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Published: Friday, July 11 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

How far we've departed from the founders' vision of America!

We've decided that people can't own slaves, that black people don't count as 3/5 of whites, and that they are allowed to vote.

We've allowed American Indians, Chinese, and Japanese to become citizens.

We've allowed women to vote....and even to own property.

We've allowed people to vote, even if they don't own any property.

We've tried--and failed--to forbid people from buying, selling, and possessing alcohol.

We're still trying to keep people from growing hemp (a crop grown by George Washington's slaves).

We've spent tax dollars on the construction of canals, railroads, and interstate highways.

We've passed laws allowing the federal government to regulate airplanes, radio, telephones, and the Internet.

We've founded public schools and universities, making basic literacy and higher education available to more than a handful of elites and clergy.

We've developed muskets into assault rifles, machine guns, and nuclear bombs.

We've installed indoor toilets in our homes, and let government build sewers to connect them to.

But subsidized health insurance? The founders are surely spinning in their graves!

embarrassed Utahn!
Salt Lake City, UT

Too bad there wasn't more outrage when Bush and Cheney willfully deceived and lied their way into Iraq.

Oh, I forgot, Bush and Cheney are still wildly popular in Utah.

I personally feel a lot of gratitude for our current President and the amazing job he's done with the catastrophe he was handed.... Gratitude for our state's "leadership"???? not so much....In my opinion, they are largely a bunch of do-nothing, intransigent obstructionists. There is a lot to be proud of in Utah, our elected officials are not in the mix. It is truly embarrassing.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

You're right!

The sooner we re-introduce Slavery,
Take-away Women's and Young People's Right to Vote,
Let Presidents rule until they die,
Ban Alcohol and empower Gangsters,
Let Governors sign Extermination Orders against minorities...

The Better!

[need I even say - sarcasm off?]

Salt Lake City, UT

Sure, Mr. Newman,

I miss the good old days of slavery, women not being able to vote, and a horse-drawn economy, too.

Burke, VA

I believe the dream of the Founders is only now coming to fruition.

In 1776 a sizable portion of our population was held in slavery and forced to do work against their will and were subject to other despicable acts against them. After a long struggle, a civil war and necessary legislation, those individuals have the same rights as everyone else.

In 1776 women could not vote in this country and had no say in the workings of our nation, despite their contribution throughout our culture. Today women can vote and make up a sizable portion (about 20%) of our Congressional representatives. Women are found in every aspect of business, government, space exploration and culture and most would agree they have made a positive contribution to the quality of our lives.

Yes, with those freedoms come those who would abuse them or use them for sinister purposes. And all we can do is continue to promote the positive in life and hope others join the bandwagon. Let's at least try to do that rather surmising that times were better then, when they weren't.

salt lake city, utah

The obvious aside, you talk about what the founders envisioned. Do you think they envisioned a country of 400 million people who talk with one another instantly as they drive their car from state to state. Did they envision travelling from America to Europe in less than a day? Did they envision a doctor being able to take a persons heart out of their body then put it back in and all is well.

All of this drasticly effects our world and the way it functions along with what serves freedom and what doesn't.

This whole if just we could get back to the founders is about as unproductive a way to think as is possible.

Sandy, UT

I just love the hate America first crowd. Our country started out at a time when slavery was the norm and women had virtually no rights around the world. From the beginning there were people in the U.S> opposed to slavery. While those on the left constantly point to the 3/5th compromise, most do not seem to understand that it was proposed by those who oppose slavery to limit the power of the slave states. America has continually progressed in meeting our ideal of all people being equal under the law.

Unfortunately, the leftist agenda has also progressed in convincing people that they need to rely on the government to take care of them. We need the government to tell us what to eat, how long we can work and to take money from one person and give it to another person.

I think the Founding Fathers would be proud of the progress we have made in giving people equal rights. I also think they would be shocked by how much liberty we have surrendered to have the government run our lives.

Springville, UT

Go back to what, exactly? To a time when the concept of the right to bear arms wasn't warped as it is now and when it wasn't OK to bully others with guns? To a time when corporations didn't have more rights than individuals like they now do? Back to a time when it was perfectly OK to discriminate and oppress other human beings? I would like to know.

American Fork, UT

If the clothing worn by screaming tea party people on tv is any indication, 'going back' isn't necessarily a good thing.

Kearns, UT

I think that you make a mistake in that the Declaration if Independence in 1776 created a country without a government. The United States of America actually came in to being on Sept 17, 2787 when the Constitution of the United States was voted on and passed by the delegates of the Constitutional Convention and later ratified by the states.

Provo, UT

Back when this country was founded, corporations weren't people and oil companies didn't receive subsidies.

In other words, republicans would have hated it.


Did you know that only 35 to 45 percent of the colonists supported the war for independence? The "founders" were primarily privileged, European-educated aristocrats forcing their radical opinion on the majority.

Sandy, UT

This letter has no point, no direction. What, exactly, does it even mean?
Why was it published?

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Only 1.4% of Americans owned slaves, yet almost every comment in this thread cites slavery. 98.6% of Americans did not participate in slavery. A civil war was fought before slavery ended. 98.6% of the people either didn't care to own a slave or had deep moral convictions against slavery. None of their rhetoric mattered to the slave "owners". Pro slavery people used every ungodly argument to justify their right to own another human being.

Things haven't changed much. 2.5% of Americans are using many of the pro-slavery arguments to justify their demand that the definition of marriage be changed.

Ether told us that any nation in America would either worship Jesus Christ and prosper or worship other gods and perish. How many nations in America must perish before people learn that Ether was telling the truth?

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

Wow - It's like reading the underlying goal of the Nazis --

Going back to the "Golden Age",
Making things the way they "used" to be,
Restoring Germany to it's "Glory Days".

"Going back" to a better time, in the past...


Look --
I'm Progressive because I'm LDS.
I believe in Eternal Progression.
PRO-gress [forward] -- the polar opposite of RE-gress [going back]

If I may add ---

Adam and Ever were told never to "go back"
Noah was told not to "go back"
Lot and his Family were told not to "go back"
Moses and the Children of Israel were told not to "go back"
Lehi and his family was told not to "go back"
Brigham Young and the Saints were told not to "go back"

As i said --
I am Progressive BECAUSE I'm LDS.
and I am against anything Regressive.

Especially going back to anything like 1938 Germany....

Salt Lake City, UT

@Mike Richards
"Things haven't changed much. 2.5% of Americans are using many of the pro-slavery arguments to justify their demand that the definition of marriage be changed. "

That doesn't make any sense at all unlike the separate-but-equal attitude pushed against gay people that they should somehow be satisfied with just civil unions (granted some on your side don't even support that).

Salt Lake City, UT

Well, which "founders" do you mean? Alexander Hamilton is called "the father of American capitalism" for good reason. We have become the nation he wanted, for both good and ill. The political right wing rarely talks about Hamilton.

Provo, UT

@. Mike Richards

A small but vocal minority shut down the government last year. They do not represent the people. This same minority prevented gun control legislation, shot down min wage increases, and wants us back into Iraq. Where were your comments against this minority then?

Everett, 00

@Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah
Only 1.4% of Americans owned slaves, yet almost every comment in this thread cites slavery. 98.6% of Americans did not participate in slavery. A civil war was fought before slavery ended.


Imagine that Mike --

A super minority of only about 1% of the Rich and Wealthy were able to write Slavery INTO the Constitution.

Do you think it that utterly far fetched that they can't do it again?

and YES -- it took a Civil War and a Constitutional Amendment by a very Liberal President to finally seize the Rich man's "property" and free a minority of America's citizens from their wealthy Masters.

Burke, VA

"Only 1.4% of Americans owned slaves…" is not the point. It was legal to own slaves in a country that was supposedly founded on the principle of freedom. It is taken us two centuries to get that straightened out. Things are better now than they were then. That's the point.

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