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Published: Sunday, July 13 2014 4:10 a.m. MDT

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Bob A. Bohey
Marlborough, MA

People can "say" whatever they want or hold on to any "idea" they want. The "fact" remains that research shows that putting off marriage until one can develop a carrer and some financial stability is a smart move. I would also posit that the divorce rate in this country would decline as well if people didn't marry so young.

Sandy, UT

There's also the fact that it takes two consenting people to get married. When the men aren't asking, there's nothing she can do without looking desperate.

Salt Lake City, Utah

From the story, "... everyone has that kind of right time to get married, and I kind of feel like only you and your significant other know when that time is right.”

And that is the key - it shouldn't matter what society, or religion, or other people you know say, what matters most is what is right for you and your significant other.

All this ragging on people because you disagree with the way they are doing things only leads to people doing things for the wrong reasons.

Salt Lake City, UT

It will always be beneficial for women to obtain education/training before marriage that could be used to help support or support a family if something happens to their husbands. The women who end up the worse off in divorce or in being widowed are those that are not prepared to support themselves or a family. They can then become burdens on church or gov't resources to care for their family. It is good to be supportive of marriage in a society. There are many benefits. But, times have changed and women need the ability to provide whether they choose to use it when they have children. Men who marry young, are not prepared to support a wife and children if the wife stays home have a terrible time as well. Young men need to be well prepared to take that on.

Salt Lake City, UT

We have thousands of people who want to get married but cannot find anyone to marry, then we have others who are married and are looking for anyway they can to end their marriage. 90% of America wants to change their marital situation it seems at times.

Iron Rod
Salt Lake City, UT

I guess the theme of the story is that it is 0K to get married young and not wait until you are educationally and economically more mature. Most young people seem to reject that idea.

One variable that is conspicuously absent. Birthcontrol?

After marrying young when to start children and how does this impact the argument for marrying young vs waiting.

Many years ago when I graduated from BYU it was considered was considered sinful if you were married and did not have at least one child while in Provo.

Unless you have parents who support you or one of the spouses are working it is difficult economically. Fortunately for me I had a full time job with insurance while I was in school. My wife stayed home with the babies.

The draw back which is not mentioned in the article is that I was gone all the time either to school or work.

While my wife was interacting with all the other young mothers in our BYU housing complex I was the absentee father because of economic reasons

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