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Published: Thursday, July 10 2014 7:45 p.m. MDT

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Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

So --
Utah wants to buck the rest of the United States, Europe, North America, most of South America and every other civilized country in the World.

Time is a manmade accounting system,
designed to keep different time zones in synch.

It was proposed by Benjamin Franklin,
but wasn't implemented until railroads began slamming into other,
telegraphs and communications stretched further and further,
and now --
Airplanes, sattelites, computers connect us more than nationally, but Globally.

Take a look,
the only countries who do not use it,
are backward, 3rd world countries in Africa, and parts of Asia.

I guess some Utahns just keep wanting to make us into another Somalia.
with little to No Government,
and now,
No Time Standard.

BTW --
If you want to insiston a Time Standard,
THE universal, International Time Standard is ZULU time.

and Americans can't even convert over to the Metric System with the rest of the world,
but I digress...

Fairview, UT

We have established longitudinal time zones base on the rotation of the earth. Why not enhance those time zones with a "latitudinal adjustment" (with credit to Major Payne). I know in the current discord those zones might be a little difficult to achieve but it's worth investigating. A possible scenario might be the southern zone would have no DST adjustment; the middle zone would have a half-hour DST adjustment and the northern zone would receive a full hour adjustment. Canada might entertain a whole hour and a half adjustment.
We have seen the calendar of DST expand to include parts of March and November; it's only a minor step to make it year-round.

Murray, Utah

re: Blue

Who cares if we match Colorado? Arizona is the state in the same longitude as us. We should change and match Arizona.

Eagle Mountain, UT

A lot of hubub is made over having to change clocks twice a year.

The clock most people use (their cell phone and computer) change automatically for you.

This gets brought up about 5 times a year, and never changes.

terra nova
Park City, UT

End daylight savings time.

It is well documented that it saves no energy (many studies say we use more because of increased AC use). DST was first introduced before AC was common. Heart attacks and accidents increase in spring when we "spring forward" and lose sleep. Ask any school teacher how kids deal with government induced jet-lag once a year. My kids walk to the bus in the dark.

DST stinks. Bring back actual summer evenings.

Arizona does not do DST. It works very well. If get rid of it, I bet Colorado and Wyoming and Idaho would get rid of it too.

DST is a wretched thing.

Murray, UT

I personally like daylight savings and having more daylight in the evenings during the summer to enjoy activities after work. I also enjoy getting up early with the light and can tell you that even with daylight savings, there is hardly anyone on the street well after the sun is up during the summer. I say keep DST year round……

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

Getting rid of DST is for you if you like waking up at 5:30 in the morning with the sun in your eyes.

bountiful, UT

i don't care which time it is on pick one or the other, and leave it there.

Hyrum, UT

Since hey are providing our food farmers and ranchers, including Bundy rule the roost for this old man who works out two hours every day. Thank you.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

What amazes me most --

It's not about Day-Light at all,
It's about Change.

The VERY people who complain the most about changing their clocks,
Complain about any and all changes, all the time, about everything in their lives.

So - it's not really about the cloaks,
as it is about changes in general.

far north
Providence, UT

I'm for one or the other, permanently. For the sake of children, I'd like to see standard time observed year-round. Having the sun come up early seems to work for kids, especially teens, who need a lot of daylight before their biological clocks want to wake up. BTW, if you really want to help school children, allow them to go to school at 9:00 AM when their biological clocks are at their peak, which isn't at 7:00 AM. Then there's no problem with winter darkness in the morning, and there are fewer sleepy children the first two hours of school. I watch people (including students) drag through the first couple of weeks following a daylight savings change, while their biological clocks are trying to adjust. It's not pleasant for anyone, twice a year. I believe the lost man hours due to inefficiency, by itself, justifies changing the system back to one that doesn't change clocks.

Carson City, NV

Day light savings time is an antique! Should be gotten rid of and stay on Mountain Standard time! Geesh, this was thought up when farmers needed more light to work in the fields!

Taylorsville, UT

DST is comparable to pounds and inches and quarts--anti metric and anti science. A tech savvy world would be on CUT globally. That failing, we should at least adhere to the original motivation of local time zones: at noon the sun should be approximately straight up longitudinally. The notion that you can change nature by changing the clock should require no discussion. We are dealing as always with idjots. If you want more time in the evening change your work schedule, not the clock. How stoopid can you get? If you think DST is so great, why not make it 2 hours--or three? How ridiculous can it get? --AGF

South Jordan, UT

I lived in AZ and it was a pain, people never knew what time you were on out of state. Electronics were messed up and who wants it dark at 8:00 Pm in the summer. You get off work and its dark. This is one of those things where a gew get some politicians ear and the majority never gets a voice.

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