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Published: Friday, July 11 2014 6:15 p.m. MDT

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Cleveland , OH

Mormons don't like Obama.

In the words of Gomer Pyle, "surprise, surprise, surprise."

Mike Johnson
Stafford, VA

The protestant numbers combine the three main groups of protestants:

1. Evangelicals (about half)
2. Mainline Protestants (about a quarter)
3. Members of Historically Black Protestant Churches (about a quarter)

(according to the Association of Religious Data Archives)

These groups, I would think, would have very different responses to a question about presidential job performance approval.

In fact, I was surprised that the aggregate approval rating for Protestants was as low as it was. Evangelicals probably give the President an approval rating similar to Mormons, while Mainline and Historically Black Protestants are likely to be substantially more favorable.

Provo, UT

"...the LDS Church would be well-served by issuing an apology and atone for its part in the maintenance of systemic white racism. Then, all members can seek to do better and right by those it offended."

Dr. Darron Smith, an African-American Latter-day Saint is an assistant professor in the Department of Physician Assistant Studies at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

Apparently, systemic racism may be an ongoing problem in the Church.

Salt Lake City, UT

Members of the LDS Church view their politicians by their adherence to the Ten Commandments (do not bear false witness, etc.) and their adherence to Free Agency (freedom of conscience). Obama rates an "F" on both accounts. Mormons understand that Satan's goal is to take away our Free Agency. This a core principle in "Rules for Radicals" by Saul Alinsky, which Obama taught to others. "Rules for Radicals" was a book dedicated to Satan. Mormons can spot evil and totalitarianism, perhaps better than other religions.

I don't believe resentment against "one of their own" losing had much to do with the rating.


This isn't surprising, and they shouldn't like him by any means, but what the majority of them support instead of him is just as wrong and no less inconsistent with the principles of our religion.

Dietrich, ID

@I;mlds I don't think most lds people are racist or think someone is inferior do to race. Don't like Obomas policies regardless of his race.

Mark from Montana
Davis County, UT

I understand not liking the job Obama is doing, his performance is after all abysmal. What I don't understand is how many Mormons support the Tea Party. The stand, the beliefs of the top Tea Party politicians, such as Mike Lee, Jason Chaffetz and Ted Cruz fly in the face of Mormon teachings.

Don't get me wrong. I dislike Reid as much as I do Obama, but I put Lee, Cruz and Chaffetz in the same bucket as Obama and Reid.


Hate is a strong word. "Disagree" might be more appropriate. As far as my opinion goes, I disagree with policies that allow a person to participate in economic activities only if they abandon their religious beliefs. I disagree with policies that encourage illegal immigration. I disagree with foreign policy that refuses to acknowledge evil in the world and doesn't act proactively to protect American interests. I disagree with the idea that the federal government ought to be in the business of taking care of everyone. I disagree with the idea that responsible citizens shouldn't be allowed to own guns. I disagree with gay "marriage". And so on.

As far as Barack Obama as a person is concerned, he seems to be quite likable, and we definitely share some values. I appreciate his devotion to his family, for example. So it's a bit disingenuous to apply a "hate" label with such broad brush strokes. It certainly doesn't encourage civil dialog and the quest to find common ground.

high school fan
Huntington, UT

Just stop and think about it. As Mormons, we are taught to take care of ourselves and those around us but our President has different thoughts, let us take care of everybody.
Obama's plans and Satan's plan are similar, no free agency and we will all get the same reward. I like it the other way, let me try and succeed on my own, I will take care of myself.

Durham, NC

Its just shows how long it takes to purge a century old belief system from the church. For those in particular in Utah where wards are homogenous - they truly don't have the opportunity to experience the church as a multi-cultural society with believers from a wide strata of life.

As I write this, we are heading back to Utah right now for a visit. When we get to church on sunday, I can count on as surely as the sun will rise that my kids will be the subject of great attention and curiosity, as they will be the only kids of color in the chapel. But what reassures me is each time this happens, by the end of the three hour block, the kids exit their meetings having made new friends, and shifted some paradigms from their deeply rooted foundations.

You can't change attitudes in isolation.... and unfortunately in many parts of Utah, there isn't much to challenge century old ways of thinking.

South Jordan, UT

Let's see . . . Harry Reid is Mormon. Does he like Obama?

Iron Rod
Salt Lake City, UT

Please correct me if I am wrong but did not Utah return President Bush and Vice President Cheney to the presidency in their last election with the highest approval rating in the nation?

Perhaps it is the quality of the news that they receive in this state. The question is can the information people read or hear slant their political beliefs one way or the other?

Maybe this could be an argument for two differing view points in our local papers.

An additional question who led the way on the Swallow scandal? Would the Deseret News have covered it in the beginning if it were not for the Tribune?

St.George, UT

From what we all have been taught about the LDS/Mormon Faith, it would seem that these unkind words would have been kept quietly to themselves.

liberty or ...?
Ogden, UT

continuation of last post..
5.In conjunction with #4 the lord has never revealed the reason for the ban. And before you say the lord would never do that read your BIBLE cause he already has. In the old testament HAMS descendants were denied the priesthood because of their lineage(vindicated by Jewish theology as well).2. Only the Levites could hold the Aarronic priesthood and officiate in the temple ordinances.3. Gospel was forbidden to be preached to gentiles it would take a revelation to peter after Christs ascenssion to convince him it was OK.
6.Because god never revealed the reason people specualted and came up with their own theories such as BY, Joseph fielding Smith,and Bruce R Mckonckie ( Theory of pre existant worthiness or fore ordination)BUT this was never Sanctioned church doctrine even though some taught it as such.Or are you suggesting individuals can't have a private opinion?
7.FOR MEMBERS WAS Brigham Young a prophet of GOD or not? If so it was the Lords Ban not the churches and although we don't know the reason we would do well to remember Isaiah 55:8-9.

Indiana H
Mission Viejo, CA

Mike Johnson, I completely agree. This poll errored significantly by not differentiating the different types of Protestants (who numerically are 50 to 1 compared to Mormons). Evangelicals are equivalent or possibly much more anti-Obama. Plus Mormons tend to be much more moderate in their opposition to Obama and Democrats than the Evangelicals are. Disagreeing and outright hostility are two different things! The poll errored big time by not differentiating this also.

Also I'm watching carefully to see how long the Muslim-Democrat relationship stays. Between the oftentimes intolerant Muslim morality & belief in God, to the oftentimes intolerant Atheist & Gay opposition to it, plus throw the Jew dynamic in, and that's a very very strained relationship!

Salt Lake City, UT

If we look at 2008 returns, Obama outperformed Kerry in Utah (the margin of McCain over Obama was shifted 18pts towards Obama in Utah but the national shift was only 10pts). However, in 2012, Romney outperformed Bush and way outperformed McCain in Utah relative to national results. Definitely religion was a factor. It's not the biggest factor (D vs R is the biggest) but it's a secondary factor.

Besides, you all voted for Romney, you clearly don't care about bearing false witness...

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT


Please do not think that Mormons oppose Obama because he is black, or because we don't understand his culture. We oppose him due to his actions, not his race.


Also note that every time the church does actually make a public stance on a political issue, Obama falls on the other side. It is not surprising to see that Mormons disagree with Obama.

Also note that the group that likes Obama the most: Muslims. Interesting.

Ralph West Jordan
Taylorsville, UT

I am a 75 year old LDs member and was a republican until the Tea Group took over the party! I voted for Obama as a lesser of two evils in my opinion! Unfortunately we will never know how good of a President he could have been, because his Presidency from day one was gutted by the attitudes that I see prevalent in many of the posts in this thread. But we will all be in church tomorrow, touting our patriotism, compassion and faithfulness!


Show me someone who has ever run for a political office who didn't tell a lie/ stretch the truth and I'll believe Santa Claus is real.
Those criticizing Obama on that basis conveniently overlook the many lies told by their beloved leaders, some which have resulted in serious and grievous consequences.

"Bearing false witness"? Pot calling kettle...
Thanks for sharing the Glenn Beck' version which has no basis in reality. Alinsky didn't dedicate his book to Satan. That is just a blatant lie. He dedicated his book to his wife, and also mentioned those who helped in the writing of it.

Cheyenne, WY

Maybe because we enjoy Constitutional freedoms and resnt those who would usurp them.

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