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Published: Saturday, July 12 2014 9:55 a.m. MDT

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sandy, UT

Unbelievable! I need some prozac and the Jazz need new management

Provo/USA, UT

This is the biggest mistake on so many levels!!!!. This kid cannot play basketball we just paid $63 million for nothing more than an inconsistent role player.I don't think I'm mad at the fact the Jazz retained Gordon it's just the fact it was a max offer that he doesn't deserve, because his not a max offer type player. Again I hope Dennis knows what he's doing sometimes it sure does not seem like it. I'm sure I will get flack for this comment but everyone is entitled to have their own opinion.

Highland, UT

I think it is a mistake, he isn't worth it, but now we'll just have to hope he makes himself worth it.

Man in Charge
Chihuahua, 00

Oh my gosh. Are you kidding me? This is the worst money the Jazz have ever spent.

Orem, UT

Wow-- really? I'm not sure he is worth it but we are about to find out.


So the Jazz make deft trades, financially sound decisions, and plan for this off-season for years so they have the financial flexibility to get a great player and then they go and flush all of that down the drain and pay Hayward the max?
We know what Hayward is, he's not going to all of the sudden become a clutch shooter and a team leader if he hasn't already done it. He pouts, feels sorry for himself, and isn't mentally tough enough to deal with the added pressure this contract will bring.
Once again the 2nd generation of Jazz ownership has shown their inability to make a sound decision. If anyone should be getting paid max money on the Jazz it would be Favors.

Arlington, VA

Bad move after bad move. How many free agents have the Jazz lost with nothing in return and then they decide to keep the one with the least talent? They let Wes Matthews, Millsap and Jefferson walk, but keep a guy who can barely shoot 40% on one of the NBA's worst teams? Wow.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Before everyone comes unhinged over the contract keep in mind it was Michael Jordan who decided Gordon was worth that kind of money. That says a lot.

Temecula, CA

A good decision by the Jazz to retain their most versatile player. I think as Exum develops over the next couple of years, he may at times take over the responsibility of defending the opponent's best offensive player from Hayward, thus giving Hayward a break from his intense, full-court duties. Either way, let's see if anything else happens over the next day and a half. Good luck this coming season, Gordon.

Salt Lake City, UT

That's a lot of money for a "support" player with an inconsistant shot. At least you know what you get with Hayward.

Salt Lake City, UT

Good move by Utah, since they failed to get a deal done in October this really was their only option. If people actually do the the math they will see that this deal isn't that bad for Utah, theoretically they could offer max deals to both Enis and Alec and still have about $10 million dollars to go before they hit the luxury tax next season. And don't try and compare it to AK's contract, AK's was a 7 year contract this is only for 4.

Hopefully the Jazz learn from this and get deals done with Enis and Alec before they are forced to match match offers on inflated restricted free agent contracts.


A wise move.

Salt Lake City, UT

The amount of money is ridiculous for an unproven player, but I want to be optimistic and think a new coach and offense/defense will allow him to improve. Time will tell.

murray, UT

I don't understand the jazz did'nt want to do an extention for GH for 13 million because they din'nt think he was worth it. but love him to death at 17 million, the Jazz gambled and lost, Anyone with any business background could figure out the fact that the NBA is on an upswing and that the cap was going up, and that you will pay more the longer you wait. I'm glad they matched though I think a new system and new coaching will help his shooting % increase he does everything else well. go Jazz

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Can we all stand up and say together "The next AK"!!! Exum, Favors and Burks will be the face of this team within two years. Hayward will be a role player.

Iowa Jazz Fan 2
Cedar Rapids, IA

Prediction: no reporter will press Lindsey on why the Jazz were not willing to bend and give Hayward a million a year more than their 12 million/year limit last October, but now are willing to give him 2-3 million a year extra over the next four years. A more expensive contract now, with a 15% trade kicker to boot.

It's an obvious question that begs to be asked: what were you brass thinking last fall, Dennis?

But no reporter will ask it. I'd love to be wrong here.

Jeff in NC

If his FG% does not improve, this is wasted money. Even with FG% improvement, that's a lot of green for Hayward. Not sure this was a good move.

Baton Rouge, LA

Glad this is done--it needed to to be. Does not matter he is being over paid. His is among the smallest "max deals" out there. You want to see a real max deal? Look at Chris Josh, Carmelo, LeBron, Kobe, etc. Gordon's comp this year is not in the same league (pardon the pun) as those guys.

Some Jazz fans think its so easy to just sign any of the available decent free agents. Well, it ain't. Rarely going to happen. The Jazz have to play by a different set of unwritten rules to get talent and to build a competitive team.

Can't wait for summer league to start and then the regular season to see how all the changes come together! Time to stop the whining and support the team...including Gordon. He'll be much improved this year. They need our positive energy like at the scrimmage.

Bored to the point of THIS!
Ogden, UT

This is what the NBA has become? Every player is way, way over paid!

The best players in franchise history never saw money like this...a sad reality for them and for us all.

Saint George, UT

Well now I know" money does grow on trees".

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