagree with your personal opinion.

Las Vegas, NV

It is hard to defend Obama because he has no experience to prepare him for the job and his only way of solving problems is deliver speech and demonize those that He suppose to with with.

Heber City, UT

No one outside of Reagan cheerleaders believes he had anything to do with walls coming down or the collapse of the Soviet Union. Read a history book from any western European (friendly) nation. We inflate our role. Reagan isn't even mentioned. The fact that technology allowed people behind walls to see that their leaders were lying to them about the other side of the wall brought the walls down.

American Fork, UT

The ongoing coronation of St. Ronnie.

Sandy, UT

The ongoing coronation of King Obama on the comment boards.

Black Knight
American Fork, UT

Owen: Then why are there statues of Ronald Reagan in Warsaw, Budapest, Bucharest, and Prague? I have seen all four of them. He is a genuine hero to the people of these former Soviet satellites.
In addition, I was in Poland this past April. Obama has very little respect among Polish citizens, and because of his lies, he is greatly distrusted.

South Jordan, UT

Shane333: You spoke my mind exactly. Thank you!

And, no one president has divided this country politically, economically, and culturally as Obama!

We need to turn to God and pray for the Constitution and America!

Virginia Beach, VA

Hey JSB -

"Reagan—“Tear down this wall;” wouldn’t buckle to Russian pressure. Probably best president in my life time. "

WRONG. Reagan was this nation's very WORST president, at least since Warren Harding.

"Tear down this wall?" Do you actually think Reagan came up with that? He didn't. He was primarily and actor, who PRETENDED to be Presidential. His Plutocratic Handlers gave this Alzheimer's-ridden President lines to recite, and he obediently recited them. He was good at it.

It's quite telling, don't you think? . . . That the the best president in history, according to "Conservatives," couldn't remember to put his pants on in the morning.

Reagan was in actually a HORRIBLE president. He set this nation back, and we have never recovered.

He set the Precedent for deficit spending by TRIPLING the debt.

And his policies were moronic. Only through blind luck did the economy rebound during his Presidency, thanks to the fact that the price of world oil dropped to less than 1/3 of what it had been during the Carter administration.

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