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Published: Saturday, July 12 2014 9:55 a.m. MDT

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roy, UT

I was a A believer now I can careless. This is a gigantic mistake by all measures of management. Lindsey needs to leave.

orem, ut

First off, we have a new offensive system, that will most likely play into Gordon's skills. second, there is a minimum league salary, and we were like 20 million below it, with 12 players. This gets us close to the salary required. Third, We still have plenty of cap space, don't freak. Fourth, NO OTHER MAJOR FREE AGENT was coming to Utah this year. Gordon was the best player available for the Jazz to sign.

Everyone relax, let management do what they do, and let the new team and coach have 2 years of cleaning up the Ty Corbin era before you freak out. If we win 30 games this year and get 1 more high draft pick so be it.

South Jordan, UT

No one is worth $63 Million dollars over 4 years let alone a kid under 30. What are you thinking of? They've got to sell a whole lot of tickets at very high prices to pay for this one. They probably learned their lesson letting Paul Mishap go years ago. And a few others.....

Ivins, UT

Yes, I agree that Hayward will be overpaid but it's time to get over it and be supportive. I'm waiting for the 1st summer league game to start in a 1/2 hour and based on some of the negative nellies we have out there I hope our new draftees play well or some fans will already be calling them busts and jumping all over Lindsey. That is just ridiculous!! I appreciate the fans that understand the process and don't start asking for Lindsey's head after a summer league game.

Nephi, UT

Terrible decision. Complete waste. Saw this year he is NOT the man but pay him more than anyone in franchise history? Sad

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

$63,000,000 for taking the shot...

Imagine what he would have signed for if he could actually make the shot.

Mark from Montana
Davis County, UT


Michael Jordan condescended to Skype with Hayward. That is so impressive. I am blown away that Jordan would go to so much trouble for anyone, let alone a guy who has only been in the league four years. Hayward should feel so honored.

Roosevelt, UT

somebody thought because it was Michael Jordan offering that HAyward was worth it...that is the same Mr. Jordan who has proven inept at management and drafted Kwame Brown as he saw the potential there.

The Jazz got nothing for Millsap, they got a second round draft choice for record setting Randy Foye and now they are paying an extra $4 million annually for the next 4 years vs what they could have had Hayward for last year.

Larry has to be rolling in the grave as the entire Jazz organization has bought into the Lindsay story of emperor with no clothes. What has the man cost the Jazz organization vs what he has brought. He says things will get better but now there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

The Jazz stunk the court up last year and this season Lindsay had a goal to sign our own player back. How is that making the Jazz better? How can they get so far behind without plotting.

Lindsay is acting like he is still working for the Spurs as he decimates the Jazz. Young Miller needs to wake up and look in the mirror....gasp I am naked.

Provo, UT

For everyone ragging on this move, what would you have wanted them to do with the money instead? And what does this contract keep us from doing? You may not like the deal, but you have no better solutions that are realistic.


Sorry Henry, Michael Jordan is the best basketball player to ever step on the court but he may be the worst owner ever. I could care less about his opinion. What I do know is that Gordon is good but not anywhere near max money. Maybe he's movable though if he doesn't pan out. One thing is for sure, he needs to stop playing video games and start practicing his jump shot and I'm not joking.

play by the rules

Those of you complaining, please name the free agent who would have been willing to sign and who would have replaced Hayward. Not only do you need to be able to get a free agent to sign, but they have to be willing to come to Utah. Complain all you want, but it didn't happen. We know early on the Jazz talked to Ariza, but no dice.

Old Scarecrow
Brigham City, UT

The Jazz will look at their guys in Las Vegas and in practices, and with so many teams sitting with excess cap space now, Hayward is trade-able, even at this price. So this isn't a bad deal for the Jazz. They had to keep their assets, now they still have options, including another $12-14M cap space open. Likely they are not done with moves yet, like everybody else. GM Dennis Lindsay set out to prove that he's tough, and nobody can get over on him, and so far nobody has -- two first round draft picks that everyone likes, and keeping Hayward when everybody who can dribble is getting over-paid. The Jazz will eventually have to be reckoned with in the west, 2-3 years away now.

Highland, UT

A couple of things, I think this is to much for Hayward but those that are saying MJ did it just to screw the Jazz are deluded. You don't offer a guy 16mil per year that you don't think a guy is worth just to "stick it" to someone else when the very real possibility exists you might be the one getting stuck instead.

Now I'm on board that MJ is a terrible GM and talent evaluator, I agree he is a bungler and his track record proves it, but he didn't do it just to "stick it" to Utah, that would be incredibly dumb.

This is a done deal, Hayward is going to get paid a fortune to be here, let's all hope he becomes a far better player than he has been up to this point because that would be the best possible outcome for all of us that are jazz fans.

And I don't care if he reads all of these posts, he needs to have a fire lit under him and know that fans don't think he earned what he got so he focuses on earning it now.

Saint Louis, MO

This is unfortunate. Hayward is a very good player. However, his skill level has peaked. The Jazz should have used a "sign and trade".

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

Lindsey has made good sound decisions...up until this one with Hayward.

Hayward is many of the things you want in a player. The problem though he is now getting paid like THE player and clearly is not.

I seriously thought for a while we had a GM that was making all the right decisions and seriously wanted to win. You put this much $$ in this caliber of player you really are just looking to build another seeping pile of mediocrity.

Hayward should have been traded last season when they could not come to terms on the extension.

Hayward and his agent won and the Jazz management are the clear losers.

How pathetic we have to take a player and contract from the incompetent manager/owner/NBA talent evaluator Michael Jordan. He always makes bad decisions and now we took his bad decision hook line and sinker.

Welcome back to eternal mediocrity Jazz fans. Max payment to mediocre players.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

It does not matter that a better free agent would not come/was not available. I also don't care whether its someone elses money or not.

Serious jazz fans want to win and while we may win a few more games with Hayward than without him you don't dump all that money in a player that can't elevate your team past mediocrity.

I would be more interested in continuing to lose and drafting top talent players until you get a diamond than paying Hayward like he his when has demonstrated he clearly isn't.

I get why the Jazz signed him this year. It would be embarrassing to let him walk for nothing. They should have dealt him last season when they could not come to terms.

I hope Lindseys plan is to sign and then trade Hayward as we move ahead. Clearly Jordon and possibly Ainge in Boston or some other teams are interested in what a bunch of missed shots look like. I say let them have a permanent look when the opportunity presents itself.

This mistake could be improved upon if he is traded in the next couple of years.


There isn't many players on the market with Gordon's all around game. I think he explodes into a bigger scorer in a uptempo game, finally leaving the grind out Jerry ball behind that Corbin continued to run. So many of you complain, and would've the first ones screaming at jazz management if this kid moves on and becomes a star. I think we should all be excited to see a new offense.

St. George, UT

I want all of you people who think this was a terrible move to remember your comments and when Gordon has a really good season and you all jump back on the bandwagon to remember how mad you were about this signing.

Socal Coug
San Diego, CA

Settle in, Jazz fans. The water's fine.
- Laker Fan

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